Has Racine lost another Tax Case? How much will this cost?



Monday night Finance meeting will be very very interesting.

A source at City Hall tells this Reporter that the  City will settle with

Closed Session
It is intended that the Finance & Personnel Committee convene in closed session pursuant to
Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(g), to confer with legal counsel concerning strategy with respect to
litigation in which the City of Racine is or is likely to become involved, and pursuant to sec. 19.85(1)(e)
Wisconsin Statutes to consider a matter, which for competitive and bargaining reasons requires a
closed session.
(Direct Referral) Communication from the City Attorney wishing
to convene in closed session to discuss, with the Finance and Personnel
Committee, strategy with respect to litigation in which the City of Racine
is or is likely to become involved, specifically potential settlement of
Sears Holdings Corporation v. City of Racine, Racine County Case No.
13 CV 1451
Sears will do a  settlement vs the City wining?  See if the City was going to win the City would not settle right but if Racine was going to LOSE this and pay God knows how much we would come to an agreement right?
So for how much? 100K 200K  More?
Question then is how do we pay this? More Police Lay Offs? More turned off Street Lights?
Will this force the Mayor to quit looting the City? Quit giggling of course helping his pals such as talked about in the RICO refiling is my by reading of the filing his only job., right?
Of course as the Mayor has told us we have no money not a Penney so how do we pay for this and the other cases in the courts?  Have a Garage Sale?  What fee will go up what new fees be invented?
How many more will walk away from homes they can not longer afford?

Has John Gotti Possessed Mayor John Dickert? or my .02 on today’s news on the RICO


Before we dance with joy in the streets fans of John Dickert, please note the Story of the man above

John Gotti in case you may have no clue being far too busy say selling hats or thinking of ways to get $$ from the public lets review


From Wikpedia:

John Joseph Gotti, Jr. (October 27, 1940 – June 10, 2002) was an American mobster who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Gotti and his brothers grew up in poverty and turned to a life of crime at an early age. Operating out of the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, Gotti quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the crime family’s biggest earners and a protégé of Gambino family underboss Aniello Dellacroce.

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicted members of Gotti’s crew for selling narcotics, Gotti took advantage of growing dissent over the leadership of the crime family. Fearing he and his men would be killed by Gambino crime family Boss Paul Castellano for selling drugs, Gotti organized the murder of Castellano in December 1985 and took over the family shortly thereafter. One of the key details was waiting for the moment after the death of Aniello Dellacroce, who died a few weeks earlier from natural causes. Dellacroce had risen to the position of underboss when Carlo Gambino moved Joseph Biondo aside.

This left Gotti as the boss of one of the most powerful crime families in America, one that made hundreds of millions of dollars a year from construction, hijacking, loan sharking, gambling, extortion and other criminal activities. Gotti was one of the most powerful crime bosses during his era and became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style, which gained him favor with much of the general public. While his peers avoided attracting attention, especially from the media, Gotti became known as the “The Dapper Don” for his expensive clothes and personality in front of news cameras. He was later given the nickname “The Teflon Don” after three high-profile trials in the 1980s resulted in his acquittal, though it was later revealed that the verdicts were the result of jury tampering, juror misconduct and witness intimidation. Law enforcement authorities continued gathering evidence against Gotti that helped lead to his downfall.

Gotti’s underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is credited with the FBI’s success in finally convicting Gotti. In 1991, Gravano agreed to turn state’s evidence and testify for the prosecution against Gotti after hearing Gotti on wiretap make several disparaging remarks about Gravano and questioning his loyalty. In 1992, Gotti was convicted of five murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, and loansharking. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole and was transferred to United States Penitentiary, Marion. Gotti died of throat cancer on June 10, 2002, at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.

As you can see time and again he seams to have got over on the law and to some was untouchable

Perhaps after his death Gotti somehow was able to gain control of John Dickert to some how keep his (Gotti’s) activities going?

After all for sometime The City of Racine we find out more and more on actions that upset many in this fair city CAR 25-Mound Cemetery,Team Porter’s, Rootworks, and so on and now today’s action in the RICO case BUT as much as the Journal Times of Racine done a more piss ass story then usual even for them I have a copy of the order,I also used my phone and talked to a Mr. Green (source of legal info) Mr. X who knows many of the Bar Owners in question and the order the Order I copied it below.

“IT IS ORDERED that the plaintiffs’ complaint be and the same is
hereby DISMISSED without prejudice; the plaintiffs shall file an amended
complaint within 21 days of the entry of this order; the defendants shall have
21 days after the plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint to file their
respective answers or appropriate motions.”


