But we do have a long term con!

Recall we where told that if Kenosha did not get a Casino that one be built in IL?

Well things just got real http://www.cdcgamingreports.com/illinois-gambling-proposal-would-add-casinos-in-6-places/

Near the bottom is a list of locations one being in Lake County IL, now I have not seen the study of where the gamblers be coming from but cant help but think of the claim be that WI has tons that want to play in IL.

Question is how to get them to the Casino after all no one they will say will want to drive..

I know! I KNOW!

Bring the Metra to Kenosha! That way we all can go to IL to gamble AND!!!! AND!!! Racine can kick in and bring it to the city so all the millionaires who want to see poor teams play can come to Racine to do so!

Maybe that is what the KRM/Merta study in the CIP is for? only a few million to get the Merta to Racine for Dickert’s Arena and help his pals in IL get what they want bonus, is its a huge win for Regional and States cooperation!

Oh if only HRC had won how much easier this would be!


I was wrong and sorry for being so

In the past I did not think a Casino in Kenosha was a good thing, did not buy into the idea of being a job creator for good paying long term employment nor did I believe that the City of Racine benefit from this being built.

I still do not, I was wrong in not understanding how much better it would have been for the Casino to pay for The Bucks Arena then the Wisconsin tax payer, as I understand the Casino offered to do (pay for the Arena) also the State and City/County of Kenosha would have did well off the taxes  from the math challenged.

My understanding is that the Casino is dead and gone but this is Wisconsin and we do whore our self to the right type of big business so time will tell

Next time this idea comes up I will be behind it.

Just say no!



Now that the election is over, there will be a renewed call for Governor Walker

to let a Casino open near the city of Kenosha since the out of State Tribe needs State permission to do so and many elected officials are screaming for it   (Gee think Campaign donations made have been made? perhaps gifts given?? not like that has ever happened   but wait

Former Kenosha County official sentenced to 2 years in prison


We get told the stories mny Jobs will be created folks will flock to the area the streets will be paved with Gold the good old pipe dreams get the public to buy into the idea to get a Casino up and running that the world will be saved!

Of course they have not worked out so well in other places


Another Atlantic City casino company files for bankruptcy


Supply companies with ties to bankrupt casinos face losses


But lets not talk about that

Nor let us talk about how some of the construction jobs may pay well as the buildings are going up but the vast number of jobs will be service type jobs many even paying minimum wage other games too will go down the TIF game the BID game and Good Old Boys will find ways to get money.

Our Mayor John Dickert likes the idea so I am thinking Marble will be needed right? Where will that come from?

IMHO we have Casinos galore do we need more? Do we need an out of State Tribe building one?

I think not.


Good News Racine!

I just know that the good old boys will love this!!

Changed the name of Real Racine News to something far more focused to Racine and well closer to what many see as going on in the great city!

What might that be? Well that would be:

Racine crime syndicate/ DBA/city of Racine!!

Yes!! Why not ?

We got RICO We got Ethics issues!!  We have dishonest political leaders!!  Thank God we do not a real mob outfit or do we?

From the Facebook page:  Going to look into the workings of both the City and County of Racine WI.
A lot of money is being spent in a city with high unemployment.
We will look at what projects is getting this money and who is making bank.
Who might be the old old boys and power brokers in the area

From The Casino to the Root River we got it all.

Are you not proud of the leadership over the last few years that got us to this point?

Cue Music

Changes here


Expect more here from now on.

My New Gig at Cream City Radio (http://creamcityradio.com/), they only wants stories about the Milwaukee area, I can do that, all kinds of great things going on in Milwaukee.

Yes they have issues sure do, but IMHO the good outweighs  the bad,  more so when as I have look close and see sighs of a rebirth far more to do with Governor Scott Walker then Mayor Tom “Clueless Look” Barret.

As well having the contacts that I do, I receive interesting leads to interesting stories that need to be told if not by me then by who? We all see the lack of real stories in the “Dead Tree Media” I can help change overcome that by using New Media to tell of such things as:

The effort to clean up the City and at the same time reduce the amount going into Land Fills

The efforts to demonize the Pottawatomie as outside Wisconsin interests look to build a Casino in Kenosha

How revitalization may be going on in unlikely areas of Milwaukee

How intercity parents are fighting back on MSD to insure a good education for their kids.

This Blog will still focus on Racine and the strange happenings going on.



Ho Chunk Weekend!



Went up to see my kin, talked about the Casino in Baraboo, we knew a few who worked/had worked there and from what we could recall O.K. jobs pay was not much more then working at the “Farm Store”

Better jobs if you got in management (most jobs here Natives had) or Tech skills fixing the Machines.

Good jobs if low paying.

I was told that the Casino was working on efforts to keep players  at the site.  More food chooses more and wider entertainment to come they said.

I went to give  the Tribe $5. Doing so I walked around the place, nice clean noise lights lots of lights.

Sometimes the gamers looked like they came from Wal-Mart staff was nice, nice ,nice.

But the gamers where not going to leave here and go to the Dells or Baraboo both less then 10 MIns away why should they?

I asked and was allowed to see a Hotel room Very nice! Cost was ave for a hotel Room I think and the Staff again very nice.

After my “Donation” via a Dean Martin theme game went to see the Rendezvous this was located in a part of Baraboo  that the City/county has spent $$ to fix up make “Green” to bring in business Same consultants used that we did for the Rootworks. Nice time seeing the crafts and learning about Wisconsin Pre-1848.


After that I went to South Baraboo looks very nice away from the City. Lots of Birds and I think I saw a Golden Eagle

but no new businesses.

No the River Path has brought no $$ to Baraboo spent a lot.  Nice to see that most of the work was donated vs $$ to a crony of the Mayor, In Baraboo its a part time job as pays like that too.

The Mayor has little power to do much.

Walking around the Downtown that was very empty, I asked where was everyone?  I got told “Ho Chunk.”

Well Baraboo at least has Wildlife and no shit in the River


And yet


Some may think I do not want the Casino to come to Kenosha  that would be untrue,

I do want us to think about what it may mean to  the area and try to slow the hysteria on how the Casino will fix all issues in S.E. Wisconsin and give everyone a job.

That being said its free will If folks want to spend the $$ I say go for it.

Better yet go for a job if you need one or want to work a part time gig, see what the Casino’s needs might be and go for that too.  I recall when Ho-Chunk opened many of the fools who gave me a hard time for being Native (Little did we know…) somehow thought they were Native too!

Perhaps some training at Gateway could prepare you for a job opening!

Downtown Stores might want to move to that area to avoid the painful death I think is coming to Racine’s Downtown

Now I think there are opportunities for self employment. From starting a Van service taking folks to the Casino to escorting big winners to the Bank.   Please see local laws before starting any Businesses INHO Kenosha will be more easier to work with then Racine, but time will tell.

Still a lot to talk about with this and I will but again its up to them if they like to go for it