Who writes the Stories part II

The Open Records Email

I am requesting a copy (PDF is fine) of All E-mails send from The Racine City Administer/ The Mayor of Racine John Dickert  to or received from  Cara Spoto  cara.spoto@lee.net   and or Robert Golub rob.golub@lee.net  between 5-1-14 and 9-11-14

Please inform me of any cost this may incur

Thank You

As you can see I am very interested in finding out more on what if any oversite editorial control does the City of Racine have on the Racine Journal Times might in fact our City Administrator if not writing the copy himself suggest what stories to cover what not to and how they should be reported.

IMHO this is key for the Dickert Machine to operate,  to help the average older person trying to hang on in this dieing City that everything is really O.K. nothing to worry about we have no crime we do not have issues with Unemployment or with Race it’s all the nasty Bloggers fault ….

For if/when the older folks who still pay property taxes find out what others not on the Dickert Band Wagon think is true that Racine is best a City to see in your rear view mirror that even they would try to sell homes and move out.

(Side Bar A  Who is propping up property Values in the Downtown Area why do so many transactions lead to what looks like Shell Companies, Can I get them to prop up the values in West St Street area by buying me out? 250K come on write that check!)

So I can understand why the City would want to control what is printed in the Journal Times but are they?

Only time open records and research will tell.

FYI the 10 days the City has to respond ends end of next week, I will print what they have to say

Who writes the Stories….. My thoughts



Attacking the J-T for not being a real newspaper is like attacking this blog for my spelling and grammar, you can but why bother?  Nothing is going to change and you might as well do something far more useful like oh read a book, or take a walk.

Going back in time as I did when I talked to a Reporter from the Journal Times, our own Cara Spoto I recalled a story I was told time and again that before I moved here 1995 or so, before being printed the paper was sent to the Johnson’s for an O.K. that nothing they did not want made the paper, after all I was told we are or where a Company town, that is how most are run, no idea if its true or not but here is a good book on the subject of Company Towns:

Company Towns in the Americas: Landscape, Power, and Working-Class Communities


I find it very interesting how in Racine news does look like the City or say the Dickert Machine is trying to control the flow of information by such acts as:

Ending CAR 25 first by outsourcing to Sky Falls Media ending production of shows by myself and others not liked by our God Mayor John Dickert

KKK   Our Mayor Conducting a City Meeting?

To now after Sky Falls ended it’s involvement with CAR 25 the City is running it in such a fashion that well CAR 25 is dead other then City events (and few of them) taping of Public Comments at Cable Meetings nothing is being made how long before City Meets of any type will not be taped?

After all is not City Meetings best done in the Dark? Do we truly need to know who gets the Contacts for City Hall? Or who will make Bank on TIF 18? Of course not!

imagescc    New City Worker ready for interview by Mayor of Racine ?


Even WRJN might be under the control of The Dicket Machine then too who bothers to tune that in?

Now Ms Cara Spoto  did not believe the Story about J-Wax and I am not 100 % convinced myself  who knows?

I will say this:

I find in very interesting that our Newspaper has yet to IMHO cover the following

CAR 25 and where is the equipment from the Station?

Who produced the 4th Parade and how much did it cost? Was Marsh-Merath a Sponsor for how much?

What happened to the $$ Chase Henrix paid to the City of Racine to sponsor CAR 25?

The City Hall Bathroom Scandal

and others

The strange timing of stories over the RICO case, makes me think that the City of Racine is playing a huge part in what gets printed when by our fine Newspaper



Our Fearless Reporter Cara Spoto  might find learning about Project Censored useful I did

Project Censored specializes in covering the top stories which were subjected to media suppression either by being ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media each year.

Project Censored is a research team composed of more than 200 university faculty, students, and community experts who annually review between 700 and 1,000 news story submissions for coverage, content, reliability of sources, and national significance.



Wheel Tax

From the Racine  Journal Times 8/14/14 http://journaltimes.com/news/opinion/editorial/journal-times-editorial-it-s-worth-kicking-the-tires-on/article_8d4974c5-8257-52b7-90f2-8b2209fe4ed6.html



When it comes to funding government projects, taxes are as unpopular as they are necessary. No one’s enthusiastic about their taxes going up, but eventually it’s recognized that taxation is the way the project is funded.

