My First Dickert Press Conference

Today I went to my first Press Conference called by Mayor John (how do I get out of this one) Dickert as a Reporter for the Newspaper I freelance for, subject Mound Cemetery the Conference itself  I will cover the the Newspaper this is just about my experience at City Hall.

The primary I went was to be sure that the Natives would be able to have their story told vs the spin I expect the Journal- Times  to put on the facts  of the massive loss of Face by not only The “Family”  in question but by the Mayor of Racine, a man that does not handle that well (Recall CAR 25 and the years of work it took to remove old staff and give it to a crony)

Got there early, and waited and that’s all good. Interesting how he had his Boy Toy bring in TV First and then invite the Press in by talking one on one of course I was not asked in, yes as I see it it was a insult directed to me.

Sticks and Stones right? Well with three Alderman in the room all knowing that I could not be kept out I recalled the fact that I could NOT be excluded and walked.

One of Pet Aldermen   (I think Kaplin) had to put in his .02 as a way to show his disdain

200_Jim_12Feb08  Mayor’s pet Alderman Jim Kaplin

The production went off, IMHO The Mayor Spun his web, the song and dance ended I met with a source in the hallway and came back to  HQ.

The most interesting part was as far as I could tell The Mayor wants to be a TV star but not one where he loses face. See I think he put a lot of his presage on the line and lost big and to a group of Minorities and was unable to do as he said he would do for well Good Old Boys with Money.

Now in my mind there will be payback.  How will it be unit? Egging Houses?     Another Newspaper Two new Blogs how does he get away with it?

He does not understand its a new age in Racine

Gathering Power


Rise up Racine the Natives have come to save us!

Of all things to think that the Natives coming to protect their dead is casing quite the dust up.


Last night about 15 gathered at Mound Cemetery to perform a Pipe Ceremony to thank God for the help He provided to stop the Hater of Natives Mayor John Dickert plans for IMHO desecration of Naive Mounds for the benefit of a group of Good Old Boys, and ask protection and give Thanks to God for the members of the Cemetery Commission  that fought battles to protect the graves of their folk.

Now the natives had come and in numbers. Yesterday morning about 4-6 members spoke up armed WITH THE LAW that even Mayor John Dicket must obey in this case The  archaeologists refused to work once they where told and shown the  State law on this Native Graves issues (as I understand it) 

Last night a few more to give thanks and prepare for today


Oh Glory to God for today!  He Came to Racine to protect His dead from ruin!

Look at His hands on Earth


(From Racine Uncovered)

From 3 States (IL MI WI) and Nations (Ho-Chunk Cree Mohawk and others) they came Young and Old Men Women and Children  Full Blooded Mixed (me) and Friends of the Tribes on this issue they came!  They came in love not hate in fact one of the leaders said “If you came to play Cops and Indians get in your cars and go home” I heard no one say anything bad about the family wanting to buy the Mound or even the Mayor in fact this was send to both Parties as a way to end the fight

About 100 came sang drummed smoked PIpes talked to others about what was going on including WTMJ   Interesting thing Mr. X handed Documents to the TV crew that by the look on their faces shocked them. More interesting Mr R showed up and interacted with the Tribes Leadership

The J-T showed up Mr Burke from what I saw was an jerk to the Leadership who still answered questions and repaid with Love the disrespect Burke showed.

Please read the below:


How can the above been seen as anything but a way to move beyond the Mound fight? That was send last week. I hope the Mayor uses it as a way to save face. Yet from what I understand they are willing to fight this in Court and actions in Racine.

Whom would have thought that of all the folks fighting the Mayor on issues that this one would get the most press and traction?

Interesting too is what do YOU think folks outside Racine think about our Mayor? About Racine?

Might this be on there mind?