Are you ready Racine for what is coming?


Are you ready for what is coming? You know you want it after all you been fucked by :

Point Blue

Team Porters

Machinery Row ( Wait til you hear the new idea AND who will pay the bills)

From the Journal Times 8/21/16


The Racine County Board on Tuesday will hear the results of a recent study centered on the possibility of constructing an arena in Racine.

Moreover, the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting mentions the possibility of a hotel in connection to the arena. On Friday, Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave declined to provide details about the hotel in advance of the meeting.  …”

As much as Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave declined to provide details (and why should he he only works for us but looks like he is controlled by Mayor John Dickert)

I will speculate:

    1. The location is Downtown Racine thinking the old WE Energy site on Lake St
    2. The hotel a long time goal of Mayor John Dickert and will include a convention center thinking this be the filled in 5th St Marina that the County can not sell nor has found any interest in. What better way to dispose of a White Elephant then sell it to the tax payers?
    3. The Sports arena will include an indoor Ice rink something else a long time goal of the Downtown Racine crowd wants badly maybe something called for in the Root Works plan
    4. The Ice rink we will be told would be used by An NHL farm team we will be told would be moved or started in Racine
    5. That the convention center of course would be ran by the same company Venu Works that only loss 300K last year and has trouble filling the Festival Hall in Racine
    6. the cost (about say 50 Million) would be split between The City of Racine County of Racine and forced loans I mean donations from the Racine Business community
    7. That local Sport player (s) from Racine we will be told will buy naming rights, to honor another local sports hero.

    That there are a few 100K in grants to kick the project off (and pay the developer?)

Of course the report will say  there is a HUGE need for a Sports Complex and Hotel/Convention center. We will be told that many from Chicago would come to Racine to see the Sports team Ice Skate then spend $$ in Downtown Racine, after all just go downtown and see all the cars from IL, and the line of cars coming to Racine on Hwy 11 to visit this Hell hole I mean great city.

Now how will Machinery Row impact this when new details on that project comes out?

Overall just know your not taxed enough and need to pay more to allow the pals of John Dickert to make money off you now be good and bend over because its coming



Free Press under Attack in Racine?



So this morning I see this


communication from the City Attorney recommending Council consideration of a press pass policy.


This should be sent to the Committee of the Whole for a debate on what to do/what form this policy should take, I do hope the question of why this is needed comes up and discussed  as well, can not wait to find out why this is needed.

What might be the reason,  a Press Pass Policy is needed now? Is Racine overwhelmed by Reporters ? Are Reporters  beating down the Doors of City Hall?  What might be going on?

I just might know what is going on to have the City create a Policy that IMHO will be used to control Reporters not on the Good list kept by The Mayor.

Me, I happened, the Good Old Boys are not liking that very much at all recall this


The first time see date was when Alderman McCarthy (note my very visible Press Pass issued by the Wisconsin Daily Independent) McCarthy said the fist time I be allowed to stay at the table but would find out if I be allowed to continue to do so. that I would know within 7 days.

The Next Week McCarthy told me that since The City did not have a written Press Policy I would be allowed to stay at the Media Table.

Note sign on Table allows Media in that area I have a Press Pass am I not Media?

Or might this all be due to the fact that as a Reporter for    Wisconsin Daily Independent stories from The Natives fighting the City over the Native mounds

to questions  on the City of Racine Ethics Bord with the links to Mayor John Dickert

ethics 2

Stories that Our Mayor John Dickert would not like you to read, perhaps if we did know we may ask questions on other issues he may like to keep in the dark, like Porters or Belle City TV?

Funny thing is that the even if the City can keep me out of the Media area the City can’t keep me from gathering information and writing stories, nor can they stop me from writing E-Books  on the larger corruption issues of Racine.

This Policy if it’s burdens to do or looks pointed only at me/Members of the 7. I guess it will be lawyer time,.

Right now just a campaign of public embarrassment   on yet another silly plan.

Who knows maybe 4-58 and other TV will come back to Racine WI where Freedom of the Press maybe under attack.



