And the crime begins


Yes kinda late of a post from the Journal Times but perhaps The City Administer   Tom Friedel needed to approve the story first but to the point the pitch to steal your money for a dead Racine has begun

From the Journal Times “…

YORKVILLE — At the end of Tuesday night’s meeting on funding options for the proposed Downtown arena, Mayor John Dickert drew on a piece of wisdom he said he learned from a nun during high school.

“Go out and make the world a better place,” he said. “That’s your job. I took that seriously.”..”

Wow the City needing to remove street lights and cut the Bus service to almost nothing wants to pay 2/3 of the cost  of a 40+ Million Arena. Well not the city so much as you the tax payer so the Downtown Racine bar owners can make more money, after all the Bar Owners have been good to Mayor Dickert (well the white bar owners the Black-Hispanic mostly being driven from the area)

As the County Board goes forward looking at this I do hope they look at the results of other City of Racine projects:

Porter’s:  Unknown amount spent site now empty

Delta Hawk Unknown Amount spent from City of Racine and State   100 + Jobs promised: Company sold to others unknown jobs no job numbers ever given in public

Machinery Row, Millions lent State Tax credits approved Federal/State Grants given:

Legal action between partners, Legal Action on former owner, Loan not repaid, no building going on at site no activity can be seen from street, Racine County web site appears to say that the project IS NOT PAYING TAXES

Strong rumor is that a State grant will be used to buy land given to Machinery Row by the City so the property tax bill is paid …?

And the Racine County Board is thinking of doing ANYTHING with the city of Racine that’s right its not their money its yours and the right folks will benefit and that is not you.




Please Vote

I do not much care who you vote for I do care that you vote.

Being a public record I will be checking on a few who love to beat up on our elected leadership but I think I will find many of our local I hate X  can not be troubled to vote.

Might be an interesting post too

Mind you I beat up on the same ones but I vote and I work from time to time for candidates of my choice.

As well I am troubled by those who bitch on our leadership but have  no idea how City Hall Works even worse are the ones who should know from other interactions

Then too by not voting they are voting in a way.

Polls open early close at 8:00 PM if your in line to vote you still can if the clock hits 8:00 PM

My predictions for this fall


Governor Walker

The GOP Wins Attorney General

Lafayette Sec of State

Van wins the Senate Seat

Mason (the Tick) for this District Assembly    Seat


I myself Voted GOP for Governor and A.G.  No on RUSD and 3nd Party on the rest of the races.

I do hop the GOP takes the U.S. senate and starts impeachment

Predictions 2014!


My Predictions for 2014 my guess is as good as yours!

I did O.K. in my predictions for last year, lets see how I do this year!

Not in any order


1) Porter’s does not happen.

2) A member of the City Council starts the effort to “Claw Back” Money given to Delta Hawk by the City of Racine, gets slapped down.

3)  Two Ethics investigations are requested on activities by the City of Racine. This will lead to more press on who makes up the Bord of Ethics and links to the Mayor of Racine.  Mr Sleepy continues to nap

4) By Spring of 2014 more businesses close in Downtown Racine.

5) Spring of 2014 the County is suggesting more money is needed for Reef Point Marina. The effort will pass the County Board.

6) Racine County will get behind the effort for a new arena for the Bucks. This will take the form of a .05% increase in the sales tax.

7) City of Racine loses more Court fights over property assessments

8) The City of Racine credit rating is downgraded again.

9)  One of the last major employers starts to move out of the City.

10) Rootworks  runs out of money

11) The Uptown Project begins, however  due to the court fights over demolition of a blighted building at 1516 Washington Ave, puts a hold on the efforts. This gets nasty.

12) A sitting Aldermen resigns

13) Paul Ryan loses Reelection

14) The film “Pattern of Practice”  premiere opens in Milwaukee to a packed house. Strong openings on the east coast. Mr Spodick is vindicated.

15) Tom Homes files his law suit on the City of Racine/Park 6


Lets see how right I am.



Downtown Racine are you connected? My .02

Thinking of starting a Business in Downtown Racine? Great! You can get building cheep!  Look at 522 6th St. Sold for 40K YES! that’s right a building that was assessed a few years ago at 700K sold for less 10% of what we are told this great building one block away from city hall is worth far less then my home is worth.  Wow.

