He may be dead but can we get him to Racine


Strange place Racine very strange

We have plans that have plans games with in games and only in Racine do we have the amount of lies when the truth would work just as well.

As I see it we will never know the whys of this it is what it is.

John Keel (Long Dead) did a lot of reporting of the strangeness of the UFO “movement” The idea of the Men in Black

Thinking it might be interesting to look at the strange happens within the Civil War in Racine as I call the division with in The Democratic Party of  Racine, who might be the players how could they benefit from Mayor John Dickert.

Be interesting to speculate on how they might fit into this whole Racine falling into ruins.

Now after much thought I  will no longer post anything on the RICO action simply because its in the Courts and we have no barring on the case.

Should events happen like its settled out of Court (thinking that will happen) or the FBI makes arrests that kind of news I will talk about but nothing else.

Also we all should know that any action to compel the City of Racine to take an action the leadership is not willing to will take a Order from a Judge or 9 Alderman.

Nor will any amount of writing by this or other Blogs compel   The Mayor to take an action nor did any Blog Post IMHO make Jim Ladwig move to RAMAC to even say that was the case is just being silly

Perhaps I can get Mr Keel via Ouji Board