The Death Spiral

The Death Spiral

The City of Racine is in a death spiral, this city is slowly moving towards a point of no return, if we are not already there.

See, with the numbers of property owners and businesses in a decline, soon the city will not be able to afford basic city services.

We are seeing some of this now as Mayor John “One phone call away from Obama” Dickert is “forced” to turn off city street lights. From the Journal Times dated January 25th 2012; “We don’t have the money. … If we leave the streetlights there, we need to find a way to fund it.” and of course he blames Walker “We wouldn’t be doing this if it was not for the cuts from the state. We have no choice,”

Of course the city has cut other things like the Transit and now the city voided contracts with the city unions, because we have no money.

I understand that there still many houses in foreclosure and more homes going into foreclosure. These are homes that are no longer paying into the city. I also understand that homes in tax arrears are at an all-time high.

We have a huge issue in this City with un/underemployment; it’s hard to pay your mortgage or taxes without a job or a low paying job.

Yet, as I see it, all the city is doing is, well nothing. With the “choice” of Ms. Hall for council with her crazy environmental ideas (she was and still may be a member of a group that wants the job killing Cap and Trade and the end of burning Coal this will also raise our bills ). Not going to be much help in welcoming business to Racine, far better at welcoming higher taxes/fees and more government.

So, more folks will leave the city even if it means walking away from a house. What chose do they have? The high price of gas that will go higher if folks like Alderman Hall get her way, maybe because she is a high paid lawyer she can afford say $3.50+ gal for gas. The rest of us, well we just need to call on the Obama!

This, of course, will force more out of work and more to leave. The City of Racine will continue to see homeowners and business leave. I would not be shocked to see even Case move out of the city. Why should they stay?

Who then will be here to pay for The City of Racine: the illegals, the crack-heads on the corners of the West 6th St area? At  lest we have good tasting water