What does that say for the real worth of Downtown? Let’s ask this question  how are the Businesses Downtown doing? I think for shit.

Why do I care easy! We tax payers are spending lots of hard earned cash supporting of just what 1.5 squire?

Question is 1) how much money is being dumped in this area? 2) When if ever will the gravy train end? 3) for what? How does this spending help the real issues of The City like lack of jobs?

From what I see Porter’s has done NOTHING and no one knows why?  I think nothing will get done to the point of taking bets (I only bet things of no real  value like Gum) if it ever starts.

in 2012 we are told about the project 2/9/12   2/9/12

RACINE — The former Porters of Racine’s owners Thursday announced a $5.5 million redevelopment of the building into 37 apartments and seven ground-floor retail spaces.

The renovated structure at 301 Sixth St. will be named the Porters of Racine Building, said developer Micah Waters who co-owns the property with his uncle Bob Waters. The name refers to the high-end furniture store that lasted 152 years before closing about two years ago.

During its final months, Micah Waters, an architect, and his firm, Signature Architecture — also at 301 Sixth St. — began working on a reuse plan for the 80,000-square-foot structure that started as nine different buildings….

Then after some time we have this  7/13/13

RACINE — Construction could start for a major Downtown redevelopment, the $6 million Porters of Racine project, within two months.

On Friday, developer and building owner Micah Waters said they are now about halfway through the process of doing architectural drawings with a structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and plumbing engineer. Those drawings must be submitted for state approval — not the City of Racine — because of the project’s large size.

No local permits will be needed; as soon as Waters has state permits, interior demolition can start.

“With the adjusted construction schedule, it looks like the beginning of September” for construction to start, Waters said. Construction is expected to take about 16 months, which would have the project being finished by about the end of 2014.

Note this quote ““With the adjusted construction schedule, it looks like the beginning of September” for construction to start, Waters said” …

Now its 12/13 and still nothing. NOTHING We are told everything is in place but….

Maybe nothing will after all even the Hot Dog guy cant make it in Downtown Racine

“RACINE — Top Dog Hot Dogs owner Caleb Robinson has closed his store on Monument Square, but the head of Downtown Racine Corp. hopes to eventually get him another storefront.

Top Dog’s last day at 520 Main St. on Monument Square was Friday. Without elaborating, Robinson said he had loans and tax obligations that required him to slash overhead.

“It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,” he said Monday…”.

Note this quote.. “Robinson said he had loans and tax obligations that required him to slash overhead. “It seemed like for every step I took forward, I was taking two steps back,” he said Monday…”

In other words he could not sell enough Hot Dogs to pay the bills with taxes leading the list.

That is if you pay your taxes, we know from other reports we have businesses in the great downtown that are not paying taxes from Sales to Propriety Tax.

We know that the County is paying the City the property taxes that are owed but to me does nothing to seize the buildings that owe the back property . Why is it the job of Union Grove to pay the taxes owed by Downtown Property owners?

Might this photo explain?


Worse we are told that if we just get more members of the GOP in Madison things will change but I think not

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Getting to think that be it GOP or Democrats its all a game. SAy what the Sheep want to hear and drive on after all its all about the money, who gets it and how


I hope I am wrong but I think not.   Lots of ways this helps from votes to maybe envelopes put in cars like happened in Kenosha County.



Of course with no real change in Racine or Downtown Racine other then looting and crony Capitalism end result will be a fleeing population and crashing property values

See example

522 Sixth St.

Not long ago this was assessed  at 700K  now Downtown property is falling in vale

But be happy, Mayor John Dickert is going to Mexico! Did your really need your street light?  Did you truly want the street plowed? Hey look at the City Hall Bathrooms!  Who did the Bathrooms?  Did you see the nice ad on Belle City TV for the Hat store? How much you think that cost?

Racine, is it a corrupt place on the Great Lake?

An Unpleasant question



How much did Racine County lose on Reefpoint this year?   How much does the county plan to spent in reinvesting in this?

Has anyone said how long before “we” see a return on all the Goverment spending on this? Or is this nothing but a game to funnel money to the pockets “The right people” on the County Board?

