Is The Cut in RPD making Racine even less safe?



I have nothing but respect for the Racine Police Department.

A group of Men/Women who go above the call of duty everyday, often putting their life on the line for the public who knows little about what goes on with the job of being a cop a public getting most of the information from watching reruns of C.S.I.

A hard job that I could not do and so far one that the City feels a need for a strong well maned Police force until…… Until UNTIL our Mayor as I see it in a pathetic move to save tax $$$ has effectively laid off a number of them by not hiring to fill the ranks of the RPD that has loss members due to retirements etc but not started the long process to fill the ranks, as I understand RPD as hired a few that should be hitting the schools soon but again RPD is still down numbers.

The Chief has little to say about hiring, I am sure that he wants the very best Police Force he can get, however, The Mayor from what I have observed much rather spend city $$ on the Rich White Boaters or activities that line his pals pockets    then say, insuring that the inner city of Racine has the Police/Fire coverage they need, after all they are not: Rich, White or welcome in The great Downtown of Racine, was not that the point of driving out the Black owned bars or Bars where African Americans or Hispanics might feel welcome?

How else can Racine attract the wealthy? You know the folks who you see lined up outside the Mayor’s office demanding Condos on the Root River, You know the River that needs to be dredged in order to be used in that area.

So let me ask you, should the Mayor of Racine cut the RPD   to help fund projects like Rootworks or perhaps hold off on the fun and games until the RPD is up to speed, or will we not only keep track of Rootworks by not only the $$ spent but the dead bodies?

And so it Begins

Burning rome


From the Journal Times 9/16/2014

PD losing extra officers

“… The Racine Police Department will be faced with the task of reducing its force next spring when a grant that provided the department with three extra officers runs out,…”


“…With the city going into what is expected to be another tight budget process this fall, there is almost no chance the city would have the money to take on the cost of keeping the police force at the elevated number of 202 officers, Howell said….”


Of course as I see it the RPD  along with the Fire Department will see massive cuts. Why? Easy The City of Racine has no money and as I understand it 200 Million in debit, with more to come.

We are starting to like Detroit having to pay for the years of insane spending by our leadership.


Sadly there is little we can do. We do need to write our elected leaders, go to the city meeting and politely express  how we think. Expect however when we do to be ridiculed if not thought to be terrorists for sharing our thoughts.  After all folks like



and imagesGH

Know more then we do. The Mayor I am sure tells them so.  Perhaps he has promised them City Jobs

Maybe the ring of the words Mr. President rings in ears so loudly nothing else matters, perhaps the words are more effective then say little blue pills?

Fact of the matter is Racine has no money, Walker is not going to bail us out nor is Obama.

Even the County who has been covering unpaid property taxes by City Property owners who quit paying them will be unable to do so once the County West of the I understands how much their own taxes maybe going up just to pay for Reef Point Marina.  The county will soon be forced to quit aiding the City of Racine.

Some may hope that the New Casino in Kenosha will pay the bills for Racine sorry not happening. Its at least 5 years away if it even gets built.

No worries for our Mayor my guess is he still be going to France as the gangs rule the streets and those who can flee.

Wait until most of the population who can pay property taxes are gone leaving only those to poor to pay but needing city services as they work low paying jobs if work at all.

Also expect:

The closing of a fire Station

Closing of Rec Centers

The RPL closing two days a week.

But do not fear RootWorks and Porter’s will get what they need.



Customer Count!


Today I and others will be doing a customer count neat 3 Downtown Racine Business. The Objective is to  give you  the readers an idea of the number  of folks coming to shop in Downtown Racine.

Of course this will be a best  estament sort of thing since we will be counting them by hand so to speak and could miss a few.

We are doing this to answer the question “Is anyone coming Downtown to shop vs drink?”

News! We have talked to Mr. X who has video of Aug First Friday with the use of Police resources  that as I see it was needed by a Black Owned Bar they be looking at losing The Bar.

Why is it OK for First Friday to suck up that much police? Might it be OK for Grandma to die from lack of Police if RPD is being used to help out a pal(s) of Mayor John Dickert?