Enemy of Mayor Dicker’s worker’s paradise?


Are you an enemy  of  Mayor Dicker’s worker’s paradise? Do you perhaps post comments on the Journal Times or this blog? Horror of Horrors write for the hated  Racine Exposed?  Link below

http://racineexposed.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/the-civic-centre/ (read the story see why City Hall hates this Blog.)

Does that make you an Enemy of  The City of Racine’s God Mayor John Dickert or his high priest Alderman Greg Helding From the Journal Times 3/20/13  “To his point, he read several posts from local blogs in which critics of elected city officials made violent references.”   I have not heard his statement, however I find it hard to think that violent acts are being called for, if they were I can not believe that the Racine Police would not have looked into them an action taken if needed.

IMHO all this is boils down to Helding wants to feel special  that anyone criticizing   him or the Mayor are terrorists, if only to demonize  critics that the Mayor and his High Priest see standing in the way of this Worker’s Paradise.   How great is Helding for serving the City at such great risk. Maybe he should serve the City at say the City Attorney’s office so we may have the benefit  of his great mind!

Sadly for the Mayor and High Priest, this will do little to remove the focus of what is going on in this city going into ruins

For extra credit:

What Tools will Mayor Dicker’s worker’s paradise use?

Who will they go after

Why has this not happen yet

Might the City done this via Park 6 ? Jim Spondick?  Former Alderman Eric Marcus?

Is it true that the Mayor #1 goal is to find who is doing the blogs so his operatives can act?

Is not life in Racine grand?