Unless your are dead or undead  you know that our Mayor John Dickert

shown here

is resigning as Mayor to talk the job of executive director for  Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

details of when he will resign as of 13:00 3/27/17 is not known by this reporter.

I can tell you that reading the form 990 this group Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, is not a rich group and by  my reading of the 990, the last director only received about 110,000 a little less then what Mayor Dickert gets in wages (I will assume The Mayor will be able to get travel, health care  paid that adds to the 110K but say  another 30K or so)

Stories from the street (how much faith you want to put in them is up to you) is that the news getting out was some what unplanned for catching some but not all in surprise.

I can not help but think that without Dickert’s arm twisting that both the Arena and Machinery Row is like dead for with an special election the City will be able to hold a VOTE to see if the public wants an Arena, with public feelings running very much anti arena this would never pass killing any more spending on what I feel is a  Satanic project only serving Mayor Dickert’s ego and lining his pals pockets

Why now vs say when his term ends?

Good question I do not believe at all is the idea that he must act to save the Great Lakes more likely this has much more to do with his getting out as the getting is good:

  1. The Journal Times reports that the Tax credits for  Machinery Row are in trouble http://journaltimes.com/news/local/tax-credits-for-machinery-row-project-in-doubt/article_c7da9df4-e333-5c01-a665-ced928188291.html
  2. Oh recall the Dickert made Racine a sanctuary city? Guess what Looks like Racine will lose a bunch of money from the feds http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/27/jeff-sessions-says-hell-punish-sanctuaries-cities/ I much rather have police then an Arena. With the Feds going to work and get back past monies how do we repay that since we are all ready in so much debit?

What other Fed money might be in trouble maybe HUD funds? What will Racine do?

Maybe if your Dickert you bail

and If you thought that was interesting I give you this:

The Tick Corry Mason is running for Mayor!

Yes the Carpet Baggier himself Mason is running for Mayor, and you thought things could not get worse well they can!

Mr I love to tax I love to spend your money wants to be Mayor

Very interesting I did not see this turn of events happening.

I believe that Mason have more power in State office vs trying to save Racine from Bankruptcy or in the Tick’s case put us there faster!

Goes to show on any day anything can happen!


But we do have a long term con!

Recall we where told that if Kenosha did not get a Casino that one be built in IL?

Well things just got real http://www.cdcgamingreports.com/illinois-gambling-proposal-would-add-casinos-in-6-places/

Near the bottom is a list of locations one being in Lake County IL, now I have not seen the study of where the gamblers be coming from but cant help but think of the claim be that WI has tons that want to play in IL.

Question is how to get them to the Casino after all no one they will say will want to drive..

I know! I KNOW!

Bring the Metra to Kenosha! That way we all can go to IL to gamble AND!!!! AND!!! Racine can kick in and bring it to the city so all the millionaires who want to see poor teams play can come to Racine to do so!

Maybe that is what the KRM/Merta study in the CIP is for? only a few million to get the Merta to Racine for Dickert’s Arena and help his pals in IL get what they want bonus, is its a huge win for Regional and States cooperation!

Oh if only HRC had won how much easier this would be!


News Flash Machinery Row Issues coming to a head!



This Reporter has received information about Machinery Row development in Racine WI, far more then I ever thought, sources that wish to remain off the record tell me that Machinery Row in Racine  is dead in the water.

As they have told me deals that would have obtained the properties required to get Machinery Row started have not of this morning have closed, that as they claim owners of property have been told the deals they (property owners) thought they had have been withdrawn.

If so this would mean that Machinery Row is very much dead, that for anything to happen The City of Racine/County of Racine would have to come up with the funds to buy properties or seize said properties for say back taxes or perhaps eminent domain law.

With Racine is so much debit, how would the City Leadership try to justify the bond issue required to do so?

With this information come to me a map that shows a draft of the layout of Machinery Row to include a named business in the location.

Should this map be legit and from the information on the map, my guess it I do have a copy of a “official” map. We have a question.

This being will the long term dream of Mayor John Dickert of a New hotel on Lake Michigan  be coming to pass?  What deals will have to take place first?


Watch out for drones!


The Police State of John Dickert



But first



Racine hits the big time from the story but it gets better

Mr. X came by this A.M. had me talk with him away from the phone, told me of the most interesting story of yesterday’s Executive Committee held at City Hall

Not so much of who was there and what Alderman where NOT there (Stress Ball’s may not be helping)  but what was said.

My Understanding is that City Hall is on Lock Down, the leak to the Bloggers/Black Bar Owners will be found (and dealt with I guess)  that our Mayor and City paid Lawyers said that all efforts to include phone and computer records would be used to find the leaks.  Alderman better i other words shut the fuck up and toe the John Dickert line or else!

I found chilling was the idea that words of the effect of the City (Via RPD?) to find out who is saying what.

