Wild Root

Yes I sure do bitch here at this Blog, I see and write about the BS that see  and witness such as the Union Smashing of the City of Racine and other crazy things.

Shockingly this post is not slamming any way shape or form Wild Root so why am I writing about this then? I can’t join as a member the $200 is a bit pricing, I have no Dog in the fight in where its going to open. Why then?

Easy, the forming and start up of this Co-op will do more then anything I can say to wake up a group of folks on the diffacuties small non FOJ (Friend of John’s) have in opening a business. As well it is great to see a group of folks spend there own cast not grants not City funds to open a business. Something Racine does not see a lot of.

Best of all excluding a few hard core Obama is God types this group will sure call out the issues they see going forward.

This is exactly what this city needs, see I and Wolfman and the rest of the merry crew are discounted because we are “negative ”  in the eyes of the Racine Cheerleaders. Now what happens  when more and more start pointing out issues in the City? Start showing up to meetings and scream? Best quit voting for Mayor John Dickert and fools like Cory Mason?  Should Wild Root and other groups fail due to the nuts that run Racine you think there will not be screaming? Some of the Board of Wild Root put a lot of time and cash into this vs say perhaps Root River Council that exist mostly due to grants and City $$.

I do want Wild Root to go forward this City can use a Food Co-op for all the things a good Co-op can bring to a city.

In the right place Wild Root could help other great businesses start around it. Should Wild Root take off the first in line taking credit  will be Mayor John Dickert

.Should it fail he will be as far away as he can get.
Here is a link for more info on the Co-op http://wildrootmarket.com/


Correction Wild Root did receive  a Grant from the DRC for a market study.

DRC is more a part of Jwax then the City of Racine. The DRC/Downtown Racine has not escaped this writer