We use to care


Since I been working on my efforts to promote Legalizing Hemp have not spent a lot of time here posting.

My Starting the Hemp Podcast etc has had me out talking to lots of folks and walking the streets of Racine in talking with others or just letting what I have been learning sink in.

I do know this, at one time our leaders cared about the City and we held them to account. Now not so much in my talking to others from retired City Workers current city works. Homeowners just moving here or long term renters 95% say the same thing:

Racine in a corrupt City ran not by leaders as so much as a retired Black City Worker called looters.

Sadly others I know outside of Racine call and ask what new scandal is going on now. Is our Mayor in Jail yet?  What pal of his received what city contract?

Worse far far worse is that out of the Mayor’s own mouth we hear we have no money (he is not fibbing) we can see the Roads going to hell read/hear about more crime (then stories on not if but how many Police/Fire will be let go) What the Hell are we going to do?

Not much  guess let the good leaders and we have some know we are thankful for there efforts be prepaid to run if we must to walk away from our Homes if we can not effort them you tell me.

It’s going to get very very bad.

Why Horlick Dam now?




From the Journal Times 8/27/13


“Alternatives for the Horlick Dam will be the focus of the Root River Planning meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28, at River Bend Nature Center, 3600 N. Green Bay Road.

The dam has inadequate spillway capacity to safely pass the 500-year flood level, and the state Department of Natural Resources is expected to require Racine County to improve the safety of the dam by increasing its spillway capacity or removing it. Staff from the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission will present four conceptual alternatives for the dam.

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network and Sweet Water are working together to lead the planning effort. SEWRPC was selected to prepare the plan and is focusing on four areas selected by a planning group of citizens and public officials: water quality; recreational access and use; habitat conditions; and flooding within Racine County. The plan will build from SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update and will include recommendations to be implemented over a five-year period after the completion of the plan. The plan is to be completed in May.”

What why now?  Why does the SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan Update need to be updated?  The story does not say what else might be having an impact on the Root River  that may need to be addressed?  Well there is Rootworks looking for $$ and as I see it Mayor Dickert’s pals need to get paid, I think I will have to see who if any pal of the Mayor is on this  SEWRPC’s 2007 Regional Water Quality Management Plan.  That might explain  that.

But maybe something bigger is going on what other huge project is going on in S.E. Wisconsin that might effect the Root River???

Guesses? Anyone?   Yes you Ms P in the back row? (Takes paper handed to him.

Why you just might found something Ms P!


” The City of Waukesha has an option to purchase 60 acres in Franklin on the east bank of the Root River should Waukesha succeed in its request to buy Lake Michigan water.

The property southeast of the intersection of Oakwood Road and S. 60th St. is one possible location for Waukesha to end a pipeline carrying treated wastewater so it could be discharged to the river and returned to the lake, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak said.”…

Wow yes maybe if 6 Million Gals of “treated” sewage gets put into the Root River each day the Damn would need to go.

6 Million Gallions of “Treated sewage” down the Root River (and by all the folks coming to see it via Root Works) right into Lake Michigan where our Belle City Harbor is.  Boy, how nice would it be if the 6 million gallons looked like this?


You think the Boaters would come back?   How about property values along the Shit I mean Root River?

I would  go to this meeting and ask questions if I was you




A tour of the Lake/Harbor


Got a call Saturday night a man I know well lets call him Mr. S, called from The pig in panic mode he had rode his bike here from The Twin Cities (He enjoys bike riding around the  county and selling the Photos he takes) got all the way to the Uptown then fled in panic to some place he thought safe to call me and get recused.

Got him brought him to the house and after catching up Saturday night  we thought to take a look at the Racine Harbor and all the neat things to see/Do downtown Racine.

What did we find? Well

1) Nothing open other then the Bars Mr. S like I Mr. S does not drink.  We could have missed an open store but I think not.

2) Other then the folks at the Jail to visit we counted 4 in the Downtown area 4. Yes Downtown Racine is booming

3) Went to the Lake Front and river edge walked around. My guess is that the County owned Marina is at 75% full.  That’s good WE also talked to a few boaters from out of State they all told us the same thing.  They buy the food/Booze they need BEFORE they come to Racine and in any event do not shop for that in the Downtown because, THERE IS NO PLACE TO BUY IT!

They go without or get a pal with a car to drive them to say PIck and Save Many of the Boaters had stories of the rude behavior  of shop owners.  Mr. S was shocked I advised that they write Email to the County Executive not that JIm can make folks less rude but so he knows what Folks who are coming to Racine are facing, IMHO they are seen as Sheep to be fleeced/Raped by Some Shop Owners (They have to be open first)

Mr S was sad as I was with this



How much are we paying for the Marina and the Boaters cant pick up the trash? How hard is that? Must we pay someone to wipe their ass too?

A few of the Boaters we talked to were as  upset as we were but told us that as they saw it if a boater tossed trash in the Lake nothing would happen.