As it was explained to me that the Judge wants more information if this is to go ahead, that in a Amended  complaint that we could find Affidavits of information, Documents and even taped statements.

Again as it was explained to me this is a very very complicated case this is far from over

nor is the cost of this to the tax payers of Racine.

We too, need to recall what was the outcome of Gotti life of crime he died in prison was all the money worth that?  How do we go about finding out on how to remove Gotti from our beloved Mayor should we find out we need to?

Mr. Green did say this should this get refiled is it a new case with a new pool of $100K of city $$ or more of the old case with the insurance picking up the tab?

Also if it does get refiled how do the poor slugs not covered by the City of Racine keep paying $100-$200 maybe even $300 an Hour for Lawyers?


And for you





Cover up



A new age of cover up in Racine has started. Information once easy to find is being moved.

Some of my contacts at City Hall have reported strange conversations being held, some even say they have warned about being seen with others that the Good Old Boys do not like.

Should we next expect that old meetings of the City Fathers will go missing? Are CAR 25 tapes being look at and removed if they are thought damaging to Mayor John Dickert?

How far will he go in his run for Governor? How far would you go for say 80K? 600K?

I now park my Truck behind my house so I know if its been messed with.

There is a lot on $$ at state in Racine, a lot of Money.

Boom! Or should I hire someone to start my truck? My .02


This is Racine. Anything can happen. Lets look at oh lets say Phoenix AZ and two men

Brian Downing Quig

Conspiracy theories a big part of man’s life and death

Dennis Wagner
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 5, 2003 12:00 AM

If Brian Downing Quig hadn’t been killed this summer, he’d probably be investigating the traffic accident that took his life.

Like Mel Gibson in the Hollywood movie Conspiracy Theory, Quig devoted his life to connecting dots and exposing plots. A voracious reader with an IBM memory and a Disney imagination, the 54-year-old Phoenix resident reveled in CIA black operations, mob hits and political skullduggery.

More than anything, he was obsessed with the theory that secret power barons are manipulating America, and that he must stop them.

“His main job in life was he wanted to make America better,” explained a sister, Phyllis Beninati of Long Island, N.Y.

Quig died earlier this summer after being struck in an accident with none of the intrigue that gave meaning to his life.

According to a Phoenix police report released Aug. 21, he was pushing a shopping cart down 75th Avenue near his west Phoenix home on June 16.

Eighteen-year-old Andy Martinez of Glendale was behind the wheel of a Toyota, listening to music and talking with two friends.

Martinez told detectives a man loomed in his windshield. He hit his brakes and swerved, to no avail. A plywood board in the shopping cart smashed through the windshield, injuring passenger Eric Colon, 18. Quig died a short while later at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Martinez was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana, but investigators determined that was not what caused the accident.

Quig had been remodeling a home in the neighborhood, trading work for a place to stay. But why he was hauling wood at that hour is a puzzle that might have driven him crazy, and still troubles admirers.

It didn’t take long for some to talk of a cover-up.

“These ‘accidents’ do not occur in a vacuum,” noted one, Virginia Lee McCullough, in a commentary on a Web site. “They are made to happen to silence the speech that used to be free in this country.”

In another Internet posting, Stew Webb listed the “known facts” about his friend’s death. Among them: Quig’s body was cremated and “never identified by anyone who knew him.”

Detective Alan Pfohl, who investigated the traffic fatality, said more than a dozen Quig acquaintances contacted him to insist it was no accident.

“But it’s kind of a cut-and-dried deal,” Pfohl added. “Mr. Quig was found responsible for his own death, for walking in the roadway.”

Days before his death, Quig fretted to The Arizona Republic about a libel suit filed against him by a Phoenix developer and ranted about police investigators who mistook him for a burglar, prompting an enraged letter of complaint.

Longtime friend Paul Rademacher of Phoenix did some snooping about the accident without finding any funny business.

However, Rademacher noted, Quig was more adept at identifying cover-ups.

“He could jump from one thing way over the moon to something else. He used to say, ‘I see the big picture.’ I’d laugh, but he believed it. And he was a bright cookie.”

Quig was especially proud of his Internet site (still active at www.dcia.com), created to expose the lords of darkness and show how they operate through the CIA, White House and international corporations.

The premise: “It was human folly for the UNITED STATES to empower an agency of government to specifically break its own laws.”

Even acquaintances concede that Quig, unfettered by rules of evidence, embraced rumors as fact and leaped from dubious assumptions to bullheaded conclusions.

Pointing out those flaws often proved futile because of his capacity to overwhelm critics with details.

When confronted with facts that appeared to disprove his theories, Quig would smile and explain that the conspirators were so clever they had covered up the truth by manufacturing false evidence.

