Fritz Todt comes to Racine!


So let’s see what the news is about the City of Racine and jobs!

From the Journal Times July 25th, 2012:

“The City of Racine’s rate also eased from 13.3 percent in June 2011 to 12.7 percent last month. Racine had the state’s highest jobless rate among cities, just ahead of Beloit at 12.5 percent.

Jobless rates do not reflect underemployment or people who are working part-time but want full-time employment.

While the rates looked slightly better than last year’s, unemployment rates are greatly affected by changes in the labor force, defined as the number of people actively seeking work. From June 2011 to this June, the estimated number of jobs in Racine County declined by 600, from 77,200 to 76,600.”

Wow! What a great job by Mayor John Dickert! Mind you, it’s not his job to create jobs, that is up to businesses to do. Or it would be if it was not for our Dear Leader saying in the Racine paper and on the campaign trail that he would do so much to bring/create jobs. Programs such as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to help the trades find work and help neighborhoods, I mean that’s the pitch he gave us.

Now, I will be looking into the numbers of jobs “created” and see what the claims are.  I do know this, the City of Racine has spent and is spending money on legal fees; such as Contractors suing over what they see as different treatment for different contractors and a former city worker suing John Dickert (not the Mayor but as the candidate) leading to the Mayor suing his own city. That case alone cost $100,000 if not more. We are still waiting to see who paid the settlement and what that was.

Over the years here under Mayor Dickert we have seen companies/ projects that wanted to come to Racine get turned away because they did not fit the micromanaged ideas from our city government.
Because of this we have a lot of empty space, from the Transit Center (KRM HA HA) to State St that like the Civic center just be bringing boom times.  Now just grassland or maybe better described as “weedland” with trash heaps.

The micromanaging is so bad, that something called Launch Box was created so small business can better navigate all the hurtles of starting a business in Racine. Might this be one of the reasons why so many go to Kenosha?