Lizard Men do they run Racine WI? Sarcasm


The real John Dickert?


Lizard Men do they run Racine WI?


So after my Dr appointment, I tuned in 620 AM WTMJ  and show host was talking about the number of folks who believe that   Lizard Men run the world,  he said after seeing  the Milwaukee County Board in action,we might too.

Interesting, so one of the signs of Lizard Men running the Goverment could be acting incompetent as they gain more control.  How better proof of this then by Dickert suing his own city? Was not that not a foolish act?

Of course Lizards need a nice wet place to live. Might this not be the real reason for the interest in Dredging the Lake shore is creating  a better place for his female lizard   to nest?


Lizard Leader Mayor Dickert’s Nest before dredging?

And what better yummier treat to eat then a chubby Boater drunk from parting in Downtown Racine Bars



Fat Yummy Boater


Chartroom Charlie's Restaurant  819333

Typical bar on the water.

This might explain why Mayor John Dickert wants to spend money the City of Racine does  not have, on RootWorks!  The Lizard King is just trying to feed his fellow Lizards!   To think so many of us think that the millions Rootworks would suck up is a bad ideas! Why we are taking food from true leaders mouths!

I am so glad I quit drinking hate to end up a snack for what might be the real Mayor Dickert!


,Kinda does look like Mayor John Dickert……



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