Born into a Quaker family, Quig served as a congressional researcher investigating organized crime, a headhunter for business executives and a reporter for The Grapevine, a Phoenix tabloid distributed by the homeless. He did public relations for the nuclear power industry.

He helped out with Joe Arpaio’s first campaign for Maricopa County sheriff and worked on a book with right-wing presidential candidate Bo Gritz.

He ran a speakers bureau, worked as a busboy and promoted Omega 3 fatty acid from seafood as a medicinal panacea.

Marian Quig of Sun City said she never understood her son’s politics: “I didn’t see where it was going to get him. I said, ‘Brian, get a real job.’

“He never spoke ill of anybody,” she added. “He was just a good fellow.”

Rademacher and Schoen said they accepted Quig’s hyperbole and his financial shenanigans, such as a habit of forgetting his wallet, as benign eccentricities.

Quig always lived hand-to-mouth, they said. And he never got anything out of his Quixotic adventures except the righteous joy of a crusader for goodness.

Said Schoen: “He didn’t accomplish much. He never wrote a book or was on TV that I know of.

“But I feel very good about Brian Quig’s life.”

Reach the reporter at dennis.wagner@arizonarepublic.com or (602) 444-8874.

Don Bolles

A frightening incident that took place on the morning of June 2, 1976 changed the lives of many living in Phoenix. Don Bolles, an investigative reporter for the Arizona Republic had received a phone call that morning from an individual who said he had some important information about “The Organized Mob”  in Arizona. Don Bolles had been working on other stories regarding the proof of specific individuals that had been suspected to be part of a mobster group based in Phoenix, and the caller said he had some strong proof.

A meeting was set-up for that day in June between the two men. Don couldn’t resist the opportunity and went to the Clarendon Hotel in central Phoenix to meet the caller, John Harvey Adamson, to learn more about what had become Don’s  passion – to expose the “Arizona Mob“.

Don entered the hotel in search of Adamson but never found him. After a half hour or so, he gave up and proceeded back to his car in the hotel parking lot. When Don Bolles turned the ignition key, six sticks of dynamite exploded underneath the driver’s seat, leaving reporter Bolles mortally wounded. First responders to the scene noted that Don had muttered a few words before loosing consciousness: “They finally got me, The Mafia. Find John Adamson.”



Quig may have been killed well from his looking to the CIA games to OK City Bombing or it could have been  a Hit and Run . Don Bolles was killed for his reporting on as Bolles called the Mob see above out take   Link to story http://www.examiner.com/article/arizona-republic-reporter-don-bolles-murdered-by-the-arizona-mob

Now I am no Don Bolles nor Mr. Quig but I and others fro Racine Uncovered, Racine Exposed, Racine Communicator and others IMHO have shown the light of day on the Good Old Boys and their fun and games with money.

Things like How much the City Hall Bathrooms cost, CAR 25 and is Mayor Dickert’s pals getting bank from Bid Rigging, I understand that the Zoo maybe getting looked at, Team Porters.

How bad is the nonpayment of property taxes are in Downtown Racine, whats happening at Delta Hawk?  Stories/questions the Good Old Boys rather not see asked. Perhaps they fear the money being cut off?

We also have read where Greg Helding wants to carry a Firearm in City Buildings as I understand it, he (Helding) Feels he has been threaten:  http://journaltimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/aldermen-want-to-exempt-elected-officials-from-city-hall-weapons/article_1741eb28-910f-11e2-9343-001a4bcf887a.html   I would hope that  RPD would stop that IF  it was being done IF a big if.

Back to My truck getting bombed. Could the evil bloggers caused a slowdown in fun and games by exposing how much money has been spent? if so how much money may not be going into  the hands of the Good Old Boys? How upset might they be?

Is Helding acting on his own paranoia or being told to be paranoid?

Will my truck go boom? Will I as I have been told be put in my place for speaking out?


Ah Racine!


It Came From the Root River!



And you thought no Good come from RootWorks, Ha!

For bouncing around ideas to the group from a local unit of Higher Education, not a bad start.

Changes will be made to make sure the film (To be made after Go Go Girls vs the Nazis) meets the Parody element.

Yes Racine will be so happy to have this made here! Porn Stars will be in the house!

Scene 1: (Open with Sarah Walters talking with Belle City Private Detective Peter Jackford.)  

Peter Jackford: (Heard from outside his office door)
Well at this point, miss; I don’t know what to tell ya. You’re the third girl this month coming to me saying the same damn thing. 

Sarah Walters: (Nervously)
So… there’s been… others.. who got attacked?

