Just for fun thought I come by and see what if anything was new here. After all I have not posted anything here since 2015 then since I was not using this anymore I delete the site.

Then ….

I saw that people still came here that was kinda a shock more shocking was to see that comments were being left, not by spam botts trying to post some type of ads but from others who took the time to read what I had to say then take the time to write something.

More amazing is that it was from the hater group, so this poorly written with shit grammar and worse spelling blog is so upsetting the Pro Dickert  types that they are moved to defend him and his policies.

Very interesting and kinda motivating if only to be a burr in the side of our Mayor who I still see as being the number one reason why Racine is even more then ever falling into ruin

How is Team Porters doing anyway?

It all started with a phone call



About 10 days ago I got a phone call from Jim L the former County Executive based on this Photo (see above)

During the course of the phone call we spoke of many things great guy to talk with.

As you know I am no fan of his when it comes to the Marina or giving what I feel is a pass to Mayor John Dickert and what in time will be known IMHO the largest scandal in the City of Racine the whole Root Works Machinery Row deal.

Mr. L knows of this I have said as much to him.

The phone call got me thinking of why now vs when I was so much more active?

Talked to others about this a big big blank I still have no clue.

Still why became even if I am the worst writer on Earth (and I am) I still put out information that many would not want you to know.

That being news about: Hwy V in Mount Pleasant the war on Farmers or Why Caledonia T.I.F. 4  needs water and who in the GOP might be benefiting


The continuing saga of Root Works now including a revolving Loan Fund  using Block Grant money Or Mayor John Dickert’s pals need money far more then we need good roads!

I will add the Web Address here one I get things going

Get ready for a fun time!


Does Evil walks the streets of Racine?

As much as I do not think many wake up and ask “What harm can I do today to the City of Racine”

I do think we have a few that wake up and think “How can I loot the City to keep my pals happy?”

First among them I and others feel is Mayor John Dickert’

John Dickert

After all his Pals vote his way, look away from what I and others see as corrupt activities (CAR 25), and cause The City to be looked on with scorn. (Mound Cemetery)

And serve on Boards to deflect oversight

ethics 2

kmr m or mr sleepy

Ethics anyone?

You do what you have to do to keep pals loyal, play to their dreams, have them feel important

Example, more then one onlooker at City Council told me that

200_Jim_12Feb08  loved hearing the Words “Mr. President”   out of the mouth

of The God

imageslm  Mayor John Dickert  Oops my bad


Drat One more time

John Dickert

Perhaps to some with not going on as they wait for a Disney World to be built in Racine they can believe that old days of glory are coming back to Racine and soon!

Others may believe that they are good pals they will get City jobs like City Attorney, after all we all have a price

Mine would be imagesbp88

Thing is if your buying your pals 1) You got to meet the price 2) Will they be still paid when they hear the the words “FBI open the Door”  or will they not only open the door but hand them documents  kept for such a day.

Going back to my first point, IMHO Mayor Dickert does think he is not only the leader of the city, but the City owes him for what his kin did in the pas,t and he is aiming to get it not only for himself but his pals.

Even some of his pals may think they are doing God’s will and therefore its O.K. for them to work with the Mayor on his scams for since they are in their own mind doing God’s Will anything they may do because it has God’s OK is just dandy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is your streetlight still up?

Will you be going to Mexico this Winter?

Does evil walk the Streets?

Has the J-T hit a new low?


If that can be believed.  For what ever reason the J-T is removing anything that may speak badly of the Downtown today. Here is the story

the focus of most of the comments being removed is Ms Mary Osterman,  some spoke of not believing that this is not the beginning of a back door gig to get the City of Racine to pay for the Heaters, after all that is our duty right?

Some wanting to know about back taxes on the building (she rents for her business) owes, and one who questioned the ethics of Osterman and her receiving ads from CAR 25 when she (Osterman) is on the Cable Commission providing oversight, of the same folks creating the ads for her business. I like to know how much she paid if anything and how many others are taking out ads.

From what I saw all where removed, wow. Is the paper providing cover for Ms Osterman, Perhaps the City of Racine is asking for the comments to be removed? To keep the public from asking questions about yet another strange idea.

The J-T can do what they want on their Web Page. More power to them.

Makes it interesting very interesting.  Perhaps its now a high crime to question   activities in the Downtown or is it a crime to question the Good Old Boys pals of Mayor John Dickert?

Sadly for the J-T they may be on the verge of a shutdown, I think the public who the J-T needs to read the paper/ take out ads, are finding out that there are far more options the The Racine Journal Times.

Score Card for Mayor John Dickert!

With the Start of Baseball, I think I should score Mayor John Dickert oh on he  has done on major Racine issues!

1)  Delta Hawk: Promised 100, Alderman Dehann said they have hired 6.  Delta Hawk will not say how many they have hired. I think the number is 0.   You would think Delta Hawk be cheering every hire!

2) CAR 25: So far 1 Full Time 1 Part Time City worker laid off. J-T said the City has offered them jobs (Contract labor) I have talked to both of  them, I was told they have no offer saying anything thing about a job, as  in hours, wages of a job offer.

Sky Falls takes over on Monday 4/1/13.   Will they know how to turn the station on?  What Subcontracts will show up? What might the Subcontractors  relationship be with The Mayor be? Was this all part of the deal in advance?

3) Ave Foreclosers per Month?  Well Month of March 2013   1 a day!

4) Team Porters.  Any Work being done yet? Will any get done? A lot of money in play here. What’s going on?