Mayor John Dicker’s Police State part II


But first this



Read in the Journal Times the Balloon floated about ending our CATV station?

The headline is rather interesting

Journal Times editorial: BelleTV must be sacrificed for the good of the budget


Good of the budget or the Good of the Police State ran by Mayor John Dickert also known as the City of Racine?

After all if the Station was still ran as it was under Mr. Nelson (and I do hope he joins the RICO case) I would have and perhaps others such as Mr. Meyers would have ran CATV shows on The Rico civil case the games under the “Rootworks” banner, I and others would have had guests on telling viewers information that our fearless leader would you rather not hear for only with a dumbed down public not asking questions not contacting  say the IRS , can he be free to enrich his pals I mean help the City of Racine  and after all we blogers just do not understand.

So after a long fight (but very embarrassing to the City) The Mayor was able to gain control give a pal money (far more then the operating costs  under Mr. Nelson) to effectively end the Racine in Ruins TV show on CAR 25 (but they can still be seen on You tube) in about one year the new operators would find be unable to get public backing unable to find $$ in sponsorships  (Chase Henrix still like to know what happened to his $$ he gave the City and other issues)  would find the first ever Ethics Hearing over Mary Osterman and advertising and then the City ending the Contract with the new operator but not a range of questions on many topics But I think the RICO will be addressing them.

IMHO Our Mayor does not want ANYONE he can not control having access to the Media so only the News he wishes you to know can get out to the public, so we can know how great he is.

One commenter said it best:

“Now the Journal Times is advocating and influencing city council to break laws and contracts to eliminate one of the only other local media outlets in Racine?

This is completely corrupt and full of lies. This is breaking the agreements that provide for public access and resources. This is stealing from the community.

The public access channel has no virtually no impact on the budget, and this is a corrupt ploy to pit public services and the community against each other.

Look at how this all happened:
– Dickert did not want black people or any naysayers on the channel, and also wanted to reward his friends for supporting his campaign.
– Dickert created an illegal no bid contract for his friend to take over the channel.
– Dickert lost that argument because it was completely illegal and pushed through without any input from city council or committees, and then city council created new laws for bids.
– Dickert removed people from the cable commission and stacked it with friends and cronies.
– Dickert and his cronies tried ousting the staff and took away all support.
– Dickert and his cronies lied to create a new vision to get rid of the staff and take over the channel.
– Dickert and his cronies wrote the RFP for themselves and their friends to get the rigged contract to take over the channel.
– Dickert and his cronies messed up the first RFP and secretly negotiated with certain people and companies to properly rig it a second time.
– Dickert and his cronies gave inside information and held secret meetings to select friends to ensure they would go along with the revised bid rigging process.
– The purchasing manager retired in the middle of the process and the new person claimed she didn’t know the process or anything about it.
– Dickert and his cronies held illlegal meetings and broke open meeting laws and created crony subcommittees to get rigged recommendations to help justify the bid rigging process.
– Dickert and his cronies lied to city council and the public about everything from the budget to advertising to sustainability to employee performance and more.
– Dickert himself conducted interviews during the bidding process and made false accusations throughout the process.
– City attorneys, staff and Aldermen were coerced, bribed or bullied into lying about the process and reasoning for the rigged contract.
– Dickert and his cronies pushed theough the corrupt rigged contract, and gave even more equipment, resources, projects, support and money including an illegal extension and change orders for the contract adding at least another $30,000 or more.
– Dickert and his cronies provided direct kickbacks to commission members in thousands of dollars in advertising and use of equipment for their own profit.
– Dickert and his cronies continue to lie about staffing, costs, equipment, savings, and public access to resources and services while they use the channel to promote other corrupt agendas.

This should be for the community, not for Dickert and his cronies. Everyone involved in this should be questioned in the RICO case. The Journal Times is just printing more lies for them. It’s great to know that our newspaper hates our community.”



As you may know our Racine Police Force now has I understand a program to track what folks are saying on Social Media as I said before we have all read stories on fools who post on say Facebook crimes they did.

Sadly, I am thinking this program is being used to see what I and others are saying on Social Media to see what “The Enemies of the State” are saying and perhaps doing in the Police State of the City of Racine, after all as we have been told its the fault of the Blogers that so much is wrong in this fair City.

Not the fault of say poor planing by Team Porters or Banks having questions and pulling $$ from Machinery Row development, as I keep hearing is the case. No its blogs like mine I must STFU so Mayor John Dickert can bless the City of Racine with his Godhood.

mdw  Has she been blessed?


tumblr_n2l3tzYzb61spj0ojo1_1280 Or has she been blessed?

After you get your Tax Bill and have to pay A wheel Tax will you feel blessed?


Are you not happy to live in a City who has effectively laid off police but can find money to create a Police State to protect the rein of Mayor John Dickert?