Oh one more thing


Under the Surface



As you know I write for the paper Wisconsin Daily Independent a link to this Newspaper can be found in the link section.

So far I been told to go nuts on my story idea in fact encouraged to cover the stories others will not such as the efforts of the Natives to protect the Mound at Mound Cemetery and I have been told the Paper’s checkbook is open to allow be to cove stories like Delta Hawk and Team Porters that will need open Records filed paid for.

This effort might include getting Mayor Becker’s old Email’s so this effort blow the lid off stuff the Good Old Boys fear and do not wish to be talked about (good luck with that) but I am not talking about that , I mean the real strange stories I hear about even now I am getting letters send to me and phone tips on a range of things from “inside the J-T” to  the expanding of the DRC  BUT!!!!!

more out there stories of the strange and bizarre of this  City, County, and if real way out  stories State.


Such as what is going on at the 3nd floor of an popular area Club


CVZ Dendy 3


What does our Mayor do downtown Racine behind closed doors?



But there is more! Perhaps a trip to find the best of Bray Rd?


John Dickert


My bad



Stories like the about and more


Is there going to be a free for all in liquor distribution in Downtown Racine?  Who or what might be behind it?  What happened the last time?

For sure this will be A podcast at a set day and time like Midnight on Wednesday’s or what have you

I think A blog be a fun thing too where say a sponsorship to explore Bray Road or look into a “Haunted House”.


Be fun lots of fun!


What do you think?

Gathering Power


Rise up Racine the Natives have come to save us!

Of all things to think that the Natives coming to protect their dead is casing quite the dust up.


Last night about 15 gathered at Mound Cemetery to perform a Pipe Ceremony to thank God for the help He provided to stop the Hater of Natives Mayor John Dickert plans for IMHO desecration of Naive Mounds for the benefit of a group of Good Old Boys, and ask protection and give Thanks to God for the members of the Cemetery Commission  that fought battles to protect the graves of their folk.

Now the natives had come and in numbers. Yesterday morning about 4-6 members spoke up armed WITH THE LAW that even Mayor John Dicket must obey in this case The  archaeologists refused to work once they where told and shown the  State law on this Native Graves issues (as I understand it) 

Last night a few more to give thanks and prepare for today


Oh Glory to God for today!  He Came to Racine to protect His dead from ruin!

Look at His hands on Earth


(From Racine Uncovered)

From 3 States (IL MI WI) and Nations (Ho-Chunk Cree Mohawk and others) they came Young and Old Men Women and Children  Full Blooded Mixed (me) and Friends of the Tribes on this issue they came!  They came in love not hate in fact one of the leaders said “If you came to play Cops and Indians get in your cars and go home” I heard no one say anything bad about the family wanting to buy the Mound or even the Mayor in fact this was send to both Parties as a way to end the fight

About 100 came sang drummed smoked PIpes talked to others about what was going on including WTMJ   Interesting thing Mr. X handed Documents to the TV crew that by the look on their faces shocked them. More interesting Mr R showed up and interacted with the Tribes Leadership

The J-T showed up Mr Burke from what I saw was an jerk to the Leadership who still answered questions and repaid with Love the disrespect Burke showed.

Please read the below:


How can the above been seen as anything but a way to move beyond the Mound fight? That was send last week. I hope the Mayor uses it as a way to save face. Yet from what I understand they are willing to fight this in Court and actions in Racine.

Whom would have thought that of all the folks fighting the Mayor on issues that this one would get the most press and traction?

Interesting too is what do YOU think folks outside Racine think about our Mayor? About Racine?

Might this be on there mind?



Hardy house (Another view of the Historic Home Tour)

Edits are mine per request

By Kate Remington (with permission)

So the Vikings finally finished playing and Quenten and I headed to the Hardy house.  I suggested we go by the Hardy House first as I knew there would be a long line and  there was.  Right after we got on board and Quenten spotted a beautiful young woman , Brian O’Connell arrived to stand on line six feet away from us. Interesting too as he was out of his ‘family’ not able to oil his way out of anything really exception?  Bob Hartman and he are good and fast friends.  I behaved myself because I was there to see this wright home which I really like and which does not disappoint although I know Quenten had feelings about the materials used like acrylic in place of wood and I am curious re the stucco product which is acrylic too.

