Open Records What I am looking into



In an effort to bring to the readership of this Blog the best information I can find I will post my Open Records and what I get back in return, feel free to suggest  areas of inquiry .

The City has 10 business days to respond.

I am requesting under Open Records the following  information  on Car 25/Belle City T.V.


1) The list of Video/Editing  Equipment owned by the Car 25/Belle City T.V and the location of the equipment.


2) A Copy (PDF is fine) of the invoice from  WVTV(#18) WCGV (#24) for work on the 4th of July Parade held in Racine WI 7/4/2014. and the cost of broadcasting the same


3) Under who’s orders was the last City of Racine Cable Commission Meeting held on 7/21/14 Recorded by City Staff and why?


4) A copy of the recording.


Please advise on the cost of copies ect


I look forward to this information.


Wayne Clingman

With this Email we had a few emails asking for more information very good now the City knows what I mean by #4

The sad last days of the Racine Cable Commission



I went last night to what may be one of the last few meetings of the City of Racine Cable Commission lasted about 30-40 mins

Once again Mr. Henrix asked what happened to his $250 he paid and has proof he paid to the City for his Sponsorship and never heard anything back only been a year.

Only been 6 or so months he has been asking about his donation. Wait in 6 month the two Aldermen who sit on the Commission nor Ron Thomas who was an Alderman and talks to the Mayor can tell him what happened? What?

The meeting itself was short after all CAR 25 is basically shut down only showing programs it obtains or Mayor Dickert’s PR events

The 4th Parade was brought up and when Alderman of the 6th had questions She was IMHO told to shut up. What?  Even after She nicely told the   Commission could sit in at ANY City Meeting and ask questions she was still told to STFU.

Its gets better  one of the Agenda points was a new Ordinance on the CATV Station but they did not have one to talk about even better Mr. Thomas brought up that in May our City Administrator wrote an Email about the  Commission and it’s role after the Station was removed from the hands of  Sky Falls but just yesterday Morning our Mayor called him (Thomas) and said with the City being short 6 Million 6,000,000  (and laying off Police by not hiring to fill open positions) The Mayor explained he had no idea what was going to happen with CAR 25.

  Alderman of the 6th stated that the Commission could write the Ordinance and go forward with this, but Mr. Thomas  said he think about it.

Interesting observations;

The Public Speakers where taped by the City why?

From what I saw much of the equipment I am used to seeing at CAR 25 looks missing. Where is it? Who is using it and for what?

How much did the City Pay 18/24 In Milwaukee to do the 4th Parade?

Note to the Commission Members:

1) The Mayor is not going to restore the Bus Service

2) The Mayor can not turn back time for former Football Heroes.

3) The Mayor MIGHT give old school Union types Jobs but would it be worth your soul?

Racine has the best water drink more we need the money





Read the above real Bill from Detroit MI this is for ONE MONTH!!!

See all the added charges

Should we expect this to come to Racine as this City goes deeper and deeper into debit?

We all must drink Water right? Business Need water too some far more then others. A company can move out or relocate maybe set up in say Kenosha  where water is less expensive not being used to fund the lets say Crony Projects like Rootworks or our Mayor’s Legal bills.

Can you move?  Is your house able to be sold? Can you get what you paid for it? Can you get what it is assessed for?

Will we see this kind of tactic used to fund the City of Racine as more leave the City and Racine facing higher costs?

All ready we are seeing an effective layoff of 10 RPD officers are there more to come?

The Mayor can plead that we have no money and he be right we as a City do not we are Broke as a joke, with who knows what surprise bills coming our way?

How much will the RICO cost us? The Court cases on the City perhaps over assessing properties?

Lt. Days (RPD) case on Racism should that get going?

Of course this does not stop our Fearless Leader from spending on things like Rootworks

Does this Cartoon show how things are done in the City of Racine?




Might this photo explain why no one at the State cares


Drink Lots of Water!

THe City of Racine need every dime!


Racine Police Dept/ Neighborhood Watch My .02



Let me be blunt:

I think the the Racine Police Deportment does a great job  for a city this size, living in the Slums as I do I see with my own eyes the BS they have to put up with deal with every day day in day out. I could not do that job. So much babysitting so little time.

