The Police State of John Dickert



But first–277051611.html


Racine hits the big time from the story but it gets better

Mr. X came by this A.M. had me talk with him away from the phone, told me of the most interesting story of yesterday’s Executive Committee held at City Hall

Not so much of who was there and what Alderman where NOT there (Stress Ball’s may not be helping)  but what was said.

My Understanding is that City Hall is on Lock Down, the leak to the Bloggers/Black Bar Owners will be found (and dealt with I guess)  that our Mayor and City paid Lawyers said that all efforts to include phone and computer records would be used to find the leaks.  Alderman better i other words shut the fuck up and toe the John Dickert line or else!

I found chilling was the idea that words of the effect of the City (Via RPD?) to find out who is saying what.

Else what? Alderman go to jail for asking questions about the RICO suit?  Will I or others who have reported on the RICO and other events in Racine “disappear” will our cars blow up? Will we be targeted by the UNIT?  Will our property be vandalized as has been alleged happen to Black Bar Owners in the RICO Case?

Will the actions of Mayor Dickert in this lead to more court actions? Oh what fun this will be to write about! To Podcast on! I thinking that  Racine Community Media will be posting MORE you tube show for the world to see and get an idea of the Police State Mayor John Dickert is creating in Racine

Most interesting is why, not why the effort to find the leaks but what set this off in the first place why the effort to remove the Black Bars in Racine as some see happening?

The Shakedowns as talked of in the RICO filings?

What is/was the point? A bit of cash? A bit of local power? Hot Women? Or something far more in the long term able to enrich folks willing to do interesting things to create a political base

Control of  Fresh Clean Water?


Terms to know


Burner Phone

One time codes


Counter surveillance

If I have to play James Bond can I get a hot Co Star?


Oh I now think that this RICO suit will lead to jail time for members of local Goverment thinking that the IRS is getting very interested in the efforts on the Root River. Please make sure if your a 501 (c) 3 your paperwork is good to go






Party at the Federal Court in Milwaukee!

Thursday 9/25/14 at the Milwaukee Federal Court a group of men looking for justice will be gathered to hear proceedings on the Rule 26


This on the RICO Civil case filed on our great Mayor John Dickert and some of his pals both in and out of office.

This herring sets  a number of issues final and then the shit get real, as in evidence will be gathered to be at one point  part of the public record.   PART OF THE PUBLIC RECORD!

A Record that will be I think embarrassing to the Mayor his pals and the City of Racine.

How long before we are known around the USA as the most corrupt City in America?

Still think that the Rich White will be moving to Racine anytime soon?




This just in!!!

The judge in the Holmes vs City of Racine lawsuit has scheduled a conference date for Sept. 25, 2014. Meaning the lawsuit has been accepted by the federal court and the response from the city of Racine that was to be given to the federal court on Sept.11, 2014 is null and void.


As I understand this Trial Date will be set Rules for discovery etc will be dealt with, this court date is in 10/15 this will be in OPEN COURT


Odds this gets settled and fast with a nondisclosure agreement?

How many Millions will this cost to make go away? Will this go all the way so the Bar owners  can get three times damages?




Biggest question how do the defendants not covered by the City’s Lawyers or Insurance pay for the lawyers they will need in the weeks to come, or should the City Settle their share of that?








As you may know the first filing of the RICO was dismissed and in the ruling the judge encouraged a refiling of the action, after pointing out was issues he had with same.

The refiling has happened you can read it here


This filing names who did what when and IMHO very damaging to them named in the filing.

It is also very damaging IMHO to the image of the City of Racine, for as I see it who in their right mind would invest develop  anything in a City where you must well “Pay to play”

I understand as this goes forward other actions of the City will be looked at from CAR 25 to Rootworks.

Who maybe what maybe be exposed next? God only knows.

The sad last days of the Racine Cable Commission



I went last night to what may be one of the last few meetings of the City of Racine Cable Commission lasted about 30-40 mins

Once again Mr. Henrix asked what happened to his $250 he paid and has proof he paid to the City for his Sponsorship and never heard anything back only been a year.

Only been 6 or so months he has been asking about his donation. Wait in 6 month the two Aldermen who sit on the Commission nor Ron Thomas who was an Alderman and talks to the Mayor can tell him what happened? What?

