Is the Ghost of Joseph Steffens Walking City Hall?





When I stared this Blog and TV Show (You can see show #1:

I never thought it be so interesting for me to do.

I pay attention to what is going on in the City (as I have found out many of you do).  So I thought I be just talking about the typical stuff you know RUSD, Crime, the silly games in Downtown Racine, that sort of thing. Just a way for me to vent.

Then a very strange thing happened I stated getting tips on what others saw going on or knew about.  As much I like like talking to others about this City a good 90% of the tips I received was well confused rumor or even made up stories.  One or two could I think be called planted, as a temptation to get me in legal hassles.

However, there was some information given to me that has checked out as more far more then the above.   As I am not surprised that the local “Media” did not pick them up at the time, these  stories  are very relevant today and IMHO helps to show my idea of the City of Racine being a City in ruins.

As I started looking into some of the possible leads turning into stories, I could not help but think is this City as corupt as this stories may lead you the reader to believe?

That will be up to each of you, all I can do is tell the stories and present my evidence.

I on my Root River Blog and talking about RootWorks kid around and talk about my dieing from a Car Bomb.  Maybe it will be from a robbery gone bad.

There is indeed a lot of interesting games going on.