the Year of the Ethics Violations

The year 2013 might be remembered as the Year of the Ethics Violations in Racine Wisconsin. The year started with a series of complaints filed by The Racine Equality Project, and concerns about the outsourcing of Cable Access Racine soon followed.

Dan Macemon, a local business owner filed a complaint after a bid for a demolition project in the Uptown area resulted in damage to an adjacent building. Macemon alleges that the damage was caused by the City’s lax administration of bidding documents and an unfair bidding process.

Those interested in the Cable Access Racine matter, paid close attention to the details of the case. The filing of a complaint by Dr. Ken Yorgan of the Racine Equality Project, alleged that there were multiple ethics violations by the City of Racine, Mayor John Dickert, City staff, and even a member of the City of Racine Cable Commission.

Attendees of the first hearing were shocked to learn that two members of the mayoral appointed Ethics Board also worked on the Mayor’s election campaign  nickmayor Lincoln Murphy and Doug Nicholson were each featured in literature and advertising for the Dickert campaign.

ethics 2

Another mayoral appointee, Russell Missureli,  fell asleep during procedural phase

  but opted to vote anyway. 

mr m or mr sleepy

Many were shocked that these three members did not recuse themselves either for at least an apparent conflict of interest or, in the case of Missureli, a lack of information.   

At the time, Dr. Yorgan, the Chairman of the Racine Unity Project, was satisfied by Murphy and Nicholson and felt that they could be trusted to act in an ethical manner. The next ethics hearing was held and in less then 2 hours, all charges were dismissed.

Attendee Kate Remington was one of many who heard Chair Mary Wyant express the sentiment that ‘they (Ethics Commission) was not interested in the truth.’

Still, others were left with the impression that the charges were never really meant to be answered and that the hearing was just for show.

Macemon’s hearing would be even shorter. Conveniently there was  no court reporter on hand to transcribe the hearings

Since that time, another issue has arisen. The recent Indian Burial Mound sale could still lead to more ethics hearings as changes are in the works to address the way in which ethics charges are handled. 

“Cities Pitch Ethics Switch: Racine residents Could Have Kenosha Consider Ethics Complaints” Racine Journal Times 7-22-13  

The solution may involve a change of venue for perceived ethics violations. By partnering with the City of Kenosha, Racine’s cases would be transferred to that jurisdiction’s ethics board, eliminating some of the conflicts, both perceived and real. Kenosha’s cases would similarly be transferred to Racine. Of course, both cities would need to have reciprocity in their rules.

Should the City of Racine follow Kenosha’s lead, one would have to live in Racine or the physical address of a business would have to be in Racine to file. According to various sources, Alderman Gregg Helding does not oppose the concept.

The City of Kenosha is also looking into making changes in their Ordinance

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That change would mandate that should a charge be filed, and no violations are found to exist, the complainant would be charged a fine. Many believe that this would prevent thwart justice and will only serve stifle the complaints of those who are unable to take the financial risk, especially in light of the Board’s recent actions.

That change has not yet passed in Kenosha, though it is not expected come up against much resistance. If so, it’s possible that the City of Racine will do the same.   

Dr. Ken Yorgan weighed in on the matter:


The ethics board in Racine is nothing more than a place where ethics complaints are taken to die a brief and anonymous death.  As Chairman of the Racine Equality Project, I have had occasion to file two ethics complaints against members of the city administration on behalf of aggrieved citizens.  I did not take that responsibility lightly and only signed my name as complainant after being thoroughly convinced that there actually were violations, and not simply someone’s disgruntlement with administrative procedures.

The proposed cooperative agreement between Racine and Kenosha, which would have these cities receive and review each others ethics complaints, is of questionable merit.  This is especially true when a part of the agreement provides for harsh financial consequences against any citizen whose complaint is determined to be “unfounded.”  While the threat of such consequences might act as a deterrent to someone whose only interest is badgering elected officials, it would also deter those who have legitimate complaints but lack confidence in the integrity of the process.  It’s a classic case of a solution looking for a problem, specifically, how many complaints are filed in a given year, and how many can unequivocally be described as “unfounded?”

It is doubtful that a city has the authority to impose costs on anyone for filing an ethics complaint, regardless of the outcome, but it is troubling that such punitive prerogative be placed in the hands of political appointees.  A better alternative would be to establish a process whereby disinterested citizens are called upon to review ethics complaints, in much the same way that juries are selected for judicial trials. 

    Dr. Ken Yorgan

    Chairman, Racine Equality Project 

 This is posted or will be soon in the Paper I write for, in about a week I check the numbers for views.   Yes the Story of Racine is getting out more and more

Is there no News in Racine?



Read the J-T lately?

If you have you maybe wondering what’s going on? where is the news in the J-T about

tonight’s Protest by the Natives over the the cities idea of the sell off of what may be a sacred Mound  to pals of the Mayor? (and I understand that someone is calling the buyer The New Tribe …. that;’s a tape I want to see if that person was that silly or not) 50+ will be coming WTMJ I understand is coming. A state wide Newspaper is coming but nothing I have seen in the J-T about this. Why?