Is this somehow going to be used as a segue to see more spending for the rich white of Downtown Racine?

How do you think the voters west of the I will feel?

Why Horlick Dam now?




From the Journal Times 8/27/13


“Alternatives for the Horlick Dam will be the focus of the Root River Planning meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, at River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N. Green Bay Road.

The dam has inadequate spillway capacity to safely pass the 500-year flood level, and the state Department of Natural Resources is expected to require Racine County to improve the safety of the dam by increasing its spillway capacity or removing it. Staff from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will present four conceptual alternatives for the dam.

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network and Sweet Water are working together to lead the planning effort. SEWRPC was selected to prepare the plan and is focusing on four areas selected by a planning group of citizens and public officials: water quality; recreational access and use; habitat conditions; and flooding within Racine County. The plan will build from SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update and will include recommendations to be implemented over a five-year period after the completion of the plan. The plan is to be completed in May.”

What why now?  Why does the SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update need to be updated?  The story does not say what else might be having an impact on the Root River  that may need to be addressed?  Well there is Rootworks looking for $$ and as I see it Mayor Dickert’s pals need to get paid, I think I will have to see who if any pal of the Mayor is on this  SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan.  That might explain  that.

But maybe something bigger is going on what other huge project is going on in S.E. Wisconsin that might effect the Root River???

Guesses? Anyone?   Yes you Ms P in the back row? (Takes paper handed to him.

Why you just might found something Ms P!

” The City of Waukesha has an option to purchase 60 acres in Franklin on the east bank of the Root River should Waukesha succeed in its request to buy Lake Michigan water.

The property southeast of the intersection of Oakwood Road and S. 60th St. is one possible location for Waukesha to end a pipeline carrying treated wastewater so it could be discharged to the river and returned to the lake, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak said.”…

Wow yes maybe if 6 Million Gals of “treated” sewage gets put into the Root River each day the Damn would need to go.

6 Million Gallions of “Treated sewage” down the Root River (and by all the folks coming to see it via Root Works) right into Lake Michigan where our Belle City Harbor is.  Boy, how nice would it be if the 6 million gallons looked like this?


You think the Boaters would come back?   How about property values along the Shit I mean Root River?

I would  go to this meeting and ask questions if I was you




To be clear


To be clear I think given the facts The County had to buy the Marina and IMHO due to poor maintenance by others must spent funds in upgrading/ repairs.

In a few years (say 5) we should be able to recover the investment from fees charged to those using the Marina. Then be able to sell this.

I myself have spent $$ and time promoting this via Root River Pirates

Via Facebook


and Blog  (must restart this I know) and go large or go to Port

Fact is for some of this, I waited for permission and in that I messed up. I do not need any.  No one else is doing anything at the grass roots to promote this.

IMHO The “Powers that be” want be not to be part of this for as I see it I am not Rich, White, or a Ship owner well let me say FUCK THAT BABY!   I will be doing this you had a chance to have some control of how I did this but not now. Its all me, and my ideas.

Only fault was mine the blame is on me.  I simply should have acted Thank God Pirates are resultant. If not fun.

The Better the Marnia does the better the County does, also many in the County use the Lake and ever Fishing Folks outside the State the more that do the better off we are.

This Lake and Marina is for all. not for Mayor Dickert’s pals to use as a way to fleece Ship owners, Not a group of folks who think the Ship  owners owe spending their $$  in an area that as I have been told treats ship owners poorly.  God Help Nonwhite Ship Owners. (Now that be interesting)

On the other hand, if we are to host Ship Owners fees MUST be based on a break even and not hand outs idea.

As well, Ship Owners and others using the Harbor must go above and beyond to keep the Harbor,Lake, and River clean

The Laws about pollution must be enforced.  Perhaps A Racine County Deputy  could be at the Marina to insure this and the costs paid for by the fines charged. Maybe some costs shared with the DRC?

We can not afford to use Bonds on ANY part of the Marina at all UNLESS a Documented transparent need is discovered and the public brought in to the resolution, no way a Racine City Hall Bathroom scan can be allowed to occur.

Rum for all! Redheads to my cabin!