The meeting itself was short after all CAR 25 is basically shut down only showing programs it obtains or Mayor Dickert’s PR events

The 4th Parade was brought up and when Alderman of the 6th had questions She was IMHO told to shut up. What?  Even after She nicely told the   Commission could sit in at ANY City Meeting and ask questions she was still told to STFU.

Its gets better  one of the Agenda points was a new Ordinance on the CATV Station but they did not have one to talk about even better Mr. Thomas brought up that in May our City Administrator wrote an Email about the  Commission and it’s role after the Station was removed from the hands of  Sky Falls but just yesterday Morning our Mayor called him (Thomas) and said with the City being short 6 Million 6,000,000  (and laying off Police by not hiring to fill open positions) The Mayor explained he had no idea what was going to happen with CAR 25.

  Alderman of the 6th stated that the Commission could write the Ordinance and go forward with this, but Mr. Thomas  said he think about it.

Interesting observations;

The Public Speakers where taped by the City why?

From what I saw much of the equipment I am used to seeing at CAR 25 looks missing. Where is it? Who is using it and for what?

How much did the City Pay 18/24 In Milwaukee to do the 4th Parade?

Note to the Commission Members:

1) The Mayor is not going to restore the Bus Service

2) The Mayor can not turn back time for former Football Heroes.

3) The Mayor MIGHT give old school Union types Jobs but would it be worth your soul?

Ethics my .02


As you know I was the man who filed the Ethics complaint   on Mary Osterman, this was heard this last Monday the 5 of May 2014

I am thankful for the help I received from the City Attorney Mr. Weber.I am alsio thankful for the backing of the Racine Equity Project on my bringing questions I had on the actions of Mrs. Osterman to light so it could be looked at.

My guess is once I found out that all Witnesses  were not called that nothing would be found the old nothing to see here.

Then too was there any other outcome going to happen see below


ethics 2


The Link Murphy above is the chair of the Ethics Board

Mary Jerger is Mrs Osterman   We all know who the Mayor is

Can we expect any other outcome then The Good Old Boys looking out for one of their own? Would not the correct thing to do not be to have Mr. Murphy recuse himself as did others with conectionsto the Mayor like Mr. Nicholson?


I protested to the City Attorney that morning of the Ethics hearing that Mr. Murphy had not recused himself, I will be following up on my options for his (Murphy)not doing so.

The biggest mistake I made was not having a lawyer with me.

I do not know if I had one anything would have changed, but only by having one with me or helping would I know for sure.

Now I understand this

1) The Lawyers suing the City I understand will be getting a copy of the Court Reporter’s transcript to see if/how  the Ethics hearing may help them

2) An Ethics Charge may be filed (not by me) on the Ethics Board it’s self

Gee all for what?

Belle City TV has been cut way back due to Sky Falls Media/City parting ways

Due to the upcoming budget issues (like huge lack of funds) CAR 25 just simply may go away.

I understand that we should expect more to be brought into the RICO case and if so they would have been part of the CAR 25 silliness.

How much did CAR 25 end up costing the City of Racine?

What do you think of all of this?


Ethics Board 3/31/14

The Board meeting was nothing to write home about just how the hearing of evidence will be handled  in the next hearing the first week in May. The Hearing will be closed to the public unless Mary Osterman wants it open, however I am told by the City Attorney that the records and documents are PUBLIC RECORD this could prove to be useful to the folks suing the City  with the RICO action.

Far fewer at this (Members of the Public) then the last time no Journal Times  no Real Racine TV

I know I will be called as a witness as will members of the City Cable Commission and staff of Belle City TV with records being asked for like I said the records will be public records after the hearing is over may be very useful to the RICO folks.

The big event this morning was when Mr. Spodick, Scott  Nelson, and I are walking down the hall to leave City Hall and down the West Steps is Mayor John Dickert   who starts I will call verbally attacking Mr. Spodick about Back Taxes this goes on for about say 2 minutes as he leaves the building.

We wait inside until we know the Mayor has left the Parking lot.  We thought be best to just let him yell and walk away from anytime of conflict

Wowser! The Mayor feels he can yell at members of the Public when he feels like it? Is this something we should expect from our Mayor?

Might the Mayor of Racine feel the pressure of the RICO action? The Ethics Hearing over CAR 25?  Is stress getting to the point of our Mayor needing to seek treatment over said issues? That be sad if stress got to the point of the Mayor not say yelling at someone he may not like to say punching someone out. Now that be a lawsuit! tumblr_n2l3tzYzb61spj0ojo1_1280