The Uptown or Get out of Racine if your Black!


When to the Uptown Public Input Meeting last night and here is my observations

The J-T’s story

1) We are fucked, nothing we can do to stop this (but something we can try more on that) The City  of Racine is grasping at straws at gentrification ideas why? The only way to get property values up and keep the few Home owners who pay taxes and maintain homes to stay because it may not be worth the fight   example from the story “We’re surrounded by rental properties that aren’t taken care of,” Merwin said. “There’s got to be some kind of incentive for landowners to keep up their properties.”

Sadly I see them looking to get $$ for doing what they should be waiting to do, but when your the only one doing anything it gets old fast, now what would they say if asked thoughts about businesses in Downtown Racine who are not paying taxes and they are …

2) A good 25% if not more of the crowd was made up of City of Racine Elected Officials, City of Racine/County of Racine Staff and the Crew of crooks I mean Consultants from   Vandewalle & Associates. Mind you Uptown Racine from what I was told by Matt from the City of Racine is mostly Black and below age income OK WHERE WERE THEY? Not in that room not at all.

I saw maybe maybe 2 maybe that I thought was a goal NOT to have the blacks who live in Uptown be part of this

You see the goal of this is


Or Drive the Poor our bring in the rich or like Racine is famous for bring in the rich Whites who will pay property taxes (even if Downtown Racine may not be) spend Money in the dead down town bonus if they buy hats or boats.

3) The Speakers tried hard to sell the idea of the Dream if only we did this Racine become a place to go that rich whites would come to Racine and blow $$! Right of course they will!! The City Administrator said so!  Would he lie to you???   Has not Delta Hawk Hired millions? Has not Porters brought millions downtown? Did not the spokesman from RCEDC say that 6000 work in the Downtown? Where?  might they counting the total # of employees  say at J-W if the HQ is in the Uptown?

4) At every Table for the breakout IMHO EVERY leader at the tables were from the Bid or Vandewalle so you  know that only the agreed upon in advance ideas are going to make it into the plan such needed things for a majority Black Low Income area as Coffee Shops (at least they can be bus boys) Open Air Food stores (Gee it was hard as hell to get a food Co-OP to even look at West Racine  what kind of bribe will it take to get a food store in the Uptown?

“a public gathering place on 14th Street and Washington Avenue” right! to do what mill about?

So sad see this plan that IMHO, Vandewalle know what they will have it say for Dickert has told them will in a nut shell do:

Enrich Dickert pals who know what is to come and have businesses ready to rape I mean pillage I mean take advantage of this plan.

Now I think we cant stop this plan from being created we can do this

Write a letter to our members of Congress asking them to investigate the City of Racine for Racism due to questions brought up from Pattern or Practice a Film on Racine Issues in the City of Racine and until this is done not to give any Grants to the City or County of Racine for


Reef point Marnia

Uptown Plan

Should the Feds show up or even get interested that will stop the plan dead.

Question does anyone know if Kim Kane running for the 2nd district alderman went to Mexico with Mayor Dickert?

Your Being Fucked Editoral NSFW

Hope you enjoy sex and a lot of it, for your sure are being fucked and its not ending soon


Not really willing to give it up for the Downtown or the mythical Boaters who are not  coming to Racine now and not going to be coming back well


Sorry you do not have much of a say in this do you?

See the City and County of Racine have real issues mostly because the city of Racine has no money the City of Racine is over 200 Million in Debit that’s right over 200 Million the City of Racine is time and again #! in Unemployment and from reading Racine Exposed  we know that property values are dropping to the point that some buildings once worth over 500K that last year sold for less then 10% of that.   With that add the idea that the county has made little or no effort to seize for back taxes not homes but buildings in the downtown some owing over 5 years of taxes, this tells myself and others that property in Downtown Racine has little or no value.

So with all this going on what are we seeing our local leaders doing?  Cutting Costs  ? Selling unnecessary   Real Estate?


See  the City and County have a plan, the plan as I see it is invest $$ in the Marina  and we will pretend its working!

See right now our great County Executive spend good tax money to buy Reefpoint Marina. 6.2 Million  (   and the $$ quote ““Certainly, the economy’s not getting any better at the moment,” Pretasky said. “It was kind of a neutral investment; it hasn’t really done anything.””

Yes done anything well it has a restaurant that must be a huge generator of Rant right?

Sorry no see the county Budget tells us it pays no rent

2014 County Budget Revenues

Yes NO RENT must be nice no rent. I am sure Union Grove thinks this rocks.