I understand that the Racine Equality Project has filed an ethics violation over the voting on selling this area off (the Mound)  and that is not in the paper.

Heck I understand that Sleepy



Above is dead and maybe “On Ice” as Mr. X put it with the Mayor’s pals and that was not in the paper that I saw. Is the Iceman going to be planted at the Mounds? Is this the plan?

Why might this be?

Might it be the idea that no news will be printed that might make Racine or the God of Racine Mayor John Dickert look bad?

imageslm   Is this the God of Racine in his true form?


JDnaziIs this The God ay his desk?


Many have said to include Mr.X that CAR 25 was gutted to create the John Dickert Propaganda Network.

Dr. Joe might fit right in Racine City Hall

imagesJG   Dr. Joe


Sad to say that Mayor John Dickert might be keeping the local press from reporting the real news but I think not much he can do to stop WTMJ or 58 from doing live TV from Racine nor can he stop outside Newspapers from covering the real news and maybe looking for more in Racine WI


Flash clue



And he is pissed as hell


Note this Blog post will go in front of 5K  not including Shares or retweets Mayor John Dickert cant stop the new media

Update Mound 10/5/14 AM


Last night I went to the Pipe Ceremony at Mound. Quite nice very peaceful. very respectful. I learned a lot not only about the mound issue here in Racine but what led up to this in Racine and around the USA.

Leadership expects 200 Tribal members from across the Midwest  for Today’s event and press coverage from local- Regional and National press this should make Mayor John Dickert very happy. Yes Racine WI gets a close up.

The leader of this effort phone blew up with calls from just plain folk to Lawyers working on this case. Mayor John Dickert will enjoy getting Racine in more court fights after all he has done this so many times, right?

Hardy house (Another view of the Historic Home Tour)

Edits are mine per request

By Kate Remington (with permission)

So the Vikings finally finished playing and Quenten and I headed to the Hardy house.  I suggested we go by the Hardy House first as I knew there would be a long line and  there was.  Right after we got on board and Quenten spotted a beautiful young woman , Brian O’Connell arrived to stand on line six feet away from us. Interesting too as he was out of his ‘family’ not able to oil his way out of anything really exception?  Bob Hartman and he are good and fast friends.  I behaved myself because I was there to see this wright home which I really like and which does not disappoint although I know Quenten had feelings about the materials used like acrylic in place of wood and I am curious re the stucco product which is acrylic too.

Since we visiting folks were being separated into groups of 10 or 12,  Quenten and I crushed our pop cans and drained them and I put them in my pocket and we were stuck with Brian O’Connell.   Most of the people assigned to the rooms (Donna Newgard was one and Rita T. was outside) seemed to need to justify the colors chosen for this restoration (what a joke these Racine color police and Racine design police are and how locked into their small elite culture). Also, because of age/weight factor, guides were concerned re someone falling on the stairs (wright control) and/or fitting through hall (slight wright, short wright, one way man)…..  The touring system was just like the system used at fallingwater in PA (that is a prediction re future direction for attraction to this area).  Fallingwater is very profitable for the State of PA.  Quenten enjoyed himself and so did I.  Besides the Hardy, Quenten liked the ….. and the day in general.  For me the guide in the kitchen was the most insightful – wore a name tag but I was trying not to be gouche and I didn’t want to break out my opera glasses and I left wondering where the center stained glass was on the sidewalk level on Main Street that Mark Hertzberg photographed……why it was not being put back in….it really was an appropriate jewel and I liked the sculpture that I could look down upon ….sort of like a Mardonio Magana only it was more elite, not energetic and basic heart beat like Magana’s work..yet not shabby!.
Re the long line: FYI Quenten and I counted zero blacks and we don’t think there were mexican illegal or otherwise.  Surprise, this was not a crowd worried about their next meal or losing a job.   I know Paul Revere is more of a razer of old buildings …..but there is much that is old here in Racine that was built well and built in and is part of this community and for me defines it’s character and I personally like old because it is our labour and old buildings have character like cars did and we built to last in days past.   Built ins for me first and foremost are the Indian mounds and built ins for me are Buildings connected  to bluffs – lakebluffs and Root bluffs — DP Wigley, the theatre in Uptown, the Fire Station that the JT was allowed to cannonball down, etc.   IMHO  Restoring old is good for Racine’s multiracial multicultural future.
 There are troublesome issues for Racine residents intimated at during the Hardy tour such as does the city have involvement in the ownership of copyright for reproducing Wright light fixtures and who and how did all that happen.  ????  Why does the future of this city get decided in closed session? Who is targeted out and who is targeted in?  Patterns and practices.  Was the process open to all?  
Usury.  Misery.  Mystery.  Sociopathic Corpoutopian illusions by public servants attracted to towers of greed.  Like Wayne asks, is Racine cursed????  Which plan, what plan, and who is executing whom???  Who is profiting?  Who is paying for it?    

spes omnium qui ingrediuntur ut hic




Well we are truly fucked. As I see it the City of Racine is going to hell in a hand basket and all we can do is party.




