Do we have an Adult in the Room?


Roomer Room


Awhile ago I had the chance to talk to the County Executive Jim Ladwig about Reef Point Marnia, during that meeting he brought up Rootworks , we talked about that and the Uptown or as I call it *The Pit of Death”


My worry was well what I see as massive misspending by the City on silly projects when we not only have no money but its costing us more to issue Bonds as a City and that cost could go up as Racine sinks further into the Quick Sand that is misspending by Mayor John “I just want to be somebody”  Dickert

Like the $$ for the City Hall Bathrooms and how I saw a Pal of the Mayor making bank and my worries that the same would happen with Rootworks.  The best idea for the Uptown I thought was to Bulldoze it, then use Flamethrowers.

Mr Ladwig said the county would be helping in both areas. He did also say there would be an adult in the room to be sure things were say Copacetic.

I outlined a few ways that a a shady person say with inside information could make a lot of $$ on Rootworks.

Again I was told not to worry, an adult would be in the room.

After reading the last few posts of Racine Exposed. I am very worried that as I see it, Mayor John Dickert is The Kingmaker and pulling all the strings

We know again from Racine Exposed, that the County is not much better off the the City and IMHO be in big debit too.

This will come from spending County money on on what  I see as insane projects for the Uptown, and Rootworks.

I like to know who will be the Adult in the Room and what safeguards will be in place to protect us from a massive boondoggle?

Sure am glad I am not a Farmer in Union Grove and could see massive tax increases  so pals  of Mayor John Dickert get paid.