Now in Union Grove there was a Feed Store selling to Farmers and others in Union Grove the place closed last year. Sad truly Sad a store serving Farmers closed. Might it been nice if THEY GOT FREE RENT?  Or can only places catering to “The Boaters” in the Downtown, the same downtown that many building owners  are behind on taxes get free rent well not free, see the tax payers are paying for that are we not?

But that’s not all!

Belle City Harbor yes the County want to get someone to develop this

This great place where the Water is to low for most boating uses so the river would have to be dredged an older area so who knows how much Mr. X would have to come up with or maybe the County come up or the City/County with the money after all you exist to pay your taxes right!

See and that’s the end game.

What will the Local Governments  do well that’s easy.

Working together a plan will be thought of consultants will be hired bids will come in and $$ will be spend

The cynic in me thinks   that the plan will say great things and the powers that be will get on Dickert’s Network and lie and lie.

Money will be given to Good Old Boys who own companies so a few Union guys get $$ to spend change orders be given  to make sure the max Rape of the Tax payer will be done but at the end of the day all that happens is that you get fucked for a few Good Old Boys get $$ hey lets play a game:

Any bets that if the project is from the county the GOP folks from the county get the $$ and the City it be Mayor John Dickert pals?

Does your Ass hurt yet?


Natives retain control over Mounds but questions remain



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Natives retain control over Mounds but questions remain, Mr X interjects

On Friday 11/15/13  press conference called Mayor Dickert of Racine was called to announce that Meredith had withdraw their offer to buy an area of Mound Cemetery that  many believe to be a native Mound used for religious purposes such as burial.

This effort by the Meredith’s opposed by both Native Americans and local residents. also brought unwelcomed Media coverage, from local, State, and National outlets.

 A new civic group was formed due what was seen by many as an attack on Native rights this group Ogichidaa Mawansomag, (Ojibwa for Warriors Gathering People Together was in the forefront of this struggle).

At the Conference the Meredith referred to the effort opposing the purchase of what could be a native Mound a “  three-ring circus” Mayor Dicker himself would call the protest effort made up of Natives and Residents doing such acts as  speaking in front of City Council during public comments, and holding peaceful Drumming Rallies as acting in “an unprofessional manner”

 We (this readership) should ask if the City of Racine not returning phone calls/emails or meeting with local native leadership was unprofessional.

 Members of the Ho-Chuck Tribe from Baraboo WI, spoke on the effort over the mounds, and now the effort to work with the City of Racine moving forward

 Mayor Dickert also called on Ogichidaa Mawansomag to keep to their Letter offering to buy the site in question and maintain said area.

 Ogichidaa Mawansomag is now scheduled to meet with the City some time in the New Year, to plan the fund raising efforts needed to move forward in order to obtain the site for further preservation what they and others see as a  sacred site.  

As one of the members of the public stated after the conference “ Before today I was unaware of any City response, to any of the Emails or Phone calls made to the City, about this issue to include the letter Mayor Dickert spoke of, this letter was send weeks ago. Why could he not have met with us then?”

 Other questions remain unanswered among them are:

Time and again Leadership of  Ogichidaa Mawansomag  has requested a meeting both by Letter and publicly at a City Council meeting in October, why did this get refused?

Time and again  Ogichidaa Mawansomag  asked to talk with the Meredith’s and that get refused why?

Why did Meredith’s call Ogichidaa Mawansomag  Bullies what did they do? Is there a Police report on that?

Mayor John Dickert once again said the City was out of money that then what happen to the Cemetery fund that once has over a million dollars in the account. What happened to the funds over the years, was this money used for other purposes if so who approved this spending?

Mayor Dickert may this with his song and dance the Mound issue is over.

The public may have questions that the Mayor will have to answer.  


Mr X my long term source is of the firm belief that until the City and the Natives have an agreement in writing, that Mayor Dickert who still has a permit to test mayl go forward  with a test then use the fact that the city has no money to sell the plot anyway, then move forward to be able to do so.

Mr X sees the City doing this early one morning and closing the gates deploying the RPD so the work can go on and not be interrupted

After all its Mayor John Dickert he hates losing.

I am sure that if Racine did that, we end up in court but  that has not stoped Dickert yet.   He has if you recall sued his own city.

Why stop there? How low can Racine go? How would Dickert’s backstabbing should it happend make you feel?




Photos from tonights Budget meeting



Keep your eyes open far more to come!




Outside the meeting room Holding my press pass in my hand,. Photo can be seen




Alderman Terry Mc Carthey telling me as President of the Council he is allowing me to sit in the Press box until  my “status” is approved By the City Attorney because of questions others had.  Would not tell me what questions or who had them.

