Can you help a Mayor down on his luck?




So I go out of town for a few days (I loved talking about Racine WI  to folks from around the world but that’s another post. ) and I come back and read this Headline from The Journal Times Oct 2 2012  ” City seeks help -Letter asks tax exempt groups to help pay for services”

So we as so busted our Mayor John “I love Obama” Dickert is begging for money

From the Paper ”   Mayor John Dickert has said repeatedly that Racine is facing a dire budget situation next year.

To help the city better cope with the problem, and possibly mitigate cuts to services, his office sent out 182 letters to local nonprofits last month, including churches, asking the tax-exempt organizations if they would consider paying a portion of the property tax the city would normally charge them if their properties were taxed.”


Can you believe that? He is begging for money. If that is not begging I do not know what is.

Of course we get a bit more ” Dickert said he got the idea for the program at a recent United States Conference of Mayors meeting.

“One of the mayors put out a letter of this sort and he was shocked by the amount of money that came in,” Dickert said. “I said, ‘you know what, the worst you can do is ask,’ and if you got somebody who is doing better than usual maybe they can help out during a time when we are having some difficulties.” ”

Some difficulties he said. Lets play the tape:

The City (His City) had to pay at least 100K for The Mayor’s legal bill we do not know how much the settlement has cost  we do not know how much the cases about the Mayors Neighborhood Stabilization Program will cost or the City Union’s suing the City for busting the SIGNED contracts will cost.

If the stories about the City of Racine Grant writer suing the City are true how much that will cost.

All the about would be issues for sure and sucks cash out of the City. So we are busting flat no money busted.  So line up and toss your $$ in Mayor John Dickert’s tin cup. After all ” “We are saying to the people that do have the means, ‘let’s work together,’ because these are services for all of us,” Dickert said. ““We are not even asking for people to do this every year. We are just saying that we all need to work together if we are going to get this done.””

You may read that I read can you help a Mayor who is truly in a world of hurt and sees the writing on the wall Racine has no $$ Obama his hero is not going to save him, Justice in the form of the Wisconsin Dept of Justice just might be looking at Racine and the Games that our City’s leaders are playing.

Wow will Our Mayor provide more entertainment better then what we might find on HBO?

Sadly I see things getting much worse perhaps if a group does not pitch in they will be put on a list? Once on the list perhaps UNIT comes by? Could something like that happen?  After all this is Racine from Mayor’s who like 14 year olds to Mayor’s who sue the City he runs welcome to Racine!