Thank God the RICO case will blow the lid off the City and our petty secrets

The sad last days of the Racine Cable Commission



I went last night to what may be one of the last few meetings of the City of Racine Cable Commission lasted about 30-40 mins

Once again Mr. Henrix asked what happened to his $250 he paid and has proof he paid to the City for his Sponsorship and never heard anything back only been a year.

Only been 6 or so months he has been asking about his donation. Wait in 6 month the two Aldermen who sit on the Commission nor Ron Thomas who was an Alderman and talks to the Mayor can tell him what happened? What?

The meeting itself was short after all CAR 25 is basically shut down only showing programs it obtains or Mayor Dickert’s PR events

The 4th Parade was brought up and when Alderman of the 6th had questions She was IMHO told to shut up. What?  Even after She nicely told the   Commission could sit in at ANY City Meeting and ask questions she was still told to STFU.

Its gets better  one of the Agenda points was a new Ordinance on the CATV Station but they did not have one to talk about even better Mr. Thomas brought up that in May our City Administrator wrote an Email about the  Commission and it’s role after the Station was removed from the hands of  Sky Falls but just yesterday Morning our Mayor called him (Thomas) and said with the City being short 6 Million 6,000,000  (and laying off Police by not hiring to fill open positions) The Mayor explained he had no idea what was going to happen with CAR 25.

  Alderman of the 6th stated that the Commission could write the Ordinance and go forward with this, but Mr. Thomas  said he think about it.

Interesting observations;

The Public Speakers where taped by the City why?

From what I saw much of the equipment I am used to seeing at CAR 25 looks missing. Where is it? Who is using it and for what?

How much did the City Pay 18/24 In Milwaukee to do the 4th Parade?

Note to the Commission Members:

1) The Mayor is not going to restore the Bus Service

2) The Mayor can not turn back time for former Football Heroes.

3) The Mayor MIGHT give old school Union types Jobs but would it be worth your soul?


Made a mistake that I need to correct.

mr m or mr sleepy

I thought he had died, many confirmed this.

Boy was I shocked to see him at today’s ethics hearing.

More shocked (but not as much as others will be) about what happened.

More on that story when I get the link to the You Tube


I am very sorry for the error about the man being dead.   No office was met.

At today’s hearing he was very helpful to other members of the group. As was the acting chair.

Like I said there is a lot more to come

The Fall Out begins! More of my .02



The Fallout has begun on the as I call it the RICO lawsuit on The Mayor of Racine Mayor John Dickert , a few of his allies and some just caught in the crossfire.

As in all wars, the first casualty, is truth, all sides have their version of what went on and is going on, be up to the court to figure it all out.   

A few things I need to say to start off with:

1) I am not part of the law suit

2) I am not paying for the action to take place, hell If I had the $$ to do that I would have left Racine, Hell as I see it, if anyone I know is part of the lawsuit they would have left town far easier to do I believe, then stay here to fight an entrenched system of let’s call it Petty Corruption in for the fight of it’s life.

3) That this fight will not be over anytime soon

4) That sadly many will be caught up in this fight and the real losers in this will be the City of Racine, since we will have to pay many of the bills for the next what year as this works it’s way into the court system

What few may understand that Racine will not go back to the days of say before Dickert was mayor, CAR 25 will be one of the first losers, the old staff will not be getting jobs back, the old Producers (and I was one) will not be putting shows on the City of Racine CATV station anytime soon and I think a good chance that CAR 25 will simply go away Oh well.

I am seeing some reaction by others who see the City losing and with that lost Money for Pet Projects dry up. How can the City say pay for The Mayor’s   Defense  and that of his pals some also named and pay for say RootWorks? Pay for trips to Sister Cities? Trips to DC?  More $$ to Belle City TV? How?

Just today a source within the City/Downtown area told me that she understands that a P.R. firm has been hired to start spinning this in better ways and attacking the Bar Owners. Well to me its just a story but would not be shocked if it was going down. That.  effort we see very soon.

Interesting that last week 620 WTMJ cover this a bit I knew that it was going to be covered on last Thursday as did as I have come to know many others did, the time to tune in. I was not shocked to hear the Dickert side of things brought up a bit shocked that A caller from “Union Grove” would call in about the topic, why would they even care?  Perhaps it was a part of this P.R. Effort? What do you think?

We will hear a lot of folks talk about how this is just BS and just like Mr. Spodick’s case he filed will go nowhere fast. With that he Spodick is behind everything. That I find amazing, I put Spodick in the area if they had the $$ to bring this action He leave town instead.  I just do not see away He comes out ahead,his 6th st plan is dead It will not get done, RootWorks and the Uptown Plan will save Racine now or that is what City Hall tells us.

Be far more news coverage out of Milwaukee I feel, the RICO here is a big story and the Milwaukee Stations, I think will cover it and  follow up on tips giver or information discovered during the lead up .

