Malcolm X for RUSD Supernatant of Schools My thoughts about RUSD

The Schools in Racine WI suck Dog Shit  Leadership of RUSD also makes the kids especially Minority kids eat it, in fact IMHO I say they only reason it is as bad as they are is that they are met to be. Yes as I see it RUSD wants the outcome of Minority kids to be as poor as they can make it.

Why in God’d Earth would any School district charged with educating youth want them to fail?  Good question one I am not 100% sure of is it to:

Keep a uneducated work force in Racine so the Temp Labor companies have a pool of labor to work in factory lines?

Is it to keep a large group of folks dependent on the local Democrat controlled  city voting for the Party, that is keeping them fed?

What else could explain the disaster  that is RUSD Schools. Now let me be clear I am not blaming the Teachers I am only blaming the leadership of RUSD. Most of the teachers of Racine Schools are doing the best they can in a horrific environment. Many I have talked to are unhappy with the Leadership of RUSD and feel upset that as they tell me RUSD does not care and only do a song and dance so they can be reelected.

We spend more per kid  then other area of Wisconsin that do a far better job then RUSD Why?

RUSD from what I understand is incapable of spending with in there budget leaving RUSD to ask for more money from the voters who in return say NO! Of course this leads to crying from RUSD.

What I like to know is what % of the leadership of RUSD have there kids in Racine Schools? Might they then be the poor schools or the better schools (perhaps a Johnson backed school) cant have our better’s kids with the riff raft.

Brother Mouzone in the Wire said” You know what the most dangerous thing in America is, right? Nigger with a library card.”

Not if they do not know how to read if they cant read they will not know how fucked up Racine is. They will not be able to find away out of the slums after all all the poor need to do is find the D on the ballet.

Malcolm X would have raised hell if he was here an if he had to taught kids to read on the Block

See with a basic education the knowledge of the world is open to anyone with library card

Perhaps that is what we need here for IMHO Racine Schools do not want the Poor to be able to read it might teach them that they are as good as say Mayor John Dickert