Else what? Alderman go to jail for asking questions about the RICO suit?  Will I or others who have reported on the RICO and other events in Racine “disappear” will our cars blow up? Will we be targeted by the UNIT?  Will our property be vandalized as has been alleged happen to Black Bar Owners in the RICO Case?

Will the actions of Mayor Dickert in this lead to more court actions? Oh what fun this will be to write about! To Podcast on! I thinking that  Racine Community Media will be posting MORE you tube show for the world to see and get an idea of the Police State Mayor John Dickert is creating in Racine

Most interesting is why, not why the effort to find the leaks but what set this off in the first place why the effort to remove the Black Bars in Racine as some see happening?

The Shakedowns as talked of in the RICO filings?

What is/was the point? A bit of cash? A bit of local power? Hot Women? Or something far more in the long term able to enrich folks willing to do interesting things to create a political base

Control of  Fresh Clean Water?


Terms to know


Burner Phone

One time codes


Counter surveillance

If I have to play James Bond can I get a hot Co Star?


Oh I now think that this RICO suit will lead to jail time for members of local Goverment thinking that the IRS is getting very interested in the efforts on the Root River. Please make sure if your a 501 (c) 3 your paperwork is good to go






Good News Racine!

I just know that the good old boys will love this!!

Changed the name of Real Racine News to something far more focused to Racine and well closer to what many see as going on in the great city!

What might that be? Well that would be:

Racine crime syndicate/ DBA/city of Racine!!

Yes!! Why not ?

We got RICO We got Ethics issues!!  We have dishonest political leaders!!  Thank God we do not a real mob outfit or do we?

From the Facebook page:  Going to look into the workings of both the City and County of Racine WI.
A lot of money is being spent in a city with high unemployment.
We will look at what projects is getting this money and who is making bank.
Who might be the old old boys and power brokers in the area

From The Casino to the Root River we got it all.

Are you not proud of the leadership over the last few years that got us to this point?

Cue Music

Racine has the best water drink more we need the money





Read the above real Bill from Detroit MI this is for ONE MONTH!!!

See all the added charges

Should we expect this to come to Racine as this City goes deeper and deeper into debit?

We all must drink Water right? Business Need water too some far more then others. A company can move out or relocate maybe set up in say Kenosha  where water is less expensive not being used to fund the lets say Crony Projects like Rootworks or our Mayor’s Legal bills.

Can you move?  Is your house able to be sold? Can you get what you paid for it? Can you get what it is assessed for?

Will we see this kind of tactic used to fund the City of Racine as more leave the City and Racine facing higher costs?

All ready we are seeing an effective layoff of 10 RPD officers are there more to come?

The Mayor can plead that we have no money and he be right we as a City do not we are Broke as a joke, with who knows what surprise bills coming our way?

How much will the RICO cost us? The Court cases on the City perhaps over assessing properties?

Lt. Days (RPD) case on Racism should that get going?

Of course this does not stop our Fearless Leader from spending on things like Rootworks

Does this Cartoon show how things are done in the City of Racine?




Might this photo explain why no one at the State cares


Drink Lots of Water!

THe City of Racine need every dime!


Value of location Reefpoint Area


Interesting times we live in.

We are told the Harbor is just a booming place that soon the Lake Front will be filled with Boaters  here  to spend $$$ and save this city


Docks of Gold right?

But yet the facts may not bear that out.

After all if this area was or will be very soon prime real estate rents be high if property can be found at any price.

Yet look at what Racine County can gets for the rent of the space for Reefpoint Brew House

from County of Racine Web site

2014 County Budget Revenues

0 $0 not a penny.

Interesting the shills on the Journal Times T say that its a busy place say its a busy great place

From the Journal Times 1-10-14

“I have been to the Reef Point at all sorts of different times of day and evening and later at night as well. They almost always seem to have a good business, and crowd on hand enjoying their wide selection of beer, food and view.

Was out there twice last week and the crowd was pretty good sized even later at night.”

Looks like Business is doing well yet they pay no rent.  Sources tell me they will not in 14 not sure for 2015.

Is that what it takes now to bring a business to the Downtown is to use the tax payer’s $$ to insure an income? Is that right?

Why might this be going on?

As I see events, the County going into Reef point knew it was a losing deal. Now County Goverment must try to sell the idea that Reef Point is a great thing to the public Downtown Racine Crowd that there is still hope for them as the City continues to fall apart. See we know that property in the Downtown area is falling fast and hard case in point 522 6th St once assessed at over 500K sold this year for less then 10% of that. As more know what might be going on in values the more folks who might leave the cult of John Dickert and the steady  loss of business become a rush for the doors.  Cant have that so lets use Smoke and Minors and create a belief that things are O.K. after all “We have this real cool place…”

This might sell in the Downtown of Racine not so much in Yorkville or Union Grove. How might they feel about their taxes going to pay for space for a Restaurant they will never use in a Harbor that may never make $$, that still needs (from talking to the few boaters at the Harbor and Harbor employees major investment) and who do you think the County Executive will look to find the money

Is the county’s job to do this?

