Just drink the Kool Aid nothing to see here My .02



A prediction after lasts night’s council meeting.

The City will go ahead and as one feared start selling Tomb Stones



My thought is that Maresh-Meredith gets the contract from the city to do the stones and then they sub out the contract to the same guy that got the sub contract to do the Marble City Hall Bathrooms.  Gee do you see links between all of them?

Funny how that all might just work out.

My Question is was that the plan all along?

Be interesting to see how this all plays out in the long run with Native curses, possibly have the BIA come in to see what is going on. I understand that the Ho-Chunk are very pissed off as are other tribes and contacted them.

The writer from New York that has called the Parks Department about this is also now looking at the Bill case with the goal of writing a few freelance stories on small town corruption.

Who knows what all might happen with this,  but IMHO Racine is getting the reputation of a corrupt town.