Give the Mayor a gift of love!


I understand that Mayor John  Dickert and at  least one Alderman hates the idea of the Go Go Girls vs the Nazis being made in Racine.

For a few dollars you can help the next teaser get made! This in turn helps the film get made!  What a great way to show the powers that be what you think of them!

You know you want to!

Here is the link:

Lawyers, Guns, and Money or Will CAR 25 be the downfall of Mayor Dickert?

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money the shit has hit the fan, words from the song of the same name by  Warren Zevon, a singer I was big on from my days at U.W. Madison. Ah the days of my youth.

Now of course, in Racine, we have (as I see it) the great war on CAR 25, a war quickly   expanding from petty games by the Mayor of Racine to take CAR 25 over, to the courts.

See something the City does not understand is the Mayor nor the Good Old Boys on City Council can censor programing they do not like sorry.

Attempts to  do so will  get them sued, not I believe in the State courts but in Federal Court.  In fact the parties perhaps suing may not only be say myself and other local producers but ACLU and the FCC.

Does the Mayor want to  tangle with the feds or even the ACLU? Who in looking into CAR 25 issues might just discover the other dealings some in Racine think are going on? Boy would that make Racine look good.

Over the past few days. I have been doing research on the issues on CAR 25 as I see them, reading what I can going to city meetings and talking to other producers.

I believe  that should the RFP(s) go on that Mr. Brice will be right the City will find itself in both State and Federal court.

More interesting will be some of the upcoming Committee of the Whole meetings. Mayor Dickert I feel will be finding out that his Sheep are becoming wolfs, and they are hungry.