The Uptown or Get out of Racine if your Black!


When to the Uptown Public Input Meeting last night and here is my observations

The J-T’s story

1) We are fucked, nothing we can do to stop this (but something we can try more on that) The City  of Racine is grasping at straws at gentrification ideas why? The only way to get property values up and keep the few Home owners who pay taxes and maintain homes to stay because it may not be worth the fight   example from the story “We’re surrounded by rental properties that aren’t taken care of,” Merwin said. “There’s got to be some kind of incentive for landowners to keep up their properties.”

Sadly I see them looking to get $$ for doing what they should be waiting to do, but when your the only one doing anything it gets old fast, now what would they say if asked thoughts about businesses in Downtown Racine who are not paying taxes and they are …

2) A good 25% if not more of the crowd was made up of City of Racine Elected Officials, City of Racine/County of Racine Staff and the Crew of crooks I mean Consultants from   Vandewalle & Associates. Mind you Uptown Racine from what I was told by Matt from the City of Racine is mostly Black and below age income OK WHERE WERE THEY? Not in that room not at all.

I saw maybe maybe 2 maybe that I thought was a goal NOT to have the blacks who live in Uptown be part of this

You see the goal of this is


Or Drive the Poor our bring in the rich or like Racine is famous for bring in the rich Whites who will pay property taxes (even if Downtown Racine may not be) spend Money in the dead down town bonus if they buy hats or boats.

3) The Speakers tried hard to sell the idea of the Dream if only we did this Racine become a place to go that rich whites would come to Racine and blow $$! Right of course they will!! The City Administrator said so!  Would he lie to you???   Has not Delta Hawk Hired millions? Has not Porters brought millions downtown? Did not the spokesman from RCEDC say that 6000 work in the Downtown? Where?  might they counting the total # of employees  say at J-W if the HQ is in the Uptown?

4) At every Table for the breakout IMHO EVERY leader at the tables were from the Bid or Vandewalle so you  know that only the agreed upon in advance ideas are going to make it into the plan such needed things for a majority Black Low Income area as Coffee Shops (at least they can be bus boys) Open Air Food stores (Gee it was hard as hell to get a food Co-OP to even look at West Racine  what kind of bribe will it take to get a food store in the Uptown?

“a public gathering place on 14th Street and Washington Avenue” right! to do what mill about?

So sad see this plan that IMHO, Vandewalle know what they will have it say for Dickert has told them will in a nut shell do:

Enrich Dickert pals who know what is to come and have businesses ready to rape I mean pillage I mean take advantage of this plan.

Now I think we cant stop this plan from being created we can do this

Write a letter to our members of Congress asking them to investigate the City of Racine for Racism due to questions brought up from Pattern or Practice a Film on Racine Issues in the City of Racine and until this is done not to give any Grants to the City or County of Racine for


Reef point Marnia

Uptown Plan

Should the Feds show up or even get interested that will stop the plan dead.

Question does anyone know if Kim Kane running for the 2nd district alderman went to Mexico with Mayor Dickert?

The Book Series



After consultation with a pal who has also written a few good selling E- Books via Smash Words and Amazon. I have come to the conclusion to write a series of books about the Corruption in Racine as I and many others see around us .

I will be looking at the dealings of The Mayor of Racine John Dickert.

The first Book will show a who’s who of Dickert’s pals and the role they play on City of Racine Boards, how that helps to get the Mayor’s agenda finished.

The next two will be about Delta Hawk   and Team Porters two projects sucking up tax money yet very little seen going on with them.

The Books will be less then 100 pages each and have  documentation in them (Copies of Minuets of meetings, Records from RCEDC )

The first book will cost about $1.00 the rest I am thinking less then $10.00 each

Since the stories I talk about will be far longer then a newspaper be interested I thought the Idea of an E-Book would be the best way to go about bringing the readership of this blog information on the game playing going on here under Mayor Dickert in the City of Racine.

Will Racine prove to be the most corrupt small city in the U.S.A.  Time will tell.

Fritz Todt comes to Racine!


So let’s see what the news is about the City of Racine and jobs!

From the Journal Times July 25th, 2012:

“The City of Racine’s rate also eased from 13.3 percent in June 2011 to 12.7 percent last month. Racine had the state’s highest jobless rate among cities, just ahead of Beloit at 12.5 percent.

Jobless rates do not reflect underemployment or people who are working part-time but want full-time employment.

While the rates looked slightly better than last year’s, unemployment rates are greatly affected by changes in the labor force, defined as the number of people actively seeking work. From June 2011 to this June, the estimated number of jobs in Racine County declined by 600, from 77,200 to 76,600.”

Wow! What a great job by Mayor John Dickert! Mind you, it’s not his job to create jobs, that is up to businesses to do. Or it would be if it was not for our Dear Leader saying in the Racine paper and on the campaign trail that he would do so much to bring/create jobs. Programs such as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to help the trades find work and help neighborhoods, I mean that’s the pitch he gave us.

Now, I will be looking into the numbers of jobs “created” and see what the claims are.  I do know this, the City of Racine has spent and is spending money on legal fees; such as Contractors suing over what they see as different treatment for different contractors and a former city worker suing John Dickert (not the Mayor but as the candidate) leading to the Mayor suing his own city. That case alone cost $100,000 if not more. We are still waiting to see who paid the settlement and what that was.

Over the years here under Mayor Dickert we have seen companies/ projects that wanted to come to Racine get turned away because they did not fit the micromanaged ideas from our city government.
Because of this we have a lot of empty space, from the Transit Center (KRM HA HA) to State St that like the Civic center just be bringing boom times.  Now just grassland or maybe better described as “weedland” with trash heaps.

The micromanaging is so bad, that something called Launch Box was created so small business can better navigate all the hurtles of starting a business in Racine. Might this be one of the reasons why so many go to Kenosha?