Unless your are dead or undead  you know that our Mayor John Dickert

shown here

is resigning as Mayor to talk the job of executive director for  Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

details of when he will resign as of 13:00 3/27/17 is not known by this reporter.

I can tell you that reading the form 990 this group Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, is not a rich group and by  my reading of the 990, the last director only received about 110,000 a little less then what Mayor Dickert gets in wages (I will assume The Mayor will be able to get travel, health care  paid that adds to the 110K but say  another 30K or so)

Stories from the street (how much faith you want to put in them is up to you) is that the news getting out was some what unplanned for catching some but not all in surprise.

I can not help but think that without Dickert’s arm twisting that both the Arena and Machinery Row is like dead for with an special election the City will be able to hold a VOTE to see if the public wants an Arena, with public feelings running very much anti arena this would never pass killing any more spending on what I feel is a  Satanic project only serving Mayor Dickert’s ego and lining his pals pockets

Why now vs say when his term ends?

Good question I do not believe at all is the idea that he must act to save the Great Lakes more likely this has much more to do with his getting out as the getting is good:

  1. The Journal Times reports that the Tax credits for  Machinery Row are in trouble http://journaltimes.com/news/local/tax-credits-for-machinery-row-project-in-doubt/article_c7da9df4-e333-5c01-a665-ced928188291.html
  2. Oh recall the Dickert made Racine a sanctuary city? Guess what Looks like Racine will lose a bunch of money from the feds http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/27/jeff-sessions-says-hell-punish-sanctuaries-cities/ I much rather have police then an Arena. With the Feds going to work and get back past monies how do we repay that since we are all ready in so much debit?

What other Fed money might be in trouble maybe HUD funds? What will Racine do?

Maybe if your Dickert you bail

and If you thought that was interesting I give you this:

The Tick Corry Mason is running for Mayor!

Yes the Carpet Baggier himself Mason is running for Mayor, and you thought things could not get worse well they can!

Mr I love to tax I love to spend your money wants to be Mayor

Very interesting I did not see this turn of events happening.

I believe that Mason have more power in State office vs trying to save Racine from Bankruptcy or in the Tick’s case put us there faster!

Goes to show on any day anything can happen!


Unionized Labor is dead in Racine Mayor Dickert killed it





Back not so long ago we had each year a labor event on the Lake Front, the local Union folks show up do the song and dance shake hands talk about how great union are eat eat some more drink a bit then go on their way.

Today 9/1/14 we will not have an event in the City of Racine under the friend of Union Labor Mayor John Dickert, you know the man who had his sheep in the Racine City Council voted to end the SIGNED CONTACTS with the City Unions, and of course the City Unions did not strike (they did sue and win) why?  Well the”leadership” have no balls and the leadership got theirs I am sure.

Strikes are so hard to manage and do we the folks living in Racine even care? I think not.

Of course during Act 10 some made noise but that is about it.Unions have no power in Racine and the Union Leadership knows this.

So why not Laborfest at the Lake Front or perhaps our Labor Center?

Might our Great Festhall be too expensive for the Unions to use? ( Yet the Union Members are paying high property taxes to keep the site open) Maybe in Franksville so the low turn out of what little union members are  here can be covered up!

Now on this happy day how many union members will get jobs from Machinery Row? In fact will Union Shops even be able to bid on that project?

Or will this man be in charge of  who gets the jobs in Machinery Row?



Have You Read the New RICO Filing? You should.





Head Cheerleader!


As it saids on my Root River Revitalization cards

Head Cheerleader, and I take my job to heart! Today like I have everyday this week and till I get tired of it, I will be walking in the Harbor and the Downtown talking to others and hand out my cards (Soon to come Root River Pirates, cards) and I take the time to not only talk about how nice the Harbor is (and I love love love it) I make sure that the folks I talk to some from Racine others  around the Midwest,

Today it was a Man and his wife from Tokyo who I talked to about the removing of street lights and Mayor John Dickert ‘s trip to France. Can you believe that they where SHOCKED at this!

