Hardy house (Another view of the Historic Home Tour)

Edits are mine per request

By Kate Remington (with permission)

So the Vikings finally finished playing and Quenten and I headed to the Hardy house.  I suggested we go by the Hardy House first as I knew there would be a long line and  there was.  Right after we got on board and Quenten spotted a beautiful young woman , Brian O’Connell arrived to stand on line six feet away from us. Interesting too as he was out of his ‘family’ not able to oil his way out of anything really exception?  Bob Hartman and he are good and fast friends.  I behaved myself because I was there to see this wright home which I really like and which does not disappoint although I know Quenten had feelings about the materials used like acrylic in place of wood and I am curious re the stucco product which is acrylic too.

Since we visiting folks were being separated into groups of 10 or 12,  Quenten and I crushed our pop cans and drained them and I put them in my pocket and we were stuck with Brian O’Connell.   Most of the people assigned to the rooms (Donna Newgard was one and Rita T. was outside) seemed to need to justify the colors chosen for this restoration (what a joke these Racine color police and Racine design police are and how locked into their small elite culture). Also, because of age/weight factor, guides were concerned re someone falling on the stairs (wright control) and/or fitting through hall (slight wright, short wright, one way man)…..  The touring system was just like the system used at fallingwater in PA (that is a prediction re future direction for attraction to this area).  Fallingwater is very profitable for the State of PA.  Quenten enjoyed himself and so did I.  Besides the Hardy, Quenten liked the ….. and the day in general.  For me the guide in the kitchen was the most insightful – wore a name tag but I was trying not to be gouche and I didn’t want to break out my opera glasses and I left wondering where the center stained glass was on the sidewalk level on Main Street that Mark Hertzberg photographed……why it was not being put back in….it really was an appropriate jewel and I liked the sculpture that I could look down upon ….sort of like a Mardonio Magana only it was more elite, not energetic and basic heart beat like Magana’s work..yet not shabby!.
Re the long line: FYI Quenten and I counted zero blacks and we don’t think there were mexican illegal or otherwise.  Surprise, this was not a crowd worried about their next meal or losing a job.   I know Paul Revere is more of a razer of old buildings …..but there is much that is old here in Racine that was built well and built in and is part of this community and for me defines it’s character and I personally like old because it is our labour and old buildings have character like cars did and we built to last in days past.   Built ins for me first and foremost are the Indian mounds and built ins for me are Buildings connected  to bluffs – lakebluffs and Root bluffs — DP Wigley, the theatre in Uptown, the Fire Station that the JT was allowed to cannonball down, etc.   IMHO  Restoring old is good for Racine’s multiracial multicultural future.
 There are troublesome issues for Racine residents intimated at during the Hardy tour such as does the city have involvement in the ownership of copyright for reproducing Wright light fixtures and who and how did all that happen.  ????  Why does the future of this city get decided in closed session? Who is targeted out and who is targeted in?  Patterns and practices.  Was the process open to all?  
Usury.  Misery.  Mystery.  Sociopathic Corpoutopian illusions by public servants attracted to towers of greed.  Like Wayne asks, is Racine cursed????  Which plan, what plan, and who is executing whom???  Who is profiting?  Who is paying for it?