Phase IV of the New Now


Well normally I wait for the same folks who claim the same things to spin about the cesspool of Racine and again get nothing done.

However I got no time for that, got things to do and places to go, you do too!

Best do any of us have the time to spend on the haters and their hate of everything most of all God Save you if you do not hate along side them every step of the way.

Can’t speak for you but I do not there is a lot of information to gather on the strange world this perhaps the most corrupt city in the Midwest if not the whole 50 States.

This information can be gathered and shared in a way that is ethical and more critical not filled with hate.

Best, far better ways to get these stories out then just waiting for eyeballs to come across a Web Page or a post to Facebook.

In fact the steps I have started to undertake will allow me access to a wide readership and resources from editing to legal aid in obtaining Open Records

Others have the same ability to do this but as I see it, far easier to hate then anything else

So I will be creating a new site to do this that.

As much as I still be writhing about the corruption is S.E. Wisconsin, I am also planing to write on efforts to fix this area of Wisconsin

I will also be cutting ties with the Equality Project of Racine, They do not speak for me nor I for them.

Does the Shade of Rose Mary Woods Live in Racine City Hall?

Sandy Wiedner Calls Mayor John Dickert out on lies.

Hear the Phone call that started a chain of events that is far from over


I understand that Alderman Wiedner HAS asked for a copy of the Tape the Mayor said he has, AS I see the Mayor’s  Claim it defames the Alderman. I think she has ever right to a copy of this tape should it exist.

Good Question does it exist? Wiedner tells us she never did what is claimed by the Mayor, easy to prove  there is a tape or is not a tape.

From what I understand the City Attorney’s office has said they can not force the Mayor to produce this tape, unsure why.

Will Wiedner take this matter to court? Will the other Alderman back her up or other then one or two be good Sheep

I myself hope she takes the Mayor to court over this and it becomes another reason to vote him out of office, when will he answer for his misdeeds?




Mayor Dickert our Mayor


Yes the Mayor of Racine has just got to be so happy!

In the past few weeks the fair city of Racine WI, that some call the most corrupt small city in Wisconsin has been on the News I think three times over the issue of Mayor John Dicker wanting (and some would say creating a way) to sell a Burial mound  in Mound Cemetery to a local family that (I think is getting quite the deal).

The AP story was used a much NBC Network did something on this too. Oh Happy Oh Joy

Even though Our as he claims “Native American” Mayor controls I think the Journal Times  has other pals controlling CAR 25 and I have yet to hear anything coming close to criticizing His Holiness from WRJN (then since I am alive I usually tune in Pandora) yet and yet the Story is still out there from WTMJ #58 Facebook posts and events twitter this story is going all over.

How do you think this makes Racine look in the eyes of others?

When I was in Baraboo this lat week folks from that area and the Dells knew,  about this, better so did pals in Madison, even being Democrats   they thought that our mayor was well less then smart thinking he could get away with this.

Yet he does I see no signs of Mayor Dickert backing down, I have no idea why he is all in what could be in it for him?

Might it be


$$ for his reelection or run for Governor?

Some other deed that the Family the Mayor wants to sell the Mound to can do for him?

Is the Mayor thinking to meet his city budget issues by digging up Gold Teeth and needs help?

Stealing Body parts and selling them to the PRC?

All of the above make no sense yet he is all in on an issue that will bring more media to Racine and NOT show the city in a good light.

Now I am hearing from Mr. X that a “retired” City leader has been asked to give his public blessing to this sale, in hopes this all goes away.

I hope the Mayor knows that unlike the Black Bar owners the Natives have a lawyer ready to step in and bring the city to a court perhaps a FEDERAL Court.

If that happens will Dickert call Obama after all he is only a phone call away

The Fall of Mr Racine


How the mighty have fallen!


Yes Mark Eickhorst Mr Racine on WRJN has had a few bad days

You might recall Mark’s last newsworthy effort   in the press before his fall as being made the City of Racine’s public information officer. Many in Racine were upset when this post paying 25K a year was a no bis contract more upsetting  to some  when it was discovered that Mark Eickhorst owed for  back taxes. Those believing that Mark Eickhorst is/was a good pal of the Mayor were very upset at what happened. Time moves on.

