Racine Police Dept/ Neighborhood Watch My .02



Let me be blunt:

I think the the Racine Police Deportment does a great job  for a city this size, living in the Slums as I do I see with my own eyes the BS they have to put up with deal with every day day in day out. I could not do that job. So much babysitting so little time.

We in the 6th st area are lucky for we have a COP house and over time the officers there time and again go above the call of duty to serve  an area of Racine that costs far more to police take care of then what it is worth with perhaps Downtown Racine and the Millions pumped in to keep it afloat so the perception can be maintained that it is hip and happening, but I go off topic, sorry.

For the past few months been an act of God to contact the 6th st officer. The last time I was able to do so (We did talk by phone yesterday and that it’sself is a story) I had to find him at a Racine in Bloom event

It has come to my attention and has been confirmed by  a member of the RPD that they are 10 officers below TO&E  This may not include the number projected to leave RPD with retirements etc. What??? What??????  WHAT!!!!!????!!!!

Yes My source tells me we are 10 under and our Mayor has no plans on filling the openings Unless he gets his Pal Obama to fund them.  Should we hold our breath??

Why might Dickert be doing that? Easy I think Saves $$$ Saves lots of $$ if an Ave Officer makes say 70K a Year and Our Hero keeps them open a year he has saved 700,000 THats a lot of money, A lot of money when the City you run has no money and more so when every penny may be needed to fund Root Works or help pay for the RICO action and other court cases the City is dealing with.  Has Lt Days Filed his suit yet?

a 10 officer layoff has just taken place. How long before we see that impact us here? Has the cold weather stopped the Summer fun times of Shootings and Parties from going on? Is that the new idea of crime control hoping for Cold weather?

Be interesting to see if/when the overtime costs starts to eat into the savings of the well I call it as I see it the Lay off?

Is just a test run for a cutting of the police force by say 10% Maybe 20% after all we have no crime in Racine right?

Just in case you forgot Heroin is so bad in Racine that our Drinking and Driving DA held a summit on this subject talking about the impact that this drug has on this part of the State We also need to recall that we had a sweep for Human Trafficking and the FBI is working with both State and Local LEO’s to fight Heroin too.

Should not the City’s number one Goal be the safety of the Neighborhoods?   How long before say you do not or can not get a police offer to help in your area because well there is not enough and the ones they have have to cover say an event for the rich and white of Downtown Racine?

How long before Crack dealers set shop up on more corners knowing that the RPD is far too busy to deal with them? Is it going on now?


Neighborhood Watch

Numbers from https://citizenaudit.org/391469239/


I can’t find I will be asking to see the last Year copy of the 990 this group is required to file I have questions on how much current staff is being paid.

I also have questions about what they do anymore.

At one time when Mary M was working there I and others inter acted with her when it came to resolving neighborhood issues  such happened time to time in any neighborhood, Ms. M went above the call of duty dealing with a few over the top Landlords who did not quite understand how the actions of their Tenets   impacted the Neighborhood.

Mary also as I saw it, treated everyone the same and made one to feel welcome at the Watch meetings.

I quit going to watch meetings when out of the 8 in the room 4 where from City Goverment and the other 4  said the same thing month after month after …..

Well interesting Called Neighborhood Watch for help with a neighborhood issue where a landlord may need to be contacted to find out from Melissa Kaprelian-Becker I am sorry Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, (Interesting did she as Alderman vote on a budget that she benefited from as an paid staff member? That is why 990’s become interesting documents) That Neighborhood Watch no longer does this……. WHAT?? and that I should call the police WHAT????   Sure be happy to call the under staffed Racine Police Department  to handle an issue that under Mary (who I and others in the City I have talked to miss more and more) would have fixed by sending a form letter.

I am sure that the understaffed RPD can not wait to deal with more Babysitting issues from the inner City.

So other then Racine In Bloom what the fuck does Neighborhood Watch do in Racine and if this is all they do how do we kill it’s funding?

So I have a Call into the chief about staffing and depending on how that goes maybe sending in open records on staffing assignments

Will be asking to see Neighborhood Watch  990 and Racine In Bloom 990 as well. Kinda of interested in what I will find

UPDATE 7/24/14


Talked to the Chief who first tried to put a spin on the lay offs (what else can you call it) mind you he has to real choice, The Mayor makes those choices not the Chief.

The Chief did also say that one of two Officers who call about the Neighborhood issues I brought up to the Chief in the call I gave the best times to find me at home, my phone works maybe the  ones at the RPD do not.

We all need to be active in this year’s budget or we will lose far more then the 10 the Mayor Dickert has laid off.

After all Racine has no crime issue right?