And now for something completely different, is Mayor John Dickert the new Ed Wood? Editoral


So now that The God of Media Mayor John Dickert will have CAR 25 for his very own, under the management  Pal at Sky Falls Media, what will he do with it?

Let’s see what one idea might be shall we?

So what do we know?

CAR 25 small amount of equipment they started with is worn down to one small Cannon that’s 10 years old and a higher end HD Panasonic  that has seen better days.  CAR 25 has a poor light set and very little for a sound stage.

For the last year if not longer the Staff of CAR 25 have been using there own equipment to do productions ( Gee next will the Offices of the RPD use their cars?) there no light set and the tripods have seen better days. So when Sky Falls take over CAR 25  what will they use? Does anyone think that The Mayor of Racine (King of all media) will not get his Crony I mean pal the best equipment the City can buy?   IMHO Car 25 will find it’s self with the best high end equipment money can buy, that’s OK it be hard to do the worshiping of Mayor John Dicker with less.

Of course, CAR 25 will need a sound stage how else can proper press events be held without a good sound stage and a TelePrompter  like Dickert’s God Obama! Hail Obama!

Where might this sound stage be built? My thought is if not the Annex building then State and Main with Launch Box.

How much might this all cost 100K ? 250K?  whatever the cost it will be paid nothing less then the best for The King of All Media!

Wait, you see on more then once occasion  our Mayor has spoken on his media background The Mayor has been as Mayor  in ads made for companies in Racine (Since moved)

I am told by others that The Mayor has in the past acted locally Great! Hope he had fun.

Lets speculate what if The Mayor of the city of Racine was helping his pals do a film? Say about him and his great leadership of Racine, after all we are #1 in Unemployment and better yet both our murder rate and Armed Robberies are going off the scale! We have lost a Billion in property value! What I great job!

What better way to promote the worship of the cult of Mayor Dickert then his own Triumph of The Will filmed by his pal? After all The First Documentary has not been seen by the public to my understanding

Create the image you wish to be seen as.

The film would not talk about the Mayor suing his own City would it? The whole thing about “Bill” and that whole case, Racine’s Fair Share and other what some see as errors. For Mayor John Dicker can not make them. Can he?

I never said that the Mayor is dumb.

A big pitch of his is bring in $$ from Sponsors, well Racine  Companies are too poor over all to pay for ads but CAR 25 could so rent out the sound stage or production staff for county projects or so the Mayor may think.

Now ask yourself this if the new controls of CAR 25 are busy doing this who will be taping the city council  meetings? Hell for all we know this might be some of the programing the Mayor does not want us to see?

Could this have been the real story behind CAR 25 take over from Day one?  Mayor John Dickert needing his ego stoked?

Only thing is:

It Came From the Root River!  The continuing story of Rat City, this Adult Comedy will be filming and what fun that will be!

See real Porn Stars come to Racine to poke fun at recent events from City Hall Bathrooms and then some, and poke they will!

The Fall of CAR 25

Where do I even begin to talk about what I see as a take over of a City department  the benefit of the Mayor of Racine and the economic benefit of a pal of the Mayor of Racine.

This is very much on going and not a lot we know for sure but the City Council members I have talked to are not liking what they do know and the story as explained to me is very strange.

This morning I put two open records requests into the City of Racine to uncover I hope a smoking gun.


From the City of Racine’s web page

History of CAR25

CAR25 was started in 2003-2004 as a Community Access/Government Programming

channel serving the greater Racine Area. Racine Residents are encouraged to become

Producers with CAR25 enabling them to use channel equipment to produce programming

of their choice, for broadcast on CAR25. CAR25 is Racine’s Offical Source for Common

Council Meetings and Committee Of The Whole Meetings. CAR25 broadcasts on

Time Warner Cable & AT&T U-Verse. Online streaming will be coming soon!

In full disclosure I was a Cable Commissioner for a few years and do volunteer work as time allows.

As I understand it CAR 25 has the smallest budget of any city department and is NOT paid for by tax $$ but by fees paid to the City by Time Warner and ATT. This amount is over 600,000 of that amount CAR 25 gets about 75,000-80,000 of that amount.

