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Between Rain storms in the last few days, I have been driving around with others the City of Racine.

We had noticed something and wanted to look into the idea more

The City of Racine has indeed is becoming more and more Hispanic. Sure has in my area what started out  being mostly Black has now become mostly Hispanic.

Let me say that again in an area that in the year 2000 was mostly African American is now 2014 mostly Hispanic! (and more are coming)

More and more businesses opening or starting underground (Day Care Cars being fixed in small garages)

Hard working right wing Catholic Hispanic. Interesting to say the least why?

Well one they as they are in need of more services from the City from basic health care to ESL classes in the Public Schools to Gateway

Services they are not getting the poorest some not having Cars need basic Bus service a Bus Service that Racine IMHO no longer has to offer. or cares to.

From talking to others I am told that the Hispanic Businesses on lower Douglas are harassed by the White owned business on upper Douglass.

Talking to the Hispanic Business owners I get blank looks when I ask them if they ever have met their Alderman


200_Jim_12Feb08   Hero of the Hispanic Community of Racine?


Now what do you think the City needs more ESL so good folks can get jobs or Machinery Row that will IMHO only enrich a few in the Downtown area a place I hear all the time dislikes ANY Hispanics in unless its to clean or landscape.

A strong Health Department ready and able to help our growing Hispanic Community or  looking the other way when Alderman have questions about who is making $$ from State Grants?

Of course our Leadership Discount our Hispanic Population since they see them as well worker slaves only good for slave type jobs.

Sadly for the Good Old Boys in Racine of both Parties after living together knowing them as I do they will be the driving force economically as more of the 2nd Generation grows up and should they stay in a City (Racine) that they speak of as a pit of filth, may sooner then the White Good Old Boys find themselves well not in charge


Now in my time in Racine I have served as Co Vice President of the Tri-County Hispanic Chamber of Commence/Hispanic Chamber of Racine

Severed on Former Senator Russ Feingold Hispanic Affairs Group

Active in Hispanic circles at the grassroots

and have contacts all over Mexico to Argentina  in fact created for CAR 25 Spanish Programing.


<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/15403595″>Glass Recycling Brewfest Racine WI 2010</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user2725701″>wayne clingman</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Hispanic Business District



Let’s start a Hispanic Business District!

We kinda have one now on the lower part of Douglass going to State st.

All it would take is a bit of a push not so much from the City that does not like Hispanics (other then at voting time) but folks like you and me encouraging Hispanics we know to look at that area of Racine to put a business in,  and for us to go to that area of Racine and shop at the stores there now!

I do that know and I have found more then one neat place to shop. You may too!

I far rather spend my money in that area, then say some upper class snotty store in the Downtown or any place owned by a crony  of Mayor John Dickert.

Now I would talk this idea up to the Alderman but IMHO Jim Kaplin


is no friend to Hispanics and his actions towards them a major factor, in his recall.  Should that go ahead this would be a great opportunity to elect an Hispanic to City Council!

I also think that most of the members of  the  council will shit vs embrace what Hispanics would bring  to Douglas St, if encouraged to do so.


At one time I served as VP at The Tricounty  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce under Tony Martinez