Wanggaard wins we lose thoughts

Wanggaard as you know won the primary and goes on to the election in November as it looks now,  Wanggaard  will win however its a long time from this day to that, who knows for sure what will happen not me.

As I look at this race, to me I am worried for I have talked to Van a few times I have asked him to help the effort to look into Mayor John Dickert and the games in the City of Racine and from   Wanggaard I received what I thought was the idea if he could help he would help in some way.

Well for a man with a law enforcement background he to my understanding has done nothing to aid any effort of looking into what I and others see as corruption in the City of Racine.

I find it hard to believe that  Wanggaard is unaware of the issues on Rootworks that even City of Racine Alderman are asking questions yet to my understanding Wanggaard has not expressed concern over this “Development” plan even with all the tax $$ that might be spent on say Machinery Row. I would hope that a member of the GOP one who voted to take what I call rights from Public Union members away to save Tax $$ would be interested it what is going on over again the millions of Tax $$ that could be spent but again nothing. Why?

Might this be it

Van Wangard & Mayor Dickert

Should Wanggaard who will he work for?

The City of Racine?  Mayor John Dickert? Downtown Racine? The Boaters who we have spent Millions on?

Should not Wanggaard look into RootWorks or simply let the rape of Racine county go on unchallenged? Should Union Grove or Waterford suffer for the City of Racine?


I live outside of this area but if I could I would not vote for Wanggaard I expected better from him perhaps I should have known better