Might this be yet another sign of Reef Point being an Harbor we need to walk away from and sell to the “Massive” numbers of boaters that are begging to come to Racine?

We see in Milwaukee what a Harbor can do, why not here? Lets take a look at that shall we?

Why Horlick Dam now?




From the Journal Times 8/27/13


“Alternatives for the Horlick Dam will be the focus of the Root River Planning meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, at River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N. Green Bay Road.

The dam has inadequate spillway capacity to safely pass the 500-year flood level, and the state Department of Natural Resources is expected to require Racine County to improve the safety of the dam by increasing its spillway capacity or removing it. Staff from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will present four conceptual alternatives for the dam.

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network and Sweet Water are working together to lead the planning effort. SEWRPC was selected to prepare the plan and is focusing on four areas selected by a planning group of citizens and public officials: water quality; recreational access and use; habitat conditions; and flooding within Racine County. The plan will build from SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update and will include recommendations to be implemented over a five-year period after the completion of the plan. The plan is to be completed in May.”

What why now?  Why does the SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update need to be updated?  The story does not say what else might be having an impact on the Root River  that may need to be addressed?  Well there is Rootworks looking for $$ and as I see it Mayor Dickert’s pals need to get paid, I think I will have to see who if any pal of the Mayor is on this  SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan.  That might explain  that.

But maybe something bigger is going on what other huge project is going on in S.E. Wisconsin that might effect the Root River???

Guesses? Anyone?   Yes you Ms P in the back row? (Takes paper handed to him.

Why you just might found something Ms P!


” The City of Waukesha has an option to purchase 60 acres in Franklin on the east bank of the Root River should Waukesha succeed in its request to buy Lake Michigan water.

The property southeast of the intersection of Oakwood Road and S. 60th St. is one possible location for Waukesha to end a pipeline carrying treated wastewater so it could be discharged to the river and returned to the lake, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak said.”…

Wow yes maybe if 6 Million Gals of “treated” sewage gets put into the Root River each day the Damn would need to go.

6 Million Gallions of “Treated sewage” down the Root River (and by all the folks coming to see it via Root Works) right into Lake Michigan where our Belle City Harbor is.  Boy, how nice would it be if the 6 million gallons looked like this?


You think the Boaters would come back?   How about property values along the Shit I mean Root River?

I would  go to this meeting and ask questions if I was you




Lakefront trash


Got some interesting info tonight. Let’s keep this going. Why are the users of the Harbor/Lake not being held to account for trashing it?

What are the issues with the invasive crittlers coming to the Lake? How are they getting here? How much is it costing the Farmers in Waterford to keep the Lake Front clean?


I was wrong!

Yes I was wrong and I admit it. Unlike say Mayor John Dickert I know I can be wrong and know  when I am I can say so and move on

What I was wrong on was the Reef point Marina and like I said on my Podcast today and an earlier post that I made a mistake I like to thank UP for his taking the time and explaining things to me that I did not understand, allowing me to follow up on info he gave me to learn more.

IMHO Jim Ladwig did the right thing to get Reefpoint and doing the right thing by investing it this and the upgrades planed so far.

Numbers do not lie.

Reef Point holds about 950 Slips rents run from about 1800 to about 2300. a year to rent, A good marketing effort should see about 50% rented this year or   say 600K brought in next year on I see 75% rented or about 700 rented at the same cost (Low balling rents based on size ect) for about 1 million brought in.

The profit will be reinvested in the Marina NOT shared with the City of Racine. so I see the county doing well on this investment.

I fully understand that a effort will be made to not only to bring in large craft but more local,area, State and outside Wisconsin Fishermen/Small pleasure craft to Racine launch fatalities. This money I understand goes to the City, there might be efforts to force the City to share or at least show where the money went.

Preventing   what IMHO I will call Mayor John Dickert lining his pals pockets and not benefiting the City of Racine as a whole.

Will spin off occur to help the Downtown? I do not know. I have been told that R.P. is doing more to work with the DNC. ( I hope that’s a two way street) so I guess some benefit will happen  how much I do not know.

I can also see opportunities for new businesses  around the Marina from repair to delivery.

Will this go smothly no  issues will happen, I however trust Mr. Ladwig more then Mayor John Dickert to fix them WITHOUT giving $$ to pals. I can also see Racine County seeing the other oppertunies that the City refuses to act on.

I did talk to the County Executive today about my fears and he was able to reasure me about them, as did the Marina Manager.

I will be removing my old postings to reflect my new thoughts on this issue.

Oh I am so get ripped because of this


Note Root River Pirates is in effect!