Might be a good time to get your kids into law school!




Will Ms Mary Osterman be the subject of a new Ethics probe?

Will Ms Mary Osterman be the subject of a new Ethics probe?

A group ranging from the 7 to both City/County elected officials I understand, are talking together about just that.

The subject to be looked into by a request to the Ethics Board of the City, would be advertising/sponsorship of Belle City TV, and if she is paying the same price as anyone not on the Cable Commission would pay, or is She getting a better rate for ads because she is on the Cable Commission , a pal of the Mayor’s (after all she was helping on his last reelection campaign)   and a strong part of changing CAR 25 to Belle City TV thereby helping friends of the Mayor?  As some members of this group have expressed that concern to me.

Might be a discounted price (if she got one Open Records request when in this morning) be her reward? If so is that ethical? IMHO its something of value far greater then say a Lunch or a few cups of Coffee to say thanks.  is the spot. This may be a better link Check out “Copecetic Hat Store” by @TheBelleTV on Vimeo   The Twitter quote as well

Mr Love at CAR 25 confirmed that Belle City  TV produced it.

So how much did they charge? Who set the price?  Could you or I get an Ad at the same price?

If not why not?

Goes into a whole new area, that being if they are selling ads a goal of the Mayor of the City of Racine who is buying them? Is just the only one? Is the $$ going to the City or are others making a commission from the sale? Does Time Warner know (selling of Ads might be in violation of the agreement we (City of Racine has with Time Warner) Belle City TV is selling Ads/Sponsorships?

Will Time Warner sue?

Speaking of being sued. Belle City is showing old TV shows and Cartoons on Belle City TV more questions:

What happened to the old producers? Are no new producers coming on? If so why?

Has the old shows been OKed as being in the Public Domain for Broadcast? Interesting the fact that Belle City TV is looking for money makes it a far different entity, then just a city station not looking to get paid.

When, not if Viacom finds out and they will, and still own the rights for broadcast on a Cable Network how much will they sue for?

Why do I think that we will soon all regret the Mayor wanting to be a big TV star like his Hero?


Just just in!

I understand that an Open Records request on complaints about programing on Belle City TV would be fruitful Oh what fun Racine is

PS Copy of the Open Records asked for

Good Morning

I am asking for the following Open Records:

1) A list of all Paid Sponsors of Belle City TV from 1/1/13 to 12/1/13 and the amount charged
2) The amount of money charged to  Ms Mary Osterman for her sponsorship packages for “advertising” of her store Copasetic
located in Racine WI.
3) Copies of any contracts or Emails between Belle City TV and Ms. Osterman from 5/1/13 and 12/1/13.
4) The name of the person clearing the Viacom synicated programing running on Belle City TV over the last month
5) a list of all Racine area producers  as of 1/3/13

I understand that a reasonable charge maybe incurred if so I need to be contacted prior . Note  PDF copies would be fine would be fine

Dickert crushes foes! Will CAR 25 be the John Dickert is God Network



This is what I know of tonight, from what I was told this evening I now think it  looks like Mayor Dickert will win the fight about CAR 25.

Alderman Gregory T. Helding has send a Communication to Council  asking to defund CAR 25 and put the funds in the Contingency fund.

Aldermen Fair,Shields, and  Weidner have asked for a Committee Whole to talk about the whole CAR 25 issue. They want to know how any of the RFPs etc got going without debate

The President of the Council Kaplan has said that NONE (COW)can be done until 4/13 (why?).  This will prevent action or  the public from knowing more from  the COW that would have been broadcast on CAR 25

An Aldermen called a  member of the public saying very interesting things, how subjects scheduled on agendas are  being pulled and a committee known for Public input will now have none.     We all need to recall that WI is a single party consent state. Phone Calls can and will be recorded.  Those maybe played in Public.

So in the next few weeks look to see the end of CAR 25.

I predict that after a few weeks or even days after the defunding of CAR 25  the Mayor will feel that something needs to be done to allow Goverment meetings and the professional services monies will be used to pay for an outside contractor, because there is not a lot of $$ to use only Goverment programing  will be done. This means the end of Public access TV in Racine

Results as I see them:

1) Two City employees lose jobs

2) The many programs like Eat Right Racine  Racine In Ruins, The Church serves for shut in’s  will no longer be seen.

3)  The City gets sued.

I talked to a few elected  public officials who will try to fight this, but I have little hope.

My Shows will go on You Tube and other media outlets

In any conflict one does not win all the battles, even a mayor loss may not end a war.



Monday 1/14/13


There will be public comment at the cable Commission meeting

Other information given to me as in COW meetings may not have been accurate.   I do hope that COW meetings do take place unlike what I was led to believe.

I am just as confused as you are.

