Score Card for Mayor John Dickert!

With the Start of Baseball, I think I should score Mayor John Dickert oh on he  has done on major Racine issues!

1)  Delta Hawk: Promised 100, Alderman Dehann said they have hired 6.  Delta Hawk will not say how many they have hired. I think the number is 0.   You would think Delta Hawk be cheering every hire!

2) CAR 25: So far 1 Full Time 1 Part Time City worker laid off. J-T said the City has offered them jobs (Contract labor) I have talked to both of  them, I was told they have no offer saying anything thing about a job, as  in hours, wages of a job offer.

Sky Falls takes over on Monday 4/1/13.   Will they know how to turn the station on?  What Subcontracts will show up? What might the Subcontractors  relationship be with The Mayor be? Was this all part of the deal in advance?

3) Ave Foreclosers per Month?  Well Month of March 2013   1 a day!

4) Team Porters.  Any Work being done yet? Will any get done? A lot of money in play here. What’s going on?