Does only Racine’s City Administrator Tom Friedel Know Best ?




Thank God for City Administrator Tom Friedel!

4/9/11 Journal Times

Without him we would be so lost back when we had a Brewfest downtown he was so worried about our well being

“We’re not happy that we’re kicking (home brewers) out. But who knows how their beer is being brewed?”  Yes everyday we read about the millions who die from Bad home Brew right? I have yet to read story one but he must have read them after all  he like Obama care so much!

I am sure his statement about Home brewing had nothing to do with finding a way to get Brew Fest fundraiser  out so The Local Newspaper could hold a Home Show. I am sure it was only chance that allowed the local newspaper to fill that open date in the Civic Center’s calender!

Why to think that this was all a put up job is just silly. Next you would tell me that Our Mayor sued his own city!….. Wait……..

All the mistruth I thought before our City City Administrator Tom Friedel set me straight was that some of the first food safety laws were the ones passed to make sure he beer brewed in the 1600’s was good to drink!

Now its all about the street venders. Thank God for City Administrator Tom Friedel!

Journal Times 8/28/12

City Administrator Tom Friedel, any peddler not selling his or her wares or services as part of an exempt group or special event would be identified as a “street vendor” and required to purchase a license and wear a badge while doing business.

The badges would be color coded to denote the calendar year and the vendors would also be required to carry a personal ID as well as a state sellers ID. They might also be required to undergo a background check.
At the meeting Alderman Robert “Sanders Park” .Mozol and Friedel talked about background checks to be sure that Pedophiles were not selling Ice Cream to kids  Wow! I did not know the only two folks I have read about being arrested/prosecuted  for Under Age sex games  Ex Mayor Gary Becker and Curt Johnson a Racine Business person  were Ice Cream venders!

I am sure that is is being looked at for our well being and not for forcing more to buy the $35 license or if like Friedel said have to get a building permit and pay that fee (If I heard right and I got this on tape so I think I do) you need to have a permit if you sell out of  10 * 10 tent.

This is not about the money at all its for our own good.

And those who may not want to come to Racine and sell what have you at our parades (what few we have) or events (even fewer) why we do not need them here do we?

Thank God for City Administrator Tom Friedel!

Oh one last thing He is just so worried about the Farmer selling hie crops on Washington Ave. As he said He did not know how they were grown or picked!They could be an issue after all they did not have a 10*10 tent up and I am sure that’s an issue too!