Please Vote

I do not much care who you vote for I do care that you vote.

Being a public record I will be checking on a few who love to beat up on our elected leadership but I think I will find many of our local I hate X  can not be troubled to vote.

Might be an interesting post too

Mind you I beat up on the same ones but I vote and I work from time to time for candidates of my choice.

As well I am troubled by those who bitch on our leadership but have  no idea how City Hall Works even worse are the ones who should know from other interactions

Then too by not voting they are voting in a way.

Polls open early close at 8:00 PM if your in line to vote you still can if the clock hits 8:00 PM

My predictions for this fall


Governor Walker

The GOP Wins Attorney General

Lafayette Sec of State

Van wins the Senate Seat

Mason (the Tick) for this District Assembly    Seat


I myself Voted GOP for Governor and A.G.  No on RUSD and 3nd Party on the rest of the races.

I do hop the GOP takes the U.S. senate and starts impeachment

Did you hear right?



You sure did!


I now write as a Free Lance Reporter for Wisconsin Daily Independent this can be found here   This happened becase of this Blog here that I write and the fact that this is read. wow.

This Blog with it’s misspellings and bad grammar is read and enjoyed, who knew?

Well I do kmow.

I am writting this to tell you why the lack of posts here. I have been spending my time writing for $$$. Yes I get paid for this writing I do for them.

That has given my the confidence to send Emails to find other opportunities to write for $$, that has lead to my being offered help in putting together 2 E Books one will be called LOve Letters to Monsanto and the other   Hey Hollywood ! More on that down the line. Still goes to show two things

God has a sense of humor  and the stones we toss in the water ripple father then we ever know.

So The posts here will be more on events the main effort (the Paper) may not be interested in.

Oh I get paid for this too boy Thanks God, all due to you.




I sent an Email to the City telling them nicely that I expect to be accredited and be allowed to sit in the Press area at Consul  meetings

FYI not only do I get paid the Paper will help write and Pay for FOI documents and has a lawyer to help craft them and deal with BS.


Thanks and to God the Glory


Cory Mason Carpet Bager: Robert Kingston Scott Comes to West 6th St.


And with high crime, slum dwellings and slum lords I thought West 6th St. had issues.  Now we are really in for the shit, because Cory Mason is moving into the assembly district that I live in.  This is very sad, for in doing so; IMHO, he had to force a true political leader, Robert Turner, out of Office (We will get to that story).


This may come as a shock, but I feel that Bob Turner was a true hero of the 6th St. area, working hard to help any that needed his aid.


He helped me on occasion as an Assemblyman, and even came to my home on occasion.  Mr. Tuner also was a big backer of the first State of Wisconsin Film Incentive that I helped to write.


I was very pleased to vote for Mr. Turner as he ran for Mayor. Oh, what a better place Racine would be if Bob Turner would have won instead of Mayor John Dickert, and become the Mayor of Racine.


Cory Mason is another story.  To me he is nothing more than a tick like thing; he looks for any opportunity to focus on himself and panders to the far left.  An office holder who I think has never seen a tax he did not like or a spending idea that did not get him hard.  In fact I see Mason as a little socialist in training verses Bob Turner who held office to help make Racine a better place.


I would like to thank Robert Turner for his years of service; from his serving in Vietnam, the City Council of Racine, and as an Assemblyman.  Few men are like him today, the City of Racine and the West 6th St. area will miss him. God Bless and God Speed.


Mason moved to this area only because he needed a new assembly district, since the way his old one was redrawn, Mason knew he could not win reelection in the redrawn district.


Mason therefor moved into this one making it known (IMHO) he would be running in a primary vs. Turner for Bob’s seat.


Now it gets interesting.

I was at a meeting where I overheard a conversion where Mr. Turner talked about the upcoming campaign, and how he was looking forward to it. He knew that he could win reelection but it could be a fight. Based on what I head Mr. Turner had every chance of winning.


So what happened? Why did Mr. Turner then retire?  Well, what I think happened is this: The Democratic Party State Leadership, under pressure from both Labor (who lose Mason) and the Payback king Mayor John Dickert, convinced Mr. Turner to retire. Perhaps even offering something should Governor Walker get recalled. Well, you should remember that at one time, Cory “the Tick” Mason was even thinking about running for LT Governor in the Recall.


I suspect that The State Party leaders also made sure that Bob knew he’d get no help from them in any form but Mason would.


So, in other words, it’s far more critical to have a white male, left wing, Union hack in Madison who will go along with the lonely left then an African-American who wants to help the City of Racine.

Mr. Mason should know that I am taking every opportunity to tell my neighbors about what IMHO is Racism by the Democratic Party of Racine.