Now in the day of Mayor Becker no issues no worries, in fact Mayor Becker was on a few CAR 25 shows done by  both city staff and producers from the public.

He was on my first show I made called Racine Underground Cinema, I believe he was on  many others. Point being he liked and work with CAR 25 and saw the possibilities that CATV offered.

This would all change with the Election of Mayor John Dickert.

Here is just one of the many Stories of Mayor Dickert’s wantin g to turn CAR 25 into IMHO the John Dickert is GOD outlet

From the Racine Post

Mayor’s pick withdraws, city posts part-time CAR25 job

Update 2: Here’s a report from Monday night’s meeting:

After approving the previous minutes, the Cable Commission opened up the meeting for comments from the public, which is the usual procedure. An Alderman and two citizens spoke giving comments that were at times pointedly against the idea of a consultant, and at other times more vague, but seemingly meant to oppose the consultant. Then Mayor Dickert dropped the bombshell of the evening saying that Sandy Petrykowski had withdrawn her name from consideration, and he was then opening up the whole process to the Cable Commission for their input.

This was like throwing the ball into the air and having it explode into a hundred pieces. The Mayor wants an RFP process with the stipulation that if anyone presently on the Cable Commission wants to apply, then they have to resign from the commission. There was a long, far-reaching, usually cordial, discussion that followed, even though a couple of exchanges between the Mayor and Alderman Coe and Alderman Shields might be called animated.

The Mayor scored the point that the $40,000.00 had always been for a personal services contract and that if the Cable Commission did not want a PSC then the money would have to be legally moved. Most of the commission members wanted additional part-time city employees to assist Scott Nelson, the only CAR 25 employee. There was some disagreement in the math about the cost of additional city personnel. Chase Hendrix, Chair of the Cable Commission, said that a consultant is an impossibility, because of the legal definition of contract workers and the requirements of the position.

The atmosphere was very electric considering that this committee labors mostly in total obscurity. Five aldermen, the Mayor, three founding members of CAR 25, a couple of media personalities, and a county board candidate all firing facts, opinions, and hyperbole around the room like a bad game of beach volleyball. After a non-stop hour of discussion some got a little sand in their face even when they had come just to sit in the bleachers. And as with every step of this process, the Cable Commission will convene in two weeks to sort out the twists and turns of the evening. It’s going to take them that long to get the sand out of their teeth. They will then give their recommendation.

Update: The consultant withdrew her name for the $40,000 no-bid contract to overhaul CAR25.

Original post: We’re a bit late on this, but here’s the job posting for a part-time job working for CAR25, which was posted earlier this month. The Cable Commission met tonight to discuss the $40,000 contract Mayor John Dickert hopes will go to Sandy Petrykowski, a professional TV journalist who worked for ABC News, CNN, National Geographic and others. If you were at the meeting, we’d like to hear what went down.

Here’s the CAR25’s open job posting, which is entirely separate from the $40,000 consultant’s contract:

The City of Racine will be accepting applications and resumes for the position of Cable Communications Coordinator with the Cable Access Racine channel (CAR25) until filled. This part-time position is approximately 10 to 15 hours per week and reports to the City of Racine’s Information Systems Director. Responsibilities include bulletin board announcements, program playback editing and video content program production. Salary for the position is $16.30 per hour. A complete job description can be found by clicking here and an application can be found by clicking here. A resume without an application may not be considered. Interested applicants should send both a resume and a signed application to:

The City of Racine Attn: Human Resources Department
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
or FAX 262-636-9585
or e-mail

FYI I have yet to talk to anyone who saw the Documentary she was doing  on Mayor John Dickert

Now what we have going on is a RFP for if I understand right to manage CAR 25 however no one knew on the Cable Commission about this before hand or did they?  at 70K for a budget the folks I talked to said no way can anyone do any better then last night the number of 300,000 comes up.

And it gets better in a very interesting way. For now I have to wait for my open records to take place I am hoping that perhaps a source maybe able to provide copies faster. More when I have it