Walked away as I was still trying to find out what was going on.

I explained that I emailed my information a few days ago and had got nothing back on the email.

The Alderman told me I would know my status by the next meeting.



Note here I am taking my note on the meeting. The Lady next to me  is from the Journal Times IMHO the Mayor’s pet paper and part of his propaganda team.

Is that the real issue that the WDI is NOT part of his (the Mayor’s) Propaganda team?

What do you think?


This be very interesting



Copy of my Press Pass from WDI




Mayor Dickert’s Nightmare



Yes it’s those pesky Natives! Looks like the Natives are not going away and neither is the coverage of the story by State or National media.

The J-T might be in the Pocket of the Mayor but Not WTMJ 4 nor is NBC. In fact as the story grows from the A.P. feed more and more eyes are looking at Racine

and with today’s filing of an Ethics complaint on the voting on the Mound issues even more to report about such this


WTMJ might ask about what I and others see as Conflict of interest as in how can members/backers of John Dickert be expected to look at an Ethics complaint on the man they back?

Maybe a good question for WTMJ to ask with Link or Doug on Camera boy how do you think this makes Racine look like?

The Natives something I wish others would do and that is get organized and hire Lawyers

Posted today

For Immediate Release Concerning Racine Mound Cemetery

On 09OCT2013, Counsel for Ogichidaa Mawansomag ensured delivery of communication to the Mayor of the Great City of Racine voicing specific concerns associated with the sale of the property in question; as well as expressing the client’s intent to move toward injunction and possible litigation should the Site be disturbed.

The communication in question asks the Mayor or his representative to contact Counsel or William Brown on or before 15OCT2013 to arrange for discussions in order to foster an environment of cooperation and avoid potential litigation (and cost) to the Great City of Racine.

Ogichidaa Mawansomag (William Brown – President) has recently formed as an Organization in order to promote and protect Native American Sites and Culture in the Midwest. The Board of Directors and current General Membership is comprised of individuals located in the Midwest, and includes residents of the Great City of Racine. Counsel for the matter in question is being provided by David Armstrong (Director, Indian Law Office) of Wisconsin Judicare Inc.

Do you see a deadline of 10/15/13?  I do! Best yet this group covers the Midwest might they be interested in Lake Michigan and the games at Rootworks?  I do not know I will have to ask them!

With any luck this group will come to Racine now that bring some coverage to the City of Racine! Maybe not the kind the Mayor wants.

Somehow I do not see Mayor John Dickert running for Lt Governor  with this going on. Do you?



Mega Flash News Mound Issue


This might just be the dagger in the heart of Mayor John Dicker’s attempt to sell the Mound

surprise Mr. Mayor The DAR will not play nice




Flash News!!!!



Just Received via email  !

From the Insider News


Project New Life Community Development to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney Generals Office and the U.S. Department of Justice against the City of Racine’s Department of City Development.
Project New Life will file a complaint alleging the Department of City Development has exhibited official misconduct , public integrity and violated civil rights of minority agencies that manage grant resources throughout the City of Racine.  A class-action lawsuit is also being considered as an option to eliminate the on-going disparity and poor administration by the Department of City Development in grant resource opportunities between majority and minority owned agencies.
Included in the complaint is the unreasonable, biased and targeted effort of the Racine Department of City Development to “Blacklist” minorities agencies receiving funding to re-direct City funding to non-minority agencies.  This process of collusion ultimately eliminates these agencies for consideration of future funding opportunities and creates a disparity in the funding market.  Inequalities in grant management and scrutiny of minority agencies compared  with non-minority agencies is also a factor that is part of the complaint to be investigated.  Project New Life’s request to the Department of City Development for a qualified low-income veteran to occupy the property located at 1017 Marquette Street on a lease-purchase agreement was rejected by the Department of City Development.  There is no substantiated or material grounds for the rejection of this proposed plan that would have allowed the property to be occupied by a qualified, low-income potential homebuyer while providing them the best opportunity to secure a loan for purchase in the primary lending market.

A news conference to announce the filing of the complaint is scheduled for next month and will be provided to all media outlets shortly

Well then


Got an email tonight that tells me that two stores in Downtown Racine maybe closing soon as I see it before Xmas.

Stores close everyday in the real world and we seen lots of store closings in Racine.

Being as I see it big downtown boasters and pals of if not themselfs Good Old boys know and like to pal around with the Good Old Boys, however a store needs customers (or a Mayor who can send $$ to them) or the doors close.