I took him back here via the back road along the Root River and we got to see this

Not going in the water soon



Sad fate of boats (I have more Photos) is this the end fate of all the Boats in Racine



Mr. S left last night before dark so he could he hop reach Union Grove and camp in safety.


He was not shocked to hear about the Street lights coming down of Dickert’s trip to France .

Mr. S did say that parts of Freetown did look worse when he was there during the Civil War

It Came From the Root River!



And you thought no Good come from RootWorks, Ha!

For bouncing around ideas to the group from a local unit of Higher Education, not a bad start.

Changes will be made to make sure the film (To be made after Go Go Girls vs the Nazis) meets the Parody element.

Yes Racine will be so happy to have this made here! Porn Stars will be in the house!

Scene 1: (Open with Sarah Walters talking with Belle City Private Detective Peter Jackford.)  

Peter Jackford: (Heard from outside his office door)
Well at this point, miss; I don’t know what to tell ya. You’re the third girl this month coming to me saying the same damn thing. 

Sarah Walters: (Nervously)
So… there’s been… others.. who got attacked?

‘fraid so. This creature from the deep’s a fuckin’ monster… Literally. I’d say you got off easier than the others. Getting your top pulled off is usually just the start for this guy.  And, you say he just ran off after he saw your.. um.. your chest region? 
Yeah, off into the dark night. I ran home completely disgusted. This guy was just as slimy and smelly as most racine men, but the way he ran off, usually racine guys wait until you’re pregnant to do that part.

Well, shit. Maybe your chest uh.. Forrest Gump’ed him or something.

Forrest gumped?

Yeah, ya know. Monsters can arrive early to the party too sometimes. It’s embarrassing, I mean, I imagine it’d be embarrassing. (lights cigarette) You mind if I smoke? Calms the nerves.
Here’s the thing. This monster’s been here longer than most of these downtown yoga shops and hat stores. Problem is, can’t nobody take him down. He’s killed two cops, and three private I’s. So in my older age I sure as shit ain’t trying to pick a fight with this creature.

I’ve lived downtown by the river for almost four months now. I’ve never heard a word about this thing…
Lotta crime in this city you don’t hear about.  When you got a newspaper that sucks city hall’s dick for a living, ‘scuse my language mam. And the police department, they don’t want some disgusting, over grown, river freak messing up their downtown crime stats. So if they’re willing to reclassify an armed assault or two, what’s the big deal about lying to the public about a river monster?

Why doesn’t somebody just shoot the damn thing?
(Blows out the final puff of his cigarette)
 Alright look, you didn’t hear this from me. You definitely didn’t hear this from me.  You know Mayor Dickeey? He’s got a lot of friends in this city. And if you’re a friend, it don’t matter how fucked up you are. Your ass is covered. You could be 70 grand behind on your taxes, a useless bum with a radio show, whoever. Your ass is covered by this mayor. 
Why the hell is our mayor friends with this perverted monster?

They were best buddies back in high school. Some catholic brain washing university if ya ask me. Anyways, this river man didn’t always used to look like he does now. Right outta high school he got a job at Jeffeson Wax, as a chemical engineer.  They say he was brilliant, but didn’t even last a year on the job. Poor guy got addicted to the lemon-flavored window cleaner he designed. Started free basing lemon heads and heroin. Fucker mutated himself, grew gills and fins, took to living under water.
Jesus… I almost feel bad for the sick fuck. So you can’t help me, and everyone in this little city’s too scared to upset the mayor and kill this thing?

Sorry beautiful, but you got that right. If the monster doesn’t kill you, Dickeey and his friends will find a way to shut anybody up. I know a couple ladies that just might be crazy enough to help you though. Lemme see if I still have a number for them. (Goes through desk.)
(Phone rings twice)





God is just so great

Opportunity is all around! We just got to go for it. Try what we will win or lose.

With the New Blogging on Racine Exposed (Got to be written by an old  school Journalist its that good)  and the issues we have, the beginning of the Racine Communicator covering (Doing a great job) stories needing full time resources, my efforts need to go back to The Root River and the “fun times” that I think Rootworks will bring to the city of Racine, note I said “Fun times ” not jobs not a rebirth of the Root River, no sorry IMHO just the Friends of Mayor John Dickert making bank and setting up others (Members of the Suicide Cult) to risk all and take the fall.

Yes not only will I be blogging on this but between speculation in Domain names, The Film “It Came From The Root River ” working with others to create Urban  Agriculture business opportunities for all vs tourism  for the rich white downtown .

I am sure from time to time I will post on issues in Racine here but my focus will be the Root River.






The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine thoughts




The quest for Tourism or the backdoor to a higher sales tax in Racine speculation


The City of Racine has no money we all know this our Mayor John “Only State ran Media allowed” Dickert has said time and again. Case in point why the city ripped up the City Union Contacts we have no money.

Why did the City want to close a Fire House we have no money.

