Election 14!

Well you know the results overall a very good night for folks living in Wisconsin with Walker winning the Governor Office again (3 times in 4 years) the A.G. Race went our way too.

The other races well the GOP did very well. Van won big and will I guess be Mayor John Dickert’s Bitch after all looters got to loot, life goes on.

RUSD gets to fuck the Sheep living in RUSD land will be interesting what the extra $$ really gets used for. Be sure if you can to get your kids out so they can maybe learn something, I myself am amazed that with a failed product anyone could have said yes or belive what RUSD said was true guess we will all come to find out more.

The Big loser last night was my pal Mayor John Dickert, no more help coming from Madison and with the GOP wining both Houses in DC we should see a big cut in the graft I mean grant oppertunies coming to Racine.

As well with Walker reelected and the GOP in charge   in D.C. more chances to have the Feds come to town to look at Rootworks/Machinery Row/Uptown project.

We should see:

Obamacare repealed

A real investigation into  Benghazi/Fast and Furious with charges filed perhaps an Impeachment. 

A stop to the Executive Orders


Welcome to Racine. We have Slaves! Lets take a look My thougts.


Its the beginning of Black History Month and as an mixed race man I see this month well as silly not because African_Americans have not done great things we have and then some its because we have  done and still do great things, so much so that as I see it the Good Old boys in Racine do not dare let us off the plantation fearing that   we stat expressing our rage by first marching on City Hall then RUSD and on the way stop at The NAACP of Racine and the Urban League  at the end of the march of rage a lot of Racine would need rebuilding.

Why do I say this?

Well RUSD has gone out of its way to be sure that few blacks get an education and a substandard one at that. See a educated population would find good work at good wages or leave this city to find it. A uneducated work force is only good for low wage jobs at fast food stores or temp companies that make big promises that somehow never come true about being hired full time.

Of course some Blacks get sucked into the Thug life insuring that the War on Drugs keeps the Military industrial Complex Humming along  ( I am temped to see how much money say RPD gets to fight the War on Drugs and how much the City itself gets in Program funds my guess its not a small number)  Good thing too is that Crack and Pot is good for  tranquilizing them., cant have them thinking or God forbid working some how to get a better life.

Toss in Free Food Free substandard housing (Owned by the Good old boys) and that’s how you keep a population down.

You keep them down by not only making sure hard Drugs flood the neighborhoods they live in be sure the Schools teach that only The Democrats care insure that RUSD makes it as hard as possible for Mom/Dad to be part of the kids education (See what the head of Unified said about Black Parents making chooses that they could not be trusted. How nice

When leaders start to rise in the Black Community have the Democratic Party Co Op them  should that not work demonize so the Whits fear them, do not worry about the GOP or Tea Party in the City of Racine come on, we are talking about Black folks.

One of the “Leaders” of the Tea Party in Racine told me that poor blacks need to be ship away down South, they feel better there.

Do not  even get me started on Blacks who want to own or start a Business that’s for another post and being Black History Month that be my focus.

Yes Racine WI we have Slaves!


The Circus



Welcome to the Circus called the City of Racine!

You know the place by the Great Lake where a once great City is falling apart.

Now like many old cities like Detroit we have seen better days and sliding into ruin, what makes this sad to happen here is well our leadership is serious denial. Hell they have jobs The Mayor and his Kin as City Administrator is making the big $$. The members   of

Our City is still #1 in Unemployment but that is not addressed. The city has given money to a company Delta Hawk  that is expected to hire 100 over the next three years (2011-2014) so far they have hired I was told 13,truly we the Sheep of Racine do not know we have yet to be told.

We have one of the worse schools in the State and the School leadership RUSD  blames everyone but them.   Dr Ann Lang in fact said “Black parents are not intelligent enough to make informed educational decisions for their children.” Oh she is only the superintendent of RUSD. Does she not just love the Minority kids who must go to RUSD Schools?

The leaders who take the cake are the Members of the Racine City Council who for other then a very few believe they have been given the task by a higher power maybe God (In one case) maybe by Mayor John Dickert (In others)

Even with some actions of this body being better as part of say a Soap Opera like Peyton Place or Law and Order, the sad part is the City is ran by them or at least they think they run it.

A saying I think is true is we get the government we deserve.


The failure of Mainstream Media in Racine WI. Opinion

The failure of Mainstream Media in Racine WI. , or Goebbels be very happy  Opinion

Whats the Status of the City Hall Bathrooms?  How much if anything did the City of Racine (property owners) pay to settle the lawsuit our Mayor was part of  (you know where the history includes Mayor John Dickert suing his own city)? What are the issues with selling Lake Michigan Water outside the Water Shed?

How do Racine Schools compare to Schools in say Detroit?

Good questions lots more that should have been asked over the years. IMHO that should have been asked over the years but where not and only in bits by non Main Stream Press in the last few years.

In Racine the big player is the Journal Times  A good old boy if I ever saw one and from what I have heard over the years may have at one time send copy of the Paper to J-Wax for an OK before printing the said paper.

