Yes, I am Dr. Fortune


I few of you may know that when I first came to Racine, I did a Gig in a few bars and at Party on the Pavement my big gigs where parties I go tell fortunes by reading  Rings  Tarot Cards do other sorts of Psychic tricks (For Entertainment only) mostly the parties where fund raisers for groups such as The American Heart Association. A hat be passed for tips I do O.K.

I slowed down after my Wife and I The same year where treated for Cancer fell away from doing then.  So it goes.

Lately as many of us have had to do look for other ways to make some cast here in the City of Racine under Mayor John Dickert, you know the City with the highest Unemployment in the State, yes that Racine

So thinking high time to start my Psychic readings again (Entertainment only) and perhaps some interesting theater as well to help get the ball rolling, perhaps something to drive evil out of City Hall?

Not using the old Name of Uthyr but another Dr. Fortune  Here is the link to the Web Page   Happy to Meet and tell your Fortune! Come here or meet at another location.

Best yet! I do interesting things via Herbs and Roots.  So of course I believe in Root Workings right.

In fact started talking with a Script Writer on an idea to do a Steam Punk take off on a Lovecraft story call the project “It Came From The Root River”

Oh the fun we will have!