At the same time our Mayor wants to spend more money to do so he raised taxes about 5% proposing to outsource CAR 25 to pals in Kenosha (as he saids to save $$ yet the act will cost more money) but as you will see what I think Dickert is doing he will need a “State” controlled Media, Dickert must be King of all media.

Add to this that fact that the “Tourist” area of Racine is not doing so well  A major employer has relocated outside the City. Shops are closing more and more empty store fronts. Even a Hot Dog Stand has closed.

Many property owners are behind on taxes in the Downtown area, even more sadly some business  owners from State of Wisconsin Records maybe as much as 60K behind. 60,000 assuming the State records are right that mean to me that the Downtown is in very sad shape, or we have some in Racine who think that Taxes are only for others to pay.

More tourism to Racine spending money would only help an area that is well as I see it a sink hole of failing businesses, properties far behind on taxes and other then bars empty after dark.

Who better then The Mayor to help send businesses  your way?

How to do this?

Well what I think we will see The official Mayor Dickert Network do a series of CATV productions high lighting the City of Racine focusing on Downtown and North beach this programing will not be part of CAR 25 (Hail John Dickert) but be contacted by the City of Racine, RCEDC, RAMAC, and say the Zoo (all under the control or are pals of the Mayor) . The new operators of CAR 25 (Pals of the Mayor)NOT  Car 25,will be contacted for a fee to create and produce the shows. Should this happen keep your eye on who else gets sub contacted to help.  Perhaps part of this effort is to reward long time pals that so far have yet to feed at the City Pork Feeders?

Of course other political  hacks like Rep Cory Mason will be used to promote their own projects like RootWorks. Thinking RootWorks will have $$ to help pay for this effort, after all one of the talking points of RootWorks is to create tourism to come to Racine’s Downtown. Just look at the map of where RootWorks will be directed to the Downtown area. Its all about the Downtown.

The Shows will be put on CAR 25 and I would hope You Tube and Blip TV.  I would think that an effort would be made to get them on both Milwaukee and Chicago air to try to bring tourism here. NOTE THE WORD TRY

Well the right kind of tourism WHITE folks to spend cash in the downtown area.

Should “Please No Blacks Allowed” signs should be put up?

Of course the Mayor will say if true or not how great this idea to bring tourism to Racine has worked and numbers will be produced to say how wildly successful the program has been, there by justifying the $$ spent and the need to continue to do so (Spend money)

Now  State Law allows for this:  “In 1997, the legislature authorized municipalities capable of qualifying as “premier resort areas” to impose a 0.5 percent sales tax. Wis. Stat. sec. 77.994. A municipality, by a two-thirds vote of the members of the governing body who are present when the vote is taken, may declare itself a premier resort area by enacting an ordinance or resolution if at least 40 percent of the equalized assessed value of taxable property within the municipality is used by tourism-related retailers. Wis. Stat. sec. 66.1113(2)(a). The definition of “Tourism-related retailers” lists twenty-one classifications of retail businesses including: variety stores; miscellaneous general merchandise stores; retail bakeries; gasoline service stations; eating places; drinking places; drug stores and proprietary stores; liquor stores; hotels and motels; and public golf courses.”


And part of the Marketing effort of Racine as a tourist destination words that I recall the Mayor has used to describe Racine  is to do exactly this

The law also said : “However, the tax proceeds may only be used to pay for public infrastructure expenses within the premier resort area’s jurisdiction. Wis. Stat sec. 66.1113(2)(d).”

Gee this sure would go along ways to help pay for Bike Trails and Foot Bridges for Root Works. Might even go to help pay for other parts needed for RootWorks like buying Marina’s in tax issues then creating a Mall on the river.

This speculation on my part goes to explain the need for the Mayor John Dickert Network and the push on RootWorks.

At least I own some Domains I can make Bank on, buy now! Price will only go up!


You might want to call your Alderman now and express your views.

Note this:

1) No Black Owned Bars in Downtown that may scare rich whites

2)  More Bars in the Downtown for Max drinking

3) As I see it soon no more programing critical of Mayor John Dicker allowed on CAR 25!

4)  Easier ways to pay for parking


Now does anyone think more tourism will be coming to Racine? To do what?




Hey Guess What Kids!


I will be renewing some of my Root River related Domain names and adding some for Rootworks.

One or more will be used for the Film It Came From The Root River, others for an idea I have, of looking at Racine as a place to  do research on Fresh Water.

This is something I am in shock over that Our God Mayor John Dickert has not done.

All it would take is a bit of space in a City Building , a few desks/chairs  and a few older Computers and lab equipment.  Toss in High Speed Internet connections and a parking place.

Rent for a small fee space to cover costs or ever a  plan for free space in return for a share of what might be licensed from this co-working space. How could the city lose?

Hell I reach out to Gateway’s program in Urban Ag and do a real bang out job.

Of course, Mayor John Dickert never do this, It makes to much sense and no huge press opportunists   or easy grant money

So if The Mayor will not do this, I wonder who might try something like this idea? Now what to call it?

Just the idea could be sold. Time to make some money! Daddy needs a Red!