One method that some Wisconsin communities are turning to as a means of funding road projects is an additional vehicle registration fee, what’s known as a wheel tax.

The wheel tax is one of the few options local governments have to raise money exclusively for transportation-related purposes.

Four Wisconsin jurisdictions have a wheel tax in place: Milwaukee, Janesville, Beloit and St. Croix County, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported Sunday. Besides Milwaukee — which has a $20 per vehicle fee — the fee costs motorists an additional $10 annually per vehicle. There is no limit on how high the fee can be, although historically no government body has exceeded a $20 annual fee.

Wisconsin law allows any town, village, city or county to collect an annual wheel tax in addition to the regular fee paid for a vehicle, according to the state Department of Transportation’s website. The DOT collects wheel taxes for a municipality or county, keeps an administrative fee of 10 cents per vehicle and sends the rest to the municipality or county.

However, the tax is so unpopular that since it became an option to cities in 1967 and counties in 1979, only nine governments have imposed it. Chippewa County could become the tenth on Sept. 12, when the County Board votes on imposing the additional tax. The board initially discussed the topic at its Aug. 12 meeting, the Leader-Telegram reported.

“Dependable road transportation costs money,” said Chippewa County Administrator Frank Pascarella, who proposed the tax.

Well of course this City (Racine) having no money as our Mayor has said time and again. needs to find more cash Madison will not be send more $$ to help our Mayor, who instead reducing spending say on Rootworks  or taking trips out of town,  will have to look around for more money so guess we will see A wheel tax tried in this fair City.

As I see it, two maybe three alderman might vote no, the others will I am thinking will pass a  Wheel tax

How much one bring in? In a City the Size of Racine? maybe a million maybe a bit more perhaps a bit less.

Will this new money help in any real way? Of course it will the Pig called Goverment must eat!

Just think what good this money will do for Downtown Racine!

After all that is all that matters not a Bus that runs, not a fully staffed Police department, but the illusion that the City of Racine has something going on

Oh who gets hurt by a Wheel Tax the working poor, who will be hard pressed to come up with yet more money for another tax, needs a car to go to work.

Racine under John Dickert a great place to be if your poor







This just in!!!

The judge in the Holmes vs City of Racine lawsuit has scheduled a conference date for Sept. 25, 2014. Meaning the lawsuit has been accepted by the federal court and the response from the city of Racine that was to be given to the federal court on Sept.11, 2014 is null and void.


As I understand this Trial Date will be set Rules for discovery etc will be dealt with, this court date is in 10/15 this will be in OPEN COURT


Odds this gets settled and fast with a nondisclosure agreement?

How many Millions will this cost to make go away? Will this go all the way so the Bar owners  can get three times damages?




Biggest question how do the defendants not covered by the City’s Lawyers or Insurance pay for the lawyers they will need in the weeks to come, or should the City Settle their share of that?





Is Melissa Lemke possesed by Virgina Hill?


Melissa Lemke

First we start with a term

From The Urban Dictionary

A politician who will sell out their constituents if it means they might get one step higher on the ladder. They will completely flip-flop on an issue that was the core of their campaign platform just because they think it might help them get elected to, for instance, Lake Forest City Council. They will even sell out the person who threw them proxies to get them into office. They become so “whoreish” that in the end, they are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.
Did you hear Terri voted “No” to approve the Committee members to the Overcrowded Housing Ad Hoc Committee? I voted for her because she promised she’d be tough on the Clown House crisis in our HOA. What a Political Whore!
Do we have anyone who thinks that this woman was not asked to run by Mayor John “I killed Racine” Dickert? or she like so many other Alderman we have in the city of Racine  do anything other then what the Mayor told her to do?
Anyone one not think that Ms. Melissa Lemke will not get all the help she want from the Democratic party in the City of Racine or be able to draw resources  from the Dickert machine to include fund raisers held Downtown Racine?
I can not help but believe that this is nothing more then the Dickert Machine in full reelect Dickert Mode seeking to disrupt the  Eddie Diehl campaigne with a action designed to pull resources from the Mayor Racine, more so when another candidate will be stepping into the race for Mayor more when that happens  and that will be a wild day!
It’s a free county anyone who can and wants to run should, oh by the way I hope to talk to staff from her opponent in the last race she ran for what I will call now deep background on how she plays
Oh Racine how wild we are
In case you do not know who Ms Hill was