Note to others seeking to use this Blog as justification for actions



CAR 25 Questions


1. Was CAR25 staff consulted regarding the RFP, Official Notice #7 and #15, and what were their recommendations?
2. Was CAR25 staff given the opportunity to make any recommendations in order to keep managing the channel?
3. What are the new benefits that this company can provide that our staff, volunteers, or current members cannot provide?
4. The RFP to outsource channel operations to a business also includes advertising programs. What do our policies, procedures and ordinances say about advertising on CAR25? What do our municipal and state franchise agreements say about this? What are the legal implications?
5. What does WCM say about advertising on PEG channels?
6. Has the City met with Time Warner and AT&T to discuss advertising on the channels?
7. Why can’t Racine save the extra $20,000 for Professional Services that does not serve the community in any way, and is not needed for this and put it to better use, especially in times of financial crisis?
8. What was the reason for the 2nd RFP Official Notice 15 if multiple bids were received for Official Notice 7?
9. Why was Official Notice 15 not made available to the public for 30 days or advertised in the Journal Times, and offered equally to all companies in and around Racine?
10. Why did Ron Thomas not vote in the ad-hoc sub-committee when reviewing the proposals?
11. Why did Mayor Dickert instruct MIS staff to throw away documents offering a $10,000 donation to the channel and community?
12. Why did Tom Friedel tell Ald. Ron Hart to disregard the $10,000 donation offer to the channel and community?
13. Why did an open ended contract to outsource CAR25 operations get added to the Finance agenda without going through the Cable Commission or Common Council when the only other item related to CAR25 was removed?
14. Why did the City Clerk say that the missing item was an oversight, but then was changed to say it was due to Ald. Hart not being able to attend?
15. What questions does Ald. Hart have about the donation that he could not ask at the meeting, and what questions did he have any questions related to outsourcing CAR25 operations?
16. Why did Ald. Hart not contact the company making the donation offer any time after the initial presentation at the Cable Commission meeting and again at Common Council when he had all of the details in writing plus direct contact information?
17. Was the Cable Television Commission consulted regarding the RFP, Official Notice #7 and #15, and what were their recommendations?
18. Were any former Cable Commissioners or Aldermen contacted or consulted with regarding the RFP to provide input?
19. What companies were contacted for Notice 7, and who submitted proposals for Notice 7? Who selected this list, and what was it based on?
20. What companies were contacted for Notice 15, and who submitted proposals for Notice 15? Who selected this list, and what was it based on?
21. Did the City contact businesses it has previously contracted video-related production services with?
22. Did the bidders for Notice #7 present to the Cable Commission or Committee of the Whole?
23. If you are qualified to make decisions about CAR25 operations, can you describe the equipment and hardware/software used at CAR25?
24. Wouldn’t a company from Racine be a better fit to manage a Racine Community Television channel and resource, rather than a music production company from Kenosha?
25. Who will provide the training for the new provider? Who will provide support?
26. Does the company have any experience working with CAR25? Have they volunteered in the past? Have they offered any donations or additional contributions?
1. Why were the bidders not given the opportunity to present?
2. Why was there no budget in the RFP?
3. Why were there no financial details or budget in the recommendation submitted to enter into a contract at the Finance meeting?
4. Why did the item get referred to go through Finance and enter into a contract before the sub-committee even went back to the Cable Television Commission?
5. What experience do Mary Osterman and Ald. Ray DeHahn have working with CAR25 or managing PEG television or CAR25 operations?
6. Did any of the bidders meet with CAR25 or go through the walk-through?
7. Who authored Official Notice #7 and #15?
8. Who originated the idea for RFP, Official Notice #7 and #15, and what was that based on?
9. Who was consulted regarding the RFP, Official Notice #7 and #15, by the author(s)?
10. Who will be making the recommendations and decision, and what experience do they have working with CAR25, or with other PEG Programs and Services?
11. Did the City use the Wisconsin Vendor Net System in the RFP process?
12. Will the Cable Commission get a copy of the proposals to review in advance of the next meeting?
1. Why has Rob Krug not attended any meetings since he authored the RFP?
2. Why has Rob Krug not been removed from the Commission for lack of attendance?
3. How many meetings has Rob Krug attended since May 2010? (est. 30 months – Cable Commission meets once per month, on the 3rd Monday)
4. What experience does Rob Krug have working with CAR25?
5. What are the details of Rob Krug’s analysis of CAR25 operations, and what are they based on?
6. Why is Jim Rasmussen not on the Cable Commission any longer?
7. Why is Gary Alvarado not on the Cable Commission any longer?
8. Why is Pamela Hoadley not on the Cable Commission any longer?
9. Why is Chase Hendrix not on the Cable Commission any longer?
10. Is there a term limit to appointments on the Cable Commission?

Racine In Ruins TV


The TV show for Racine in Ruins TV show Take a look!