Is John Dickert King Zedekiah? My Thoughts NSFW


We will see I guess.

Mind you this will be an interesting post, for unless it is way over the top or information others are not talking about I going to keep my posting to my Blog on the Root River and what I see as the huge scam called RootWorks, Boy is it!

This in many way last post here  in so I thought I should say why.

Easy I got Called last night to  do something far better that being Urban Agriculture and that call came from God.  Do not know about you but when God calls I pay attention. Something perhaps Our Mayor may wish to do so should his pals. I however digress

Far better writers then I like Racine Exposed do a great job and give in detail what is going on in the City. I just rant not that there is anything wrong in that, to rant about the wrongs I see going on in this Pit of Doom but I can have a greater better impact by working in Urban Ag. I will let others call out Mayor Dickert on what I will say IMHO are crimes on the folk of Racine.

By the way God has heard the cries of the  poor, the Homeless, the Widows, God, Himself has seen the Looting the Pillaging and what I see as the Raping of The City for Mayor Dickert’s Benefit and that of his pals.

Again IMHO I think God is pissed off and will be doing something about this and right soon. I am not Judging guilt in God’s eyes I trust God to be with us to guard us and protect us even if it means and it might  that the best way to do that (Protect us) is have us get the Hell out of Racine.

It might mean that elected officials may have to say no more and resign vs go along with the program perhaps call the Lawyers suing the Mayor under Rico and start saying what they know, I can not tell you that is between them and God.

I can say this I strongly feel that very soon God will be paying a visit to Racine and will crumble to dust the haughty, them who take from the Homeless, the Poor, them who have little so the Good Old Boys can have more.

I myself Forgive Mayor Dickert for any harm he has done me and hope Our Mayor changes his ways before it is too late

I also feel that Rootworks will not happen and it will end most spectacularly drawing into it many who have joined the Mayor in his games and plundering.

To be clear I will be writing on the Root River and Rootworks on the Root River Blog and what freelance gigs I can find just not very much here.

Thanks God Bless and keep you.