Since we visiting folks were being separated into groups of 10 or 12,  Quenten and I crushed our pop cans and drained them and I put them in my pocket and we were stuck with Brian O’Connell.   Most of the people assigned to the rooms (Donna Newgard was one and Rita T. was outside) seemed to need to justify the colors chosen for this restoration (what a joke these Racine color police and Racine design police are and how locked into their small elite culture). Also, because of age/weight factor, guides were concerned re someone falling on the stairs (wright control) and/or fitting through hall (slight wright, short wright, one way man)…..  The touring system was just like the system used at fallingwater in PA (that is a prediction re future direction for attraction to this area).  Fallingwater is very profitable for the State of PA.  Quenten enjoyed himself and so did I.  Besides the Hardy, Quenten liked the ….. and the day in general.  For me the guide in the kitchen was the most insightful – wore a name tag but I was trying not to be gouche and I didn’t want to break out my opera glasses and I left wondering where the center stained glass was on the sidewalk level on Main Street that Mark Hertzberg photographed……why it was not being put back in….it really was an appropriate jewel and I liked the sculpture that I could look down upon ….sort of like a Mardonio Magana only it was more elite, not energetic and basic heart beat like Magana’s work..yet not shabby!.
Re the long line: FYI Quenten and I counted zero blacks and we don’t think there were mexican illegal or otherwise.  Surprise, this was not a crowd worried about their next meal or losing a job.   I know Paul Revere is more of a razer of old buildings …..but there is much that is old here in Racine that was built well and built in and is part of this community and for me defines it’s character and I personally like old because it is our labour and old buildings have character like cars did and we built to last in days past.   Built ins for me first and foremost are the Indian mounds and built ins for me are Buildings connected  to bluffs – lakebluffs and Root bluffs — DP Wigley, the theatre in Uptown, the Fire Station that the JT was allowed to cannonball down, etc.   IMHO  Restoring old is good for Racine’s multiracial multicultural future.
 There are troublesome issues for Racine residents intimated at during the Hardy tour such as does the city have involvement in the ownership of copyright for reproducing Wright light fixtures and who and how did all that happen.  ????  Why does the future of this city get decided in closed session? Who is targeted out and who is targeted in?  Patterns and practices.  Was the process open to all?  
Usury.  Misery.  Mystery.  Sociopathic Corpoutopian illusions by public servants attracted to towers of greed.  Like Wayne asks, is Racine cursed????  Which plan, what plan, and who is executing whom???  Who is profiting?  Who is paying for it?    

Hey look like Dickert’s pals at CAR 25 get more $$

Page break is due to cut and paste of the PDF

I thought as a City we had no money? Is that not why the City is taking down streetlights? Is that not  why we the public was asked to clean North Beach after the 4th? (Yet Dickert goes to France with Wife/Kids what was the total cost?

Looks like if your Dickert’s pals you get bank.

Are you happy with this? You must be Mayor Dickert said you love him after all you bend over for him and take it.




City Hall
730 Washington Ave.
Racine, WI 53403
City of Racine
Meeting Minutes – Final
Cable Television Commission
6:00 PM
City Hall Annex Room 313
Monday, July 15, 2013
Call To Order
Larry Gregg, Tom Rolfson, Walter Feldt, Alderman Ray DeHahn, Paul Ancona, Mary
Osterman, Kimberly Kane. Excused was Alderman Ron Hart, Rob Krug and
Chairman Ron Thomas
Call To Order
Larry Gregg called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. Gregg noted the misspelling on
the posted agenda.
Public Comment
John Polodna thinks the ordinance giving definition to the Cable Commission is
important. He also thinks it is important that Belletv should continue its membership
with WCM, formerly known as WAPAC. The membership dues are $260.
Standing Buisness
Minutes from June 17th, 2013 meeting
Walter Feldt requested that the June meeting’s minutes have added that the motion
passed. Alderman Dehahn made a motion to approve June’s minutes as amended,
seconded by Kimberly Kane. All approved.
Dominic reported that Alex has been let go. Justin Christiansen has been hired as a
part-time video editor, shooter and other tasks.
Dominic also presented an equipment list with the cost of each piece and gave a
description of why each piece is needed. The main purpose of the improvement in
equipment is to create high quality broadcasts on tv and internet. Alderman DeHahn
made a motion to approve $30,400 for the broadcast budget, seconded by Feldt, all
in favor, motion approved. There is some potential to sell off some of the current
pieces at a depreciated value.
Page 1
City of Racine

