The Circus



Welcome to the Circus called the City of Racine!

You know the place by the Great Lake where a once great City is falling apart.

Now like many old cities like Detroit we have seen better days and sliding into ruin, what makes this sad to happen here is well our leadership is serious denial. Hell they have jobs The Mayor and his Kin as City Administrator is making the big $$. The members   of

Our City is still #1 in Unemployment but that is not addressed. The city has given money to a company Delta Hawk  that is expected to hire 100 over the next three years (2011-2014) so far they have hired I was told 13,truly we the Sheep of Racine do not know we have yet to be told.

We have one of the worse schools in the State and the School leadership RUSD  blames everyone but them.   Dr Ann Lang in fact said “Black parents are not intelligent enough to make informed educational decisions for their children.” Oh she is only the superintendent of RUSD. Does she not just love the Minority kids who must go to RUSD Schools?

The leaders who take the cake are the Members of the Racine City Council who for other then a very few believe they have been given the task by a higher power maybe God (In one case) maybe by Mayor John Dickert (In others)

Even with some actions of this body being better as part of say a Soap Opera like Peyton Place or Law and Order, the sad part is the City is ran by them or at least they think they run it.

A saying I think is true is we get the government we deserve.