Is that possible? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here a story the J-T did nothing with that I can find:

SC Johnson, city emails offer intimate look
at how company secured tax exemption


One would hope that the local paper would cover this story or should I say scandal?

Why do you think the Journal Times does not seam to cover stories that show other good ol boys in less then a great light?

Next we have WRJN

Where should I begin?  Why should I bother? I do not tune the station in since I am not that old that I fit there demographics. In fact I only know a few that ever do and then mostly for the weather in Winter, even that is not so much the case with WTMJ doing more on Cable/Smart Phone aps.

IMHO a nonstarter but historical note this is where Mayor John Dicker has his famous  Radio during his last campaign for Mayor that cost the City of Racine 100K so far and an unknown amount to settle the case.


CAR 25

The City of Racine’s Community Access TV Station.

The Staff of CAR 25 coves events and stories that they are directed to do (City Council meetings) or events the staff think is cool. Case in point The Raider Games or when Mr. Butler came to town to donate a large sum of money to the United Way.

With a reach better then WRJN  CAR 25 is becoming the Go To place for City approved event news.


Insider News

A Paper aimed for the Minority population of the city  of Racine.. I understand that Ken Lumpken has brought it back and will be resuming publication perhaps as early as this week 8/29/12


Racine Mirror

I have seen it not a lot there. IMHO if not for the fact she gets City ads it blow away.


One of the main bitchs I hear about Racine is the lack of information on topics like crime, whats going on at City Hall and the like.

I can see why folks are upset.

However as I will talk about The City of Racine does have a very good Underground press. The Good Old Boys are walking up to an issue that should have them in panic mode


Malcolm X for RUSD Supernatant of Schools My thoughts about RUSD

The Schools in Racine WI suck Dog Shit  Leadership of RUSD also makes the kids especially Minority kids eat it, in fact IMHO I say they only reason it is as bad as they are is that they are met to be. Yes as I see it RUSD wants the outcome of Minority kids to be as poor as they can make it.

Why in God’d Earth would any School district charged with educating youth want them to fail?  Good question one I am not 100% sure of is it to:

Keep a uneducated work force in Racine so the Temp Labor companies have a pool of labor to work in factory lines?

Is it to keep a large group of folks dependent on the local Democrat controlled  city voting for the Party, that is keeping them fed?

What else could explain the disaster  that is RUSD Schools. Now let me be clear I am not blaming the Teachers I am only blaming the leadership of RUSD. Most of the teachers of Racine Schools are doing the best they can in a horrific environment. Many I have talked to are unhappy with the Leadership of RUSD and feel upset that as they tell me RUSD does not care and only do a song and dance so they can be reelected.

We spend more per kid  then other area of Wisconsin that do a far better job then RUSD Why?

RUSD from what I understand is incapable of spending with in there budget leaving RUSD to ask for more money from the voters who in return say NO! Of course this leads to crying from RUSD.

What I like to know is what % of the leadership of RUSD have there kids in Racine Schools? Might they then be the poor schools or the better schools (perhaps a Johnson backed school) cant have our better’s kids with the riff raft.

Brother Mouzone in the Wire said” You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? Nigger with a library card.”

Not if they do not know how to read if they cant read they will not know how fucked up Racine is. They will not be able to find away out of the slums after all all the poor need to do is find the D on the ballet.

Malcolm X would have raised hell if he was here an if he had to taught kids to read on the Block

See with a basic education the knowledge of the world is open to anyone with library card

Perhaps that is what we need here for IMHO Racine Schools do not want the Poor to be able to read it might teach them that they are as good as say Mayor John Dickert

Racine Schools Bernhard Rust is in the House!




Unlike other posts I am rather torn. IMHO Racine School teachers are doing the best  job they know how in some very trying times. Many teachers are not only using their own cash for the kids but often having to be Mom/Dad to children who at home only have Welfare queens and crack Dads.

The leadership of RUSD as I see it however are nothing more then lackeys doing the bidding of the real masters of Racine insuring that our poor can not read/write or do math, insuring a vast pool of cheep labor.

I truly feel that RUSD Job #1 is to provide this pool.


I had two kids go to RUSD schools. My wife and I were involved in the Schools  we read at home went to School events, did the fund raising  the schools wanted and more.  My wife and I became rather upset with what we saw, so much so that we are working to insure our Grandkids do not have to go to the Shitholes that is RUSD Schools.

I think I will be also able in my postings on RUSD to show the civil war within the Democratic machine here in the City of Racine and how that plays a role not only in why our schools are poor but behind the sceens actions of the local

Democratic Party.


A story One of our daughters went to Case High School where she in helping to stop a fight between two kids was hit in the face with Brass Knuckles the young man who hit her locker was searched and Drugs where found.

My daughter was out of school longer then that Young Man was.

My wife and I called and called the school to get answers none were forthcoming.  When I went to Case to meet with the Principal I was treated as a thug and was told this (the event) was none of my business.


Later on with this same Child of ours my wife and to use the thereat of a lawsuit to get Park HS to Follow the M-Team written outline for our daughter.

I will for sure use this to talk about why voting NO is the only thing to do on any Referendum for RUSD