This Winter we woke up….


This Winter We woke up here and found that we had  no water. This was due to a car hitting a fire hydrant at Memorial and 6th St.

This wreck not only took out the fire plug but caused  much damage to the pipes under the streets. The water was back by Noon and it was only a little upseting not a big thing.

What is the big thing and the more I read books like the Long Emergency I am seeing the Book played out.

When I talked to the City Workers doing the repairs I was informed that our Water Pipes in this neighborhood have not been updated well since they where put in.

He went on to tell me this was the state of most of the Water Mains in the City.

I am hoping he is lying, that some Mayor had the wisdom  to maintain the basic infrastructure  that keeps the City running.

Maybe not. After all A Civic Center looks nice and a Mayor can say I built that. A new Water line does not look sexy nor can you give sweetheart contracts to your pals.

So take a look around see the empty buildings that need to come down the Potholes   that need repairing and see instead the Glory of Maribel  Bathrooms at City Hall, the great looking roof at the Civic Center.

When as I see it the basic infrastructure is falling apart.

Note was not the point of the Stumuis from The Obama what did Racine do what what we got? Anyone know?