We in the 6th st area are lucky for we have a COP house and over time the officers there time and again go above the call of duty to serve  an area of Racine that costs far more to police take care of then what it is worth with perhaps Downtown Racine and the Millions pumped in to keep it afloat so the perception can be maintained that it is hip and happening, but I go off topic, sorry.

For the past few months been an act of God to contact the 6th st officer. The last time I was able to do so (We did talk by phone yesterday and that it’sself is a story) I had to find him at a Racine in Bloom event

It has come to my attention and has been confirmed by  a member of the RPD that they are 10 officers below TO&E  This may not include the number projected to leave RPD with retirements etc. What??? What??????  WHAT!!!!!????!!!!

Yes My source tells me we are 10 under and our Mayor has no plans on filling the openings Unless he gets his Pal Obama to fund them.  Should we hold our breath??

Why might Dickert be doing that? Easy I think Saves $$$ Saves lots of $$ if an Ave Officer makes say 70K a Year and Our Hero keeps them open a year he has saved 700,000 THats a lot of money, A lot of money when the City you run has no money and more so when every penny may be needed to fund Root Works or help pay for the RICO action and other court cases the City is dealing with.  Has Lt Days Filed his suit yet?

a 10 officer layoff has just taken place. How long before we see that impact us here? Has the cold weather stopped the Summer fun times of Shootings and Parties from going on? Is that the new idea of crime control hoping for Cold weather?

Be interesting to see if/when the overtime costs starts to eat into the savings of the well I call it as I see it the Lay off?

Is just a test run for a cutting of the police force by say 10% Maybe 20% after all we have no crime in Racine right?

Just in case you forgot Heroin is so bad in Racine that our Drinking and Driving DA held a summit on this subject talking about the impact that this drug has on this part of the State We also need to recall that we had a sweep for Human Trafficking and the FBI is working with both State and Local LEO’s to fight Heroin too.

Should not the City’s number one Goal be the safety of the Neighborhoods?   How long before say you do not or can not get a police offer to help in your area because well there is not enough and the ones they have have to cover say an event for the rich and white of Downtown Racine?

How long before Crack dealers set shop up on more corners knowing that the RPD is far too busy to deal with them? Is it going on now?


Neighborhood Watch

Numbers from


I can’t find I will be asking to see the last Year copy of the 990 this group is required to file I have questions on how much current staff is being paid.

I also have questions about what they do anymore.

At one time when Mary M was working there I and others inter acted with her when it came to resolving neighborhood issues  such happened time to time in any neighborhood, Ms. M went above the call of duty dealing with a few over the top Landlords who did not quite understand how the actions of their Tenets   impacted the Neighborhood.

Mary also as I saw it, treated everyone the same and made one to feel welcome at the Watch meetings.

I quit going to watch meetings when out of the 8 in the room 4 where from City Goverment and the other 4  said the same thing month after month after …..

Well interesting Called Neighborhood Watch for help with a neighborhood issue where a landlord may need to be contacted to find out from Melissa Kaprelian-Becker I am sorry Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, (Interesting did she as Alderman vote on a budget that she benefited from as an paid staff member? That is why 990′s become interesting documents) That Neighborhood Watch no longer does this……. WHAT?? and that I should call the police WHAT????   Sure be happy to call the under staffed Racine Police Department  to handle an issue that under Mary (who I and others in the City I have talked to miss more and more) would have fixed by sending a form letter.

I am sure that the understaffed RPD can not wait to deal with more Babysitting issues from the inner City.

So other then Racine In Bloom what the fuck does Neighborhood Watch do in Racine and if this is all they do how do we kill it’s funding?

So I have a Call into the chief about staffing and depending on how that goes maybe sending in open records on staffing assignments

Will be asking to see Neighborhood Watch  990 and Racine In Bloom 990 as well. Kinda of interested in what I will find

UPDATE 7/24/14


Talked to the Chief who first tried to put a spin on the lay offs (what else can you call it) mind you he has to real choice, The Mayor makes those choices not the Chief.

The Chief did also say that one of two Officers who call about the Neighborhood issues I brought up to the Chief in the call I gave the best times to find me at home, my phone works maybe the  ones at the RPD do not.

We all need to be active in this year’s budget or we will lose far more then the 10 the Mayor Dickert has laid off.

After all Racine has no crime issue right?


So much pain in Racine so so much pain.