‘fraid so. This creature from the deep’s a fuckin’ monster… Literally. I’d say you got off easier than the others. Getting your top pulled off is usually just the start for this guy.  And, you say he just ran off after he saw your.. um.. your chest region? 
Yeah, off into the dark night. I ran home completely disgusted. This guy was just as slimy and smelly as most racine men, but the way he ran off, usually racine guys wait until you’re pregnant to do that part.

Well, shit. Maybe your chest uh.. Forrest Gump’ed him or something.

Forrest gumped?

Yeah, ya know. Monsters can arrive early to the party too sometimes. It’s embarrassing, I mean, I imagine it’d be embarrassing. (lights cigarette) You mind if I smoke? Calms the nerves.
Here’s the thing. This monster’s been here longer than most of these downtown yoga shops and hat stores. Problem is, can’t nobody take him down. He’s killed two cops, and three private I’s. So in my older age I sure as shit ain’t trying to pick a fight with this creature.

I’ve lived downtown by the river for almost four months now. I’ve never heard a word about this thing…
Lotta crime in this city you don’t hear about.  When you got a newspaper that sucks city hall’s dick for a living, ‘scuse my language mam. And the police department, they don’t want some disgusting, over grown, river freak messing up their downtown crime stats. So if they’re willing to reclassify an armed assault or two, what’s the big deal about lying to the public about a river monster?

Why doesn’t somebody just shoot the damn thing?
(Blows out the final puff of his cigarette)
 Alright look, you didn’t hear this from me. You definitely didn’t hear this from me.  You know Mayor Dickeey? He’s got a lot of friends in this city. And if you’re a friend, it don’t matter how fucked up you are. Your ass is covered. You could be 70 grand behind on your taxes, a useless bum with a radio show, whoever. Your ass is covered by this mayor. 
Why the hell is our mayor friends with this perverted monster?

They were best buddies back in high school. Some catholic brain washing university if ya ask me. Anyways, this river man didn’t always used to look like he does now. Right outta high school he got a job at Jeffeson Wax, as a chemical engineer.  They say he was brilliant, but didn’t even last a year on the job. Poor guy got addicted to the lemon-flavored window cleaner he designed. Started free basing lemon heads and heroin. Fucker mutated himself, grew gills and fins, took to living under water.
Jesus… I almost feel bad for the sick fuck. So you can’t help me, and everyone in this little city’s too scared to upset the mayor and kill this thing?

Sorry beautiful, but you got that right. If the monster doesn’t kill you, Dickeey and his friends will find a way to shut anybody up. I know a couple ladies that just might be crazy enough to help you though. Lemme see if I still have a number for them. (Goes through desk.)
(Phone rings twice)

The Sheep are getting pissed off.

Tonight there was a Public Hearing over the City of Racine’s budget for 2013. In the past this would mean a few die hards bitching thats about it.

Tonight it was different, Tonight The Sheep showed up and boy are they pissed.

Over 100 I think was in attendance   White Black Hispanic Men Women and kids.  Many spoke on the Fire Station closing others on the Community centers some spoke well others like me not so much one man could hardly speak but they spoke and  after speaking the crowed clapped (The Good Ole Boys didn’t like that) .

Looked like to me that the whole City Hall Bathroom scam is well known in the City, I pointed out that the City last week moved to give RCEDC over 150K in money (100K for Launch Box that will be a story I talk about) 50+ For Brownfield stuff as the City of Racine rips up contracts with City Unions

(Did Launch Box get that $$ because well who the cheerleader is?)

Very interesting groups talking outside.

I  hope the idea of coming to City Council becomes the thing to do. With luck the Sheep are becoming Wolfs

Yes we have no Bananas and Little Leadership with Email!





So its day 4 of the great crushing of the City of Racine City Unions.  Open acknowledgment that the City is at least 2 million in the Red.  The City has found itself in another law suit that will cost us more money we do not have.

So far that I can see little if anything is being done to find a way out of this mess it may be worse then we think.

The City Hall Bathroom project that stated at about 200K and is now over 300K .  NO one I have talked to has given me a ball park number of the final amount.

I have talk to others who tell me that a Subcontractor is having major issues in their part of the job.

So I sent this Yesterday:

I,  Request a status update with the timeline of completion and where all the subcontractors are in their progress on the City of Racine Bathroom constriction, if they will be on time and if not why
As well any Change Orders due to delay/errors by  subcontractors.
PDF of Documents if any would be fine. I understand that there may be a charge for copies. Please let me know if there may be any before hand.
See if there is an issue with one or more subcontractor should we not know that issue and who the Subcontractor may be?
IMHO every project underway or about to take place that can be stomped by the  City needs to be, until everyone knows how much debit the City is in and how are we going to fix it. Anything less is just foolish.