A tour of the Lake/Harbor


Got a call Saturday night a man I know well lets call him Mr. S, called from The pig in panic mode he had rode his bike here from The Twin Cities (He enjoys bike riding around the  county and selling the Photos he takes) got all the way to the Uptown then fled in panic to some place he thought safe to call me and get recused.

Got him brought him to the house and after catching up Saturday night  we thought to take a look at the Racine Harbor and all the neat things to see/Do downtown Racine.

What did we find? Well

1) Nothing open other then the Bars Mr. S like I Mr. S does not drink.  We could have missed an open store but I think not.

2) Other then the folks at the Jail to visit we counted 4 in the Downtown area 4. Yes Downtown Racine is booming

3) Went to the Lake Front and river edge walked around. My guess is that the County owned Marina is at 75% full.  That’s good WE also talked to a few boaters from out of State they all told us the same thing.  They buy the food/Booze they need BEFORE they come to Racine and in any event do not shop for that in the Downtown because, THERE IS NO PLACE TO BUY IT!

They go without or get a pal with a car to drive them to say PIck and Save Many of the Boaters had stories of the rude behavior  of shop owners.  Mr. S was shocked I advised that they write Email to the County Executive not that JIm can make folks less rude but so he knows what Folks who are coming to Racine are facing, IMHO they are seen as Sheep to be fleeced/Raped by Some Shop Owners (They have to be open first)

Mr S was sad as I was with this



How much are we paying for the Marina and the Boaters cant pick up the trash? How hard is that? Must we pay someone to wipe their ass too?

A few of the Boaters we talked to were as  upset as we were but told us that as they saw it if a boater tossed trash in the Lake nothing would happen.

I took him back here via the back road along the Root River and we got to see this

Not going in the water soon



Sad fate of boats (I have more Photos) is this the end fate of all the Boats in Racine



Mr. S left last night before dark so he could he hop reach Union Grove and camp in safety.


He was not shocked to hear about the Street lights coming down of Dickert’s trip to France .

Mr. S did say that parts of Freetown did look worse when he was there during the Civil War