And yet


Some may think I do not want the Casino to come to Kenosha  that would be untrue,

I do want us to think about what it may mean to  the area and try to slow the hysteria on how the Casino will fix all issues in S.E. Wisconsin and give everyone a job.

That being said its free will If folks want to spend the $$ I say go for it.

Better yet go for a job if you need one or want to work a part time gig, see what the Casino’s needs might be and go for that too.  I recall when Ho-Chunk opened many of the fools who gave me a hard time for being Native (Little did we know…) somehow thought they were Native too!

Perhaps some training at Gateway could prepare you for a job opening!

Downtown Stores might want to move to that area to avoid the painful death I think is coming to Racine’s Downtown

Now I think there are opportunities for self employment. From starting a Van service taking folks to the Casino to escorting big winners to the Bank.   Please see local laws before starting any Businesses INHO Kenosha will be more easier to work with then Racine, but time will tell.

Still a lot to talk about with this and I will but again its up to them if they like to go for it