I I would hope that at least the members of the GOP would be doing some planing to be prepaired when the City of Racine Implodes.  That being Robin Vos and Mr. Ladwig. but I guess not.

Our County Executive and good State Representative Mr. Vos got to know how bad the City of Racine is doing in Unemployment, Population fleeing and poor education.

I  do not expect Cory “The Tick” Masion nor Mayor John “The man who killed Racine” Dickert to know or even care about the City since 1) They helped to destroy the City 2) The only role IMHO they have for minorities is to vote Democratic , and make little Democrats

So of course the Dems are going to party that’s what they do best (Any bets if Mrs Dickert was at the Zoo?)

My bet too is that none of them drove close to tracts 1-5 of Racine why should they see the misery of a city in ruins?

I had high hopes that our County Executive would put a leash on Mayor Dickert  to control Dickert’s BS but I am not seeing that,  I am not seeing anything that gives me any hope for  the City or that our leaders care.

Perhaps they see job one as funneling $$ to line the pockets of followers and staying in office.

So if I was you I sell out or even look into walking away and get the Hell out of Racine WI.  For I expect cuts in Police/Fire as Rootworks and Porter’s keep getting money.

I truly see living in Racine WI as a death wish.






In the wind


The wind is blowing stories please take the time to hear the breeze yourself you may hear something else then I.


1) The Racine Public Library is expecting major cuts from the City. Plans are under way to close one weekday and shorten hours on others.  If true this comes as no shock after all we can’t have Blacks read can we? The Whites need only to read the Journal Times. 

Sadly the way RUSD teaches can anyone read in Racine? From what I understand the Mayor has never checked out a book.   Yes in Racine the Mayor can go to France but your kids may soon not be able to read about that country. 

2) The 7 now joined by Mr. M. Interesting guy Mr. M.  he 1000% believes that the county executive is controlled by Mayor John Dickert and will on Oct 1st unless every building behind  on back taxes in Downtown Racine has the necessary work started to have them seized by the County, will start a Blog with a newsletter to show how the County is sending tax $$ to keep Downtown Racine afloat there by hurting Racine West of the I. 

As I understand Mr. M has the addresses/Emails of major $$ contributors to the GOP and will be sure that they get the information he is uncovering.  The hope for effect is to remove the County Executive from Office.   

Myself, I do not know how folks in say Union Grove will react to information that funding Downtown Racine will cause there taxes to go up . 

Mr. M has hired kids from Parkside to go over the list of all proprieties behind on taxes and plot them on a map with who owns them and total the amount of Taxes not collected by the County/City of Racine. 

Could be a fun Fall.  

Death to kids we must have art!



Yes in Racine we must like dead kids after all our City leaders do so much for them.

Read the Paper today?   From the paper today

“Modern upgrades may be on the horizon for the 19th-century farmhouse that houses the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts.

A preliminary construction cost for that proposal would be about $1.2 million, Rafel explained, as opposed to another plan put forth by the architects which would include an elevator and seasonal tent for about $800,000.

Possible changes are still in the early stages, according to the representatives. RAMA Director of Development Laura D’Amato said she was waiting until after Wednesday’s meeting to begin informing most members of the group’s board.

“Just because we’ve got this in front of us, doesn’t mean we’re doing this,” Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Tom Molbeck emphasized Wednesday. “At this point, this is just a drawing that was supposed to come in just to kind of show you (on the board) what was being done, what the possibilities were and why we were doing them.”

And as for money, Molbeck said he had just learned about the proposal’s estimated cost this week, adding, “I can’t tell you (the board) where I’d get 1-point-whatever million dollars from.” ”


How nice 800K-1.2. Million for the rich white of Racine at the same time that  groups like Safe Haven   that helps Homeless kids on the street find a safe place (some are run aways from abusive homes. )   must end programs.

Gee how nice  that is , as you know I live in the worst innerr city slum (well one of them) you can think off, My wife and I seen the run aways the Homeless kids and praise to God we help how we could, I hope we made a difference.

Why the rage today? Saw the home on 6th st close and then read the above. I know of the hard work that home did for aiding kids, all kids.

Sadly IMHO our City Leaders are more upset that the   Wustum Museum may have to wait to get money then the fact that we have a lot of young kids on the streets of Racine with no place safe to go.

I have done bad things in the past and fall short of the Glory of God, At least I will not face the Hell Fire  that may await our City Leadership to would rather fund an Art Museum then save/help Runaway youth

Might it be because our city leadership think they be helping



After all why care about them? They can’t spend $$ in the Downtown, and they might want to eat food or go to school!

I am also thankful that Racine has others in the City that help from Churches to just folk. At least they are helping.

Tomorrow I think I will make sure I thank them for what they do. Might be the only thanks they get, you think that The Mayor of Racine will?