Souls for Sale Racine Aldermen sell them cheep



“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26 

Read the Paper yet? If not have a drink first perhaps a Bottle

From The Racine Journal Times 9/4/14


“On Wednesday, the Committee of the Whole voted 6-4 to receive and file Alderman Eddie Diehl’s proposal to create a policy that would require anyone taking a trip on the city’s dime to submit a written summary about why the trip is necessary.

Diehl as well as aldermen Krystyna Sarrazin, Mike Shields and Henry Perez voted against receiving and filing the proposal. Diehl announced officially last week he is running for mayor.” … (why is the last part even in the story Oh I know Diehl must be discredited, I get it)

So a short report is too much to ask before the City starts spending money but lets keep reading,

…The one-page summary would have had to spell out the purpose of the trip, including an explanation of why travel is necessary or why the aim could not be achieved through a conference call or web meeting, as well as the goals of the trip.

An additional one-page summary of the accomplishments of the trip and the next steps would be required upon the employee’s return.

“I want the council to be able see what other people are doing and how money is being spent. It’s another way for the council to be the eyes and ears for the taxpayer,” Diehl said of the proposal last month…. looks O.K. to me

But not to Mayor John Dickert’s good pal keep reading

– they trusted department officials to make the right decisions regarding employee travel.

Others disagreed more sharply.

“The best way I can describe this (proposal) is micromanagement,” Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II said.

Wait a simple one page form is too much to ask? to try and save money in a city that has none, and effectivey laid off  Policemen, turned off street lights to save money and in the past our Mayor has begged Nonprofits for money? BTW we just lost another Tax Assessment case must pay a sum of money back, and there are at least two more Tax cases in the Court, but trying to save a few $$ is as Q.A. said Micromanaging?

Wild, fucking wild, of course Q.A. did little if anything to slow down Team Porters or Delta Hawk spending that cost the City how much?

Now the City is looking at Machinery Row and how much will that cost the City well I should say cost us we be the suckers paying for it.

After all Q.A. thinks we simply should trust our City Leadership after all they done a good job keeping us at number one, in unemployment!   Keeping the City out of court like the Unions suing the Rico Case all the Tax cases in court. How dare anyone not trust our Mayor who is after all Mayor 274/7 when he is not working for a Lobbying firm or making sure women in Racine have a good time


Unionized Labor is dead in Racine Mayor Dickert killed it





Back not so long ago we had each year a labor event on the Lake Front, the local Union folks show up do the song and dance shake hands talk about how great union are eat eat some more drink a bit then go on their way.

Today 9/1/14 we will not have an event in the City of Racine under the friend of Union Labor Mayor John Dickert, you know the man who had his sheep in the Racine City Council voted to end the SIGNED CONTACTS with the City Unions, and of course the City Unions did not strike (they did sue and win) why?  Well the”leadership” have no balls and the leadership got theirs I am sure.

Strikes are so hard to manage and do we the folks living in Racine even care? I think not.

Of course during Act 10 some made noise but that is about it.Unions have no power in Racine and the Union Leadership knows this.

So why not Laborfest at the Lake Front or perhaps our Labor Center?

Might our Great Festhall be too expensive for the Unions to use? ( Yet the Union Members are paying high property taxes to keep the site open) Maybe in Franksville so the low turn out of what little union members are  here can be covered up!

Now on this happy day how many union members will get jobs from Machinery Row? In fact will Union Shops even be able to bid on that project?

Or will this man be in charge of  who gets the jobs in Machinery Row?



Have You Read the New RICO Filing? You should.