Something about being irresponsible, not Mayor John Dickert!

I think this week I talked to about 30 or so and made sure I gave them a Root River Revitalization card  told them about the shows they can find on You Tube. Sometimes they have Smart phones and we can watch one together, they love Freddy Frog, after I explain who Cory Mason is and how he IMHO Carpet Bagged his way into Turner’s area they get the Tick idea. Freddy Frog just might have a fan club soon.

I find it great to walk in the early morning by the Lake.

Lehman and Mason fight over who is the new General William Hull




Are John Lehman and Cory Mason fighting over who is the new General William Hull?


So Tonight at City Hall a room full of City of Racine Union members are looking for answers. Yes Answers and during Public Comments about 8 or so Union members spoke about what they see going on.

Two “Leaders” were not there that I could see and for sure did not speak

Yes John Lehan who ran from serving his county once ran again from speaking out to back City Workers and of course  Cory “The Tick” Mason could not be bothered from helping his Union Brothers and Sisters.


No way in Hell that they had the Balls to say anything to or about Mayor John Dickert.

Welcome to Racine The City who only services Mayor John Dickert.



Cory Mason Carpet Bager: Robert Kingston Scott Comes to West 6th St.


And with high crime, slum dwellings and slum lords I thought West 6th St. had issues.  Now we are really in for the shit, because Cory Mason is moving into the assembly district that I live in.  This is very sad, for in doing so; IMHO, he had to force a true political leader, Robert Turner, out of Office (We will get to that story).


This may come as a shock, but I feel that Bob Turner was a true hero of the 6th St. area, working hard to help any that needed his aid.


He helped me on occasion as an Assemblyman, and even came to my home on occasion.  Mr. Tuner also was a big backer of the first State of Wisconsin Film Incentive that I helped to write.


I was very pleased to vote for Mr. Turner as he ran for Mayor. Oh, what a better place Racine would be if Bob Turner would have won instead of Mayor John Dickert, and become the Mayor of Racine.


Cory Mason is another story.  To me he is nothing more than a tick like thing; he looks for any opportunity to focus on himself and panders to the far left.  An office holder who I think has never seen a tax he did not like or a spending idea that did not get him hard.  In fact I see Mason as a little socialist in training verses Bob Turner who held office to help make Racine a better place.


I would like to thank Robert Turner for his years of service; from his serving in Vietnam, the City Council of Racine, and as an Assemblyman.  Few men are like him today, the City of Racine and the West 6th St. area will miss him. God Bless and God Speed.


Mason moved to this area only because he needed a new assembly district, since the way his old one was redrawn, Mason knew he could not win reelection in the redrawn district.


Mason therefor moved into this one making it known (IMHO) he would be running in a primary vs. Turner for Bob’s seat.


Now it gets interesting.

I was at a meeting where I overheard a conversion where Mr. Turner talked about the upcoming campaign, and how he was looking forward to it. He knew that he could win reelection but it could be a fight. Based on what I head Mr. Turner had every chance of winning.


So what happened? Why did Mr. Turner then retire?  Well, what I think happened is this: The Democratic Party State Leadership, under pressure from both Labor (who lose Mason) and the Payback king Mayor John Dickert, convinced Mr. Turner to retire. Perhaps even offering something should Governor Walker get recalled. Well, you should remember that at one time, Cory “the Tick” Mason was even thinking about running for LT Governor in the Recall.


I suspect that The State Party leaders also made sure that Bob knew he’d get no help from them in any form but Mason would.


So, in other words, it’s far more critical to have a white male, left wing, Union hack in Madison who will go along with the lonely left then an African-American who wants to help the City of Racine.

Mr. Mason should know that I am taking every opportunity to tell my neighbors about what IMHO is Racism by the Democratic Party of Racine.