As Racine PIO I believe he did little IMHO I saw No Twitter Account or Facebook Account for the City, I also saw no programing on CAR 25 I I have no idea what he did.

He held this job for about a year and then the job went away.

Time goes on and now we see this

From The Racine Journal  Times 9/20/12

‘Mr. Racine’ admits mistake after inmate escape


“Eickhorst is the supervisor who drove inmate Erick T. Blakney to his ex-girlfriend’s house when he was on work release, Eickhorst and county corporation counsel Jonathan Lehman confirmed. While at the woman’s house, Blakney allegedly beat up the woman.”

There’s  more “While working with the inmates, Eickhorst said he would sometimes let them use his cellphone during breaks and let relatives bring inmates food or a change of clothes.”


Wow! Did he not receive training on how to do his job? Did he not receive training on how to handle issues with prisoners?

Did he not himself have a Superior to go to if issues he was not trained for cam up?

Best of all is why he did this “I honestly asked myself before I let him do that what would Jesus do? … I thought I was doing the Christian thing,” Eickhorst said. “Unfortunately (the inmate) was lying to me.”

More then one person has speculated to me that no one could be that silly without a far better reason, some think $$ some think more a better bribe

I have no idea. I do think that this needs to be investigated more. I also think the County is on the line for the women being hurt. My guess is that Racine county will be sued.

I also have no clue how Mr. Racine comes back from this.

I did talk to one County elected official who ha questions on how Mark got the job in the first place and an interesting deal that might be going on in County hireling now that will be a story.


The failure of Mainstream Media in Racine WI. Opinion

The failure of Mainstream Media in Racine WI. , or Goebbels be very happy  Opinion

Whats the Status of the City Hall Bathrooms?  How much if anything did the City of Racine (property owners) pay to settle the lawsuit our Mayor was part of  (you know where the history includes Mayor John Dickert suing his own city)? What are the issues with selling Lake Michigan Water outside the Water Shed?

How do Racine Schools compare to Schools in say Detroit?

Good questions lots more that should have been asked over the years. IMHO that should have been asked over the years but where not and only in bits by non Main Stream Press in the last few years.

In Racine the big player is the Journal Times  A good old boy if I ever saw one and from what I have heard over the years may have at one time send copy of the Paper to J-Wax for an OK before printing the said paper.

Is that possible? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here a story the J-T did nothing with that I can find:

SC Johnson, city emails offer intimate look
at how company secured tax exemption

One would hope that the local paper would cover this story or should I say scandal?

Why do you think the Journal Times does not seam to cover stories that show other good ol boys in less then a great light?

Next we have WRJN

Where should I begin?  Why should I bother? I do not tune the station in since I am not that old that I fit there demographics. In fact I only know a few that ever do and then mostly for the weather in Winter, even that is not so much the case with WTMJ doing more on Cable/Smart Phone aps.

IMHO a nonstarter but historical note this is where Mayor John Dicker has his famous  Radio during his last campaign for Mayor that cost the City of Racine 100K so far and an unknown amount to settle the case.


CAR 25

The City of Racine’s Community Access TV Station.

The Staff of CAR 25 coves events and stories that they are directed to do (City Council meetings) or events the staff think is cool. Case in point The Raider Games or when Mr. Butler came to town to donate a large sum of money to the United Way.

With a reach better then WRJN  CAR 25 is becoming the Go To place for City approved event news.


Insider News

A Paper aimed for the Minority population of the city  of Racine.. I understand that Ken Lumpken has brought it back and will be resuming publication perhaps as early as this week 8/29/12


Racine Mirror

I have seen it not a lot there. IMHO if not for the fact she gets City ads it blow away.


One of the main bitchs I hear about Racine is the lack of information on topics like crime, whats going on at City Hall and the like.

I can see why folks are upset.

However as I will talk about The City of Racine does have a very good Underground press. The Good Old Boys are walking up to an issue that should have them in panic mode