Is Melissa Lemke possesed by Virgina Hill?


Melissa Lemke

First we start with a term

From The Urban Dictionary

A politician who will sell out their constituents if it means they might get one step higher on the ladder. They will completely flip-flop on an issue that was the core of their campaign platform just because they think it might help them get elected to, for instance, Lake Forest City Council. They will even sell out the person who threw them proxies to get them into office. They become so “whoreish” that in the end, they are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.
Did you hear Terri voted “No” to approve the Committee members to the Overcrowded Housing Ad Hoc Committee? I voted for her because she promised she’d be tough on the Clown House crisis in our HOA. What a Political Whore!
Do we have anyone who thinks that this woman was not asked to run by Mayor John “I killed Racine” Dickert? or she like so many other Alderman we have in the city of Racine  do anything other then what the Mayor told her to do?
Anyone one not think that Ms. Melissa Lemke will not get all the help she want from the Democratic party in the City of Racine or be able to draw resources  from the Dickert machine to include fund raisers held Downtown Racine?
I can not help but believe that this is nothing more then the Dickert Machine in full reelect Dickert Mode seeking to disrupt the  Eddie Diehl campaigne with a action designed to pull resources from the Mayor Racine, more so when another candidate will be stepping into the race for Mayor more when that happens  and that will be a wild day!
It’s a free county anyone who can and wants to run should, oh by the way I hope to talk to staff from her opponent in the last race she ran for what I will call now deep background on how she plays
Oh Racine how wild we are
In case you do not know who Ms Hill was

2 Responses to Is Melissa Lemke possesed by Virgina Hill?

  1. Melissa says:

    Hello Wayne,

    It is Melissa. Feel free to contact me I would be more than happy to talk to you myself. I decided to run because I care deeply about my neighbors in Racine.


    • Sadly your the only one who does most others I talk to tell me that as they see events your handed picked my the Mayor, a lets say punishment perhaps for Mr. D speaking out on this issues.
      Still it’s a free county run if you like. Best of luck
      You may enjoy looking at the Kefauver Committee hearings
      NOTE: I do not know if the message above was sent by Ms. Lemke or not I am very easy to get in touch with so I have mu questions for the sake of enjoyment I will think that it is and this is how I would answer

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