spes omnium qui ingrediuntur ut hic




Well we are truly fucked. As I see it the City of Racine is going to hell in a hand basket and all we can do is party.




I I would hope that at least the members of the GOP would be doing some planing to be prepaired when the City of Racine Implodes.  That being Robin Vos and Mr. Ladwig. but I guess not.

Our County Executive and good State Representative Mr. Vos got to know how bad the City of Racine is doing in Unemployment, Population fleeing and poor education.

I  do not expect Cory “The Tick” Masion nor Mayor John “The man who killed Racine” Dickert to know or even care about the City since 1) They helped to destroy the City 2) The only role IMHO they have for minorities is to vote Democratic , and make little Democrats

So of course the Dems are going to party that’s what they do best (Any bets if Mrs Dickert was at the Zoo?)

My bet too is that none of them drove close to tracts 1-5 of Racine why should they see the misery of a city in ruins?

I had high hopes that our County Executive would put a leash on Mayor Dickert  to control Dickert’s BS but I am not seeing that,  I am not seeing anything that gives me any hope for  the City or that our leaders care.

Perhaps they see job one as funneling $$ to line the pockets of followers and staying in office.

So if I was you I sell out or even look into walking away and get the Hell out of Racine WI.  For I expect cuts in Police/Fire as Rootworks and Porter’s keep getting money.

I truly see living in Racine WI as a death wish.