“Racine is worse then Younstown”




So a few years ago my youngest daughter came to Racine, to visit not only me but Her Grandmother who is getting older and thought spending time with us would be a good idea.

She got a job Downtown at a Coffee  place  and even became active in the local Democratic party.

She and I spent  a lot of time visiting the  area’s things to do and hung out a lot. The kid came with me to our Neighborhood Watch meetings and Neighborhood Night Out.

Ms. C. took the opportunity to walk the streets and take a lot of photos,talk to other kids her age,even got to know as a pal an officer with the RPD. Ms. C who got a good education in the Kent Schools and by Home Schooling knew how to look into what was going on.

At one time she went looking for an apartment because she liked what she saw in Racine at first.

However as time went on she started asking questions of my Wife and I about why so few Minorities in Downtown Racine, seeing kids bothered downtown Racine for being kids and reading the Journal Times and seeing no real news just as she called it “Candy”.

After about three months she moved back to Kent Ohio. On the way to the Metra Station she said “Dad, this City is worse then Youngstown”   Wow Worse then Youngstown. I asked her what one thing could she point to as something very bad. Thinking she say Crime or maybe City Hall stuff, no She said “Racine hates Black folks” from the mouth of Babes