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BREAKING NEWS: ALDERMAN JIM KAPLAN RECALL OFFICIAL!!! Racine- Over 260 signatures needed to recall 4th District Alderman Jim Kaplan have been verified by the City Clerk Janice Johnson Martin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has also verified the signatures and legitimacy of the signatures. Updates will posted as available.

IMHO he loses.

I as is my right will do what I can to get an Hispanic elected

It’s filed! Update!


Will Kaplan (Above) be recalled?

Got a call  at 8:00 PM The paperwork has all been filed and O.K.’ed by the City Clerk. This is  from one of the staff the the Recall group.

I was also told, that Folks are all ready signing the forms.  I have been invited to talk to others who are part of this on Saturday. I am planing to do so.

LOng long do you think it will take to get the numbers the Recall group need?

I wonder how much help from Mayor John Dickert will be forthcoming?

Who will be the next Alderman to face a Recall?

From the group 21:31


The 4thDistrict Recall Committee

    The Fourth District Recall Committee announces the first step in the official recall of Aldermen James Kaplan of the fourth district in Racine Wisconsin. On May 2, 2013, the official filing of the recall petition with the City Clerk was completed. The petition states, “abuse of power “the petition also stated  “Alderman Kaplan engaged in discriminatory practices in his capacity as alderman of the forth district. Oscar Bueno the petitioner stated ” I’ve watched all the business he’s closed and the problems my brother and other persons of color have trying to open a business in the 4th district, and decided something had to be done. Bueno also stated “I am not a candidate, but there are quite a few people interested in becoming an alderman for this district.”

   A signature drive is set up Saturday, May 4 at 12 noon meet at 1600 Douglas Ave

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