At Church Today a full 30% was unable to give 30% unable to even give a token amount.

On my way walking home I saw house after house for sale a few empty buildings lots of men sitting around drinking, a quick few questions got me the answers that many of them have no jobs and some for years.

Walked around Doge St talked to a few standing by Ships when asked told me they had no plans to do any boating “Who has %^$^! Money?” Good question who does?

City of Racine is still #1 in unemployment (Go us!) most of the folks I know who have jobs do not work in Racine  Kids in the West 6th st area few have jobs some sadly stand on the corners helping folks find radio stations why else who they lean into cars for?

Thinking in the last week I talked to a couple looking into how to walk away from a home they bought last year, they cant afford the taxes as they are projected to increase and their child is one of only 5 English speakers did not like the Bedbugs or the Lice the kid brought home. Truly sad truly painful

What will Racine look like in 5 years?


But do not worry! Just trust



The 100 days and History



The book above is a great read if you have not read it yet do so, tells an interesting story about the fall of Nazi Germany

what I found most interesting is how others around Hitler knew the war was lost others continued to believe that everything was going to be great and that the Germans were going to win somehow.

Sadly if you said anything that might suggest that the war was lost or had any ANY part of you that did not believe 100% in Hitler you could as was the case for many killed.

Today’s post started after talking to a Reporter outside of Racine and a Racine elected official who asked the same question “Why do I care about keeping track  of the Fall of Racine as it was put.

Easy the History needs to be know what happened who do I think it was and what did they do or not do to lead Racine to ruins.

and as History goes

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
George Orwell

“Study the past if you would define the future.”


“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”
Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
Winston Churchill

See at some point in time someone may want to know why what was a great City (Racine) in 1910 by 1990 had major issues and by say 2025 like other cities had to declare Bankruptcy.

Why did folks start to leave Racine in large numbers,why did elected leaders still spend millions on a small area of Racine (Downtown) and leave much of the rest fall apart.

I know Documents from the ongoing RICO case will help but so will blogs like this one and others

In the mean time nothing to worry about in Racine the streets are Gold!



But Wait …..



Between Rain storms in the last few days, I have been driving around with others the City of Racine.

We had noticed something and wanted to look into the idea more

The City of Racine has indeed is becoming more and more Hispanic. Sure has in my area what started out  being mostly Black has now become mostly Hispanic.

Let me say that again in an area that in the year 2000 was mostly African American is now 2014 mostly Hispanic! (and more are coming)

More and more businesses opening or starting underground (Day Care Cars being fixed in small garages)

Hard working right wing Catholic Hispanic. Interesting to say the least why?

Well one they as they are in need of more services from the City from basic health care to ESL classes in the Public Schools to Gateway

Services they are not getting the poorest some not having Cars need basic Bus service a Bus Service that Racine IMHO no longer has to offer. or cares to.

From talking to others I am told that the Hispanic Businesses on lower Douglas are harassed by the White owned business on upper Douglass.

Talking to the Hispanic Business owners I get blank looks when I ask them if they ever have met their Alderman


200_Jim_12Feb08   Hero of the Hispanic Community of Racine?


Now what do you think the City needs more ESL so good folks can get jobs or Machinery Row that will IMHO only enrich a few in the Downtown area a place I hear all the time dislikes ANY Hispanics in unless its to clean or landscape.

A strong Health Department ready and able to help our growing Hispanic Community or  looking the other way when Alderman have questions about who is making $$ from State Grants?

Of course our Leadership Discount our Hispanic Population since they see them as well worker slaves only good for slave type jobs.

Sadly for the Good Old Boys in Racine of both Parties after living together knowing them as I do they will be the driving force economically as more of the 2nd Generation grows up and should they stay in a City (Racine) that they speak of as a pit of filth, may sooner then the White Good Old Boys find themselves well not in charge


Now in my time in Racine I have served as Co Vice President of the Tri-County Hispanic Chamber of Commence/Hispanic Chamber of Racine

Severed on Former Senator Russ Feingold Hispanic Affairs Group

Active in Hispanic circles at the grassroots

and have contacts all over Mexico to Argentina  in fact created for CAR 25 Spanish Programing.


<p><a href=”″>Glass Recycling Brewfest Racine WI 2010</a> from <a href=”″>wayne clingman</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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