July 15, 2013
Cable Television Commission
Meeting Minutes – Final
Old Buisness
Alderman DeHahn presented his concerns about Belle TV website. Ben and Dom
will look in to it.
They will also define standards for acceptable programming and will run it past Atty
Rob Weber.
Logo, rebranding, Mission Statement, Web streaming, updated ordinance, cable
commission duties
New Buisness
Discussion about what are the Cable Commission’s duties. Are the duties the same
as before Skies Fall contract with the city? Larry Gregg presented a handout of the
duties and responsibilities for the Commission dating back to 1969 when cable tv
came to town.
Walter Feldt recommended the Cable Commission change its name to better reflect
our new responsibilities.
Dominic has started a guideline of policies. Ben will talk to other stations about what
they do so no one has to “reinvent the wheel”
Gregg also handed out two suggestions for the channel. Tom Rolfson made a
motion to approve no greater than $1000 for WCM membership with money to attend
conferences. Kimberly Kane seconded, all were in favor. The motion passes.
Join Wisconsin Community Media, suggested procedure for Community bulletin
board and ads or sponsors, and rules for producers updates
Polices and Procedures update.
Other business
Alderman DeHahn made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Rolfson.
Meeting adjourned at 7:19pm. The next meeting will be Monday, August 19 at
6:00pm in the City Hall Annex.
Page 2
City of Racine


Long Live King John



Must be nice to be Mayor of Racine, as the City removes Street lights, lays off Union workers, ends signed Union Contracts, wants to close Fire Stations, Raises Taxes and Fees.

Begs the residents to give money, begs us to preform the jobs that the City would be doing but no longer can.

IMHO is thinking of ways to raise money anyway it can…

Is this to keep Fire Stations open?

Is this to keep Police on the Job?

Is this to keep the Trash pick up? (Wait did not the Mayor just beg us to help do that at the Beach)

Take trips to France

Or just maybe so Our Mayor can say go to China next, do we not have a Sister City in the PRC?

Do you not think our Mayor/Wife/Kids/ GF?  deserve to go to China? Is not your job to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PAY YOUR TAXES?

In Racine WI, are there now two classes of folks our rulers and us who serve/serves them?



Time to stand up Racine 1st we remove Kaplin and then every Yes man of Mayor Dickert.

There is a lot of pressure  we can use from cronys  behind on taxes asking no demanding the County take the property  to showing up at meetings are just saying NO! to Voting the bum out when we can.  However it must start now. I t must start with us.

Or should we do the work we pay taxes for to be done so Mayor John Dickert can go to France/China or God know where?

Score Card for Mayor John Dickert!

With the Start of Baseball, I think I should score Mayor John Dickert oh on he  has done on major Racine issues!

1)  Delta Hawk: Promised 100, Alderman Dehann said they have hired 6.  Delta Hawk will not say how many they have hired. I think the number is 0.   You would think Delta Hawk be cheering every hire!

2) CAR 25: So far 1 Full Time 1 Part Time City worker laid off. J-T said the City has offered them jobs (Contract labor) I have talked to both of  them, I was told they have no offer saying anything thing about a job, as  in hours, wages of a job offer.

Sky Falls takes over on Monday 4/1/13.   Will they know how to turn the station on?  What Subcontracts will show up? What might the Subcontractors  relationship be with The Mayor be? Was this all part of the deal in advance?

3) Ave Foreclosers per Month?  Well Month of March 2013   1 a day!

4) Team Porters.  Any Work being done yet? Will any get done? A lot of money in play here. What’s going on?