Historic Home Tour 2013

Historic Home Tour 2013


Wife and I went saw most of the homes. Nice homes well maintained showed what Racine was  like in the glory days.

Saw lots of folks in the lines to get in to see them. Nice time bit of pride is my home is far bigger then they are, even better the history of the homes and of Racine.

Now what is very cool was who I got to meet and what was talked about!

The mound issue is far from dead many both young and old are VERY UPSET about this, to a man they thought this was only some play by the Good Old Boys to reward other good old boys.

One older man and his wife told me they are now changing there wills and no way in ….. . Interesting how many others feel the same way?

at the house on “Wisconsin”?   had a great talk with others about Point Blue! Yes Point Blue the project Mayor John Dickert just may wish he was never a part of.  See as much as most of us do not recall anything about Point Blue others do and like to talk about what they know.  Lets call her Ms B

Then there was lets call him Mr. L a long time City employee long retired now thinking that there is no way the city of Racine can afford  his pension/Heath Care along with higher property taxes, this and finding he can not sell his home for even 50% of the assessed value is thinking of just walking away from it and moving to someplace far less expensive to live.

Mr. L would like to talk to the 7 about his working with the city and where some bodies are kept. Mr. L saids he also has documents he giggled and told me on the war to his car, his gift to the city that has fucked him.

Best of all that one folks started talking about issues the ball got rolling the stories starting with Porter’s to Delta Hawk  came up CAR 25 being a joke I heard.

Few have belief in Mayor Dickert anymore. I say that IMHO most that I talked to today are ashamed of him and what he has done to Racine.



Questions I like answered

Questions I like answered

What’s going on with Porters?  Did Mr. Waters get any money from the city if so when and for how much?

Will the looming failure of Anchor Bank stop Porters? http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/regulators-refuse-to-extend-loan-for-anchorbank-s-parent-company/article_d8d225fc-18b7-53b4-a61e-ab56a775ff7e.html

When will the City/County buy Azarian’s? This being so necessary for Rootworks. Is the rumor the John Dickert is running for Governor  have anything to do with the delay in this? 

I know of at least three stories that if true would cause great harm to the Governor I mean Mayor of Racine so why tell me and not  oh say the FBI or the GAB? 

How do so many folks fit around a table when they play Poker with Robin Vos?  Please that story is just old and silly. 

Anyone reading the stories of early Vegas or the Mob know the numbers of folks killed over a small amount of $$. So what happens when say 20 Million is on the line for a new Point Blue?

How much $$ can get “lost” or “redirected”?  Who might benefit?

How does the Mayor get rich folks to come to Racine until he moves the poor ones out? How does he protect Root Works from the Poor? Do you see the DRC welcoming Poor Blacks to the Lake Front? How many do you see at Party on the Pavement?