Should the info be right  a few weeks should tell us what the deal is be interesting to see the cover stories to explain yet more dead space.

FYI I and others have “hired” homeless to do customer counts to tell us how many are coming to different Stores and I got to say the numbers are telling.

IMHO now is not going to be a good time for the downtown stores.

At the same time the area around 31/11  31/20 is booming very much so. Just think few if any bar bars and I even feel safe in that area at night unlike I do in the Downtown area of Racine.

Oh Blacks and HIspanics are welcome too Wow what an idea!


Sad thing is maybe if they had not drunk the John Dickert Kool Aid they could have seen this coming and got out with  $$ maybe.

Lets see what happens



A way to steal the Public’s money. An Editorial

An Editorial

So you live in a strange  little town with few jobs, declining population  and what few businesses that are left quickly running off.

Like anyone you still have to pay the bills and your business may not be doing so good either .

What to do what to do? Well say your in luck and Mayor John Dickert is in charge



My bad

John Dickert



Great, first thing is create a group that will be in change of an issue and not answer to the voters.

second fill the group with as many pals of the Mayor as you can proven all ready to be easy to fool after all they trust Mayor John Dickert to do the right thing like take down Street lights sue his own city and go to France as Racine continues to have some of the highest unemployment in the State.

Next Have your pal funnel Block grant $$ to you so you can hire a consultant that will come up with a plan to fix this issue and said plan will cost millions (but the price is never given or even talked about)

Hold public meetings and no matter how few members of the public show up say you have huge numbers if questions are asked hem and haw. Create Power Point   presentations to help with the Dog and Pony show



Of  course the City Council filled with the Mayor’s  pals will approved anything they are told too, its Racine after all, did we not pay for the Mayor’s legal bill? Have they yet said no to any strange thing this Mayor wants?  Are we not better off having CAR 25 ran by yet more of the Mayor’s pals?

Now lets review we have a group that is managing an issue, with City $$ via block grants, consultants are hired to come up with a plan, this plan allows the the group to seek Grants to get the plan going of could some folks on this group may get paid after all if business is bad  they will need a job, right?

So your part of this effort you know what is being called for land that may need to be bought  or properties obtained.  What could a crook do with this information?  Maybe have others buy this property that way when the City does money is made?  Knowing what other goods/services may be needed start/buy/ invest in that area more money. After all perhaps its the group that chooses who they buy goods/serve from for the project and not the city?

Then too if you live in Racine you saw the issues with CAR 25 and Macemon with The City of Racine, as some think its a big wink wink sort of game.

How much has the City spent and how much more will they?  Who is making money here? Are you not glad that perhaps the City exists to fund pals and cronys? Hey are all your street lights still up?



The 7

Met with the 7 this weekend as they plan the next rounds of actions to bring down IMHO the corrupt Mayor Dickert, interesting to note of the links they have to the City.

More to the point how they are able to know what is going on with the City, and how much hate there is for other city employees to give the 7 information that they do. Note to the Mayor you might want to treat city employees better. they then may toss papers away vs giving them away

Mr. X was funny as he showed new equipment off   that make 007 jealous. Goggle Glasses just amaze me.

I also meet a new face lets call her Peggy or Ms P.

Ms. P is bad news for the mayor has $$ of her own, comes from money, and the real trouble cares about  the City.  I dislike her politics but no way can any say she out to loot the City. Unlike the Mayor she has a Green Plan for Racine that I like.

Ms. P is spending a great deal of her own money on what she wants vs wait for Direct to do it. OMG real outside $$ coming to Racine to help others????

If I understand right she has spent $$ on learning more about him vs just hearing the stories. Did she hire a P.I.?  I do hope if she did he hangs out at the Bars on main st

speaking of hiring I understand that the unofficial group looking to run Dickert for Mayor has hired a P.R. company to help remove negative things about him from the net. Good luck with that. I may have an email to them….

I was also told by one of the 7  that I need to careful on the Lake front that The Mayor is having watched and trying to think of a way to stop me from handing out my Root River Revitalization cards

Good luck with that! FYI Mr Mayor your removing street lights then going to France is getting noticed in Japan.

Real bad news Mr. Mayor is a lot of folks are starting to kiss Ms. P.. Ring and pledge to her for Mayor.

How does Dickert, explain Delta Hawk, Porters, High Employment, the  Bill Story when Ms. P just wants Racine to be clean.

Clean Racine vote for Ms. P I like it. How can you say